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my mom wants me to give my baby up 4 adoption and I cant seem to agree… any advise?

Answer #1

if you can’t take care of that child and give it a good life you should…there are always good families that want a baby…my cousin is trying to adopt because her and her husband can’t have a kid and they are great people and the stuff they have to go through to be able to adopt is extensive so you know the baby will go to a good home…if you really love that baby and know you can’t take care of him or her than you might be better off giving the baby up for adoption…I know it will be a hard thing to do but if you can’t take care of the baby then you should…also if you do go through with an adoption then there are a lot of times when you can pick out the family that you want your baby to go to plus if you’re 13 like some of the people have been saying then I think it would be fore the best. plus you’re just a child, how are you going to take care or a baby when you’re so young…my little sister is your age and I couldn’t even imagine her taking care of a child she can barely take care of herself heck I could barely take care of myself at your age…having a baby sounds nice and everything but it takes a lot of time and once you have a child that child should be your life up until the day you die…are you ready for that kind of a commitment? Whatever you do I hope you think about what would be best for the baby!

Plus I have some friends who were adopted and they are very happy that they were because they have had great lives that their birth parents could never have given them, and some of them even made contact and became friends with their birth parents.

Answer #2

I think It is really up to you. If you can go through life thinking about that baby you gave up do it. My thing was I was 18 when I had my son I couldn’t have that feeling if I was out at the park or something to look over and see a child that looks like you and could be your son. That was too much for me there are ways you can take care of your child while still getting your education so later in life you can take care of your baby I would look into help from the state. Hope this helps and I hope you make the decison for yourself and your baby and not let others in your life influence you.

Answer #3

ok adoption is a very hard thing to do I did it but it was for the best of the babys life. you have to sit down and ask yourself am I ready for a kid what can I give to my kid. I am 21 years old and have 2 year old son yes I am young then I had a other rght after that so I said to myself o I really want other kid can I give him what he needes or wants no I just make it with the kid I have know. I really do not believe in abortion so I think the next best thing is adoption. but now if the father is in the pic and he wants to help out you guys have to sit down and talk about it then take it from their. also if you r young it is going to be hard you r going to give up your life once you have a kid no more going out having fun its time to be a mother but who am I to tell you what to do it is all up to you but I hope you make the rght choice good luck

Answer #4

I think the mature & responsible thing to do would be give up your baby. You can’t rely on your mother to take care of this baby, you will be his/her mom. If my kid ever decided to have a baby (Under 18) I would not be the mother. Because I would disown my kid even though that sounds so wrong. But, you have to think about the baby, not yourself. Sure it will be sad when and if you are putting him up for adoption. Even though you might have messed up by having Sexual intercourse at your age, I am sure your mother will be proud of you. But see, having AND providing care for your baby will be expensive, and the stress it will put on you will be even greater. You need to have the time of your life! Hang out with Friends, study hard, and have fun while your still considered a ‘child’. I don’t think a baby that’s whining in the middle of the night is going to be fun! Please do what’s right. =) Having a baby will turn your life upside down.

Answer #5

YOU are the baby’s mother, not your mom, so I’m sure whatever you choose will be best. But remember to not just think about what you want, think about the baby and what’s best for him/her.

Answer #6

we are looking to adopt, we have been waiting about 5 years now, we have had ten revokes. you can email me if you make up your mind. would even love to chat with you if you need someone to talk to.

Answer #7

I think most of you are wrong your mum shouldnt be pressuring you into putting your baby up for adoption and noone else should be either. even if you are only 13 if you feel that you are going to be able to care for this baby then go for it and if your mum aint willing to support your dicision then that her problem

Answer #8

Adoption is good in your case like someone else said you are only 13. You and your mom can inteview couples with the help of a agencey or lawyer. Just look at all your opions

Answer #9

yeah nvm. bout my other answer. I deleted it. I forgot your only 13. yeah if I had a baby at my age I’d put it up for adoption too. id more than likely get a abortion. at my age & im really small I cld die from it. I know its wrong im thinking of myself rather than a newborn but I cldnt do it. I still got life myself.

Answer #10

Thats really wrong of her. Tell her you really want the baby. & you want to take care of it.

let me know how it goes.

Answer #11

It is really up to you. Don’t let ANYONE influence you on a descion this great because you will regret it. When I first got pregnant at 18 I never considered adoption because I knew one day I would be out at the store or something and I might see a little boy that looked just like me and I probably would want to take him and run. I hope this was helpful there are resources to help support you and your baby while you continue to get your education do some research on goverment help.

Answer #12

You have to decide what is in the best interests of YOU and your baby. Most likely you aren’t going to be able to provide the financial support that the baby will require. You also don’t have the experience necessary for raising a child.

Remember, the baby is not a toy or a piece of property. It is a human being and deserves the best that you can give to it. If the best is given by giving it up for adoption, then that is the way you should go if you really love and care about your baby.

Answer #13

if you love that bady with all your heart and soul you shouldn’t.

Answer #14

It should be up to your mother. You are still a child and therefore in her care. Do as your mum says and be a good girl.

Answer #15

You are 13-years-old, I can totally see where shes coming from. I think you should look into adoption, the child would have a much better life. You are still a child yourself, your life would be different forever.

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