Dad died then had my baby day after

Im dad died on the 27 november 2007 an I had my new baby the day after how do I learn 2 cope with both things??? I was really close 2 my dad an when he died it left q big part of me missing then I had my new baby the day after an I feel like I havent been able 2 grieve 4 my dad an I cant bond with my baby an I have a 3yr old aswell im on my own with no1 2 help me or 2 talk 2,

Answer #1

life is a circle. someone dies, someone is born. think of the joy you will have teaching your child all about their grandad. I am terribly sorry for your pain. my father died 7 years ago and I still miss him, daily. I am also sorry that you are alone. but you seem to have many people on this site that care and want to help. I am sure that ANY of us would enjoy a funmail.

Answer #2

well they say that everythen hapens for a reasona and that everytime you loose somen you gains omen think like dis your dad died but god send you a lil angel 4 your pain and suferings…

Answer #3

it was such a terrible thing for you to go through, but your baby is here and im sure your dad wants you to be happy. it must be really hard for you to greive having no time to do so . with a baby. just think you lost a big part of your life but have gained an even bigger part of your future. well I wish you well and all the look in the world for the future for you and your baby xxx take care xxx

Answer #4

When I found out that I was pregant with my son was the same day that I found out that my grandmother had two weeks left to live. It was excitement and painfull emotions for me, very mixed emotions. I told her two days later when I went to see her that I was going to have another baby. She was happy for me.

In that week when she passed. I couldn’t breathe I felt alone only I wasn’t alone, GOD have given me a presious baby to help heal the pain. Even though I lost someone very special to me, I gained someone very special to me. I did have time to grieve before the baby came, I’m sorry that you are in sorrow now.

Just remember that GOD loves you and he wants you to be happy. He gave you that sweet baby to help heal you and for you to love.

When one person dies, another is born. Love your baby fully and always be there for your baby. And even though you lost someone very dear to you, remember that GOD is always there for you. GOD bless you and be well. I will keep you in my prayers.

Answer #5

I may not have lost my dad, but me and my grandfather were in the same hospital when I was laboring for my youngest child. I was 10 cm. ready to push and my mom came in and told me paw paw just passed. my grandfather died Sept. 27, 07 @ 314pm and my son, Tynan was born Sept. 27th 07 @ 319pm. Sept. 27th is also my little sisters’ birthday(twins). My son was named after my grandfather(he raised me) and I use the birth of my son as a joy in a horrible day, and the bond I have with him is stronger than I could even imagine. every time I look at his face, I remember all the memories I have of my grandfather. eventually in time, you might feel the same thing as I do.

Answer #6

Well you should be a little hapopy because I believe that when a person dies then a new baby in that same family close to when the other person dies that means that in this case your father was willing to give up his life for your baby’s life. I know how you feel I have been down the death path of people I knew. It is hard but your heart isn’t missing you have a new part to fill it with something new. You shouldn’t be sad just be glad you were very close to him. I don’ t know if this will help you or not. I wish you the best of luck with your life!

Answer #7

I am so sorry you feel this way.

It takes time to grieve for someone you love and we all grieve in our own way. But as for your baby. What a gift you were given. A new life of someone to love at the same time your Dad passed over. Don’t you think your Dad would have wanted to rejoice in this new life that is his doing also?

Your Dads genes and blood courses through that wonderful child you had. You need to take very special care of something your Dad passed on to them through you. Your Dad lives on in your babies.

I have learned in my old age that I see my parents in my children and grandchildren. I see my smile or my dad’s nose or my Mom’s eye color. I mean grandchildren that haven’t even met my Dad look like him. Life is wonderful. It is a miracle and full of miracles.

Now I don’t know about reincarnation for sure? Christians will disagree but in some Eastern Religions they believe in reincarnation. What if this baby carries your dad’s soul? Wow wouldn’t that be something. Wouldn’t you want to give that soul the very best and take very good care of it. Love it as you loved your Dad. What a wonderful thought. Watch this baby of your father’s traits.

You should also check with you OB for something that will help you. There are meds that can help and to see a counselor will help. But you are the one that has to change your way of looking at your children.

See your Dad’s life continuing in your children.

Answer #8

when my dad died, which was exactly a year and 3 days ago, I realized I should have spent more time with him. instead I was always thinking about other stuff that meant nothing at the time. and now, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible, the ones that are still alive, so that when they do die I wont feel the same way like when my dad died. I try to enjoy every waking minute with my family as possible now that I learned my lesson, so I wish you the best of luck in becoming happy again, because I know it takes a long time.

Answer #9

It’s a very difficult, bittersweet time for you, polly… and maybe later on, you’ll be able to look back on this and see how your new baby helped you cope. The timing was similar for me and my baby, and my father’s death. I don’t think I would have got through it as well, without that little person to take care of. He needed me, and I felt stronger, that I had transformed into a parent from a child, very quickly.

Recognize the cyle of life and death, as painful as it is, and the grieving will come - whether you do it now or later - and yes, it will be hard work, but it has to be done. Funmail me if you like.

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