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Am doing a survey 4 school do you think a 13 year old or 14-16 should have kids Do you think they are ready to pick up such a responsibility? Do you think they are Ready to carry out suck task?do you think the fathers of those babies are ready to carry that out? Do you think they would want to take care of it? Please text back I need to know.

Answer #1

Absolutly not. Not only is a child a huge financial commitment, but extremely emotionaly demanding. I find it very sad that 13 and 14 year olds think having a baby is a good idea. I love my daughter with all my heart and would never change a thing, which is one reason I am so glad I waited until I was 25. I happily gave up nightclubs for the zoo, shopping at the mall for hanging out at a park, sleeping in on the weekends for 5AM diaper changes and cuddles. I don’t see teenagers giving themselves to a child.

Answer #2

well my mom had my sister when she was 15!!!luckily my mom was very mature at that age!!!my mom said that if she could redo it then she would have had finished school gone to college then had kids but in my family women are encouraged to be stay at home mothers but now my mom is encouraging me to goto college!do I think a boy would take up the responsibility???HELL NO!!!boys have it good!they have sex then they leave!the girl has sex then has a child for the rest of her life!my mom has made it clear to me not to have kids at an young age!!!some teenagers think it is fun to have a kid but it doesnt really disapear!my sisters dad walked out on my mom!my grandpa kicked my mom out!for like a week my mom had to live in a car with my sister and pregnet with my brother!luckily her ex’s bestfriend was her friend to and his family took her and my brother and my sister into theyre home!my mom and him fell in love then a few years later had me!but her ex walked out on her and every other women he was with! thank goodness for people like my dad!

Answer #3

I think they are too young. and ever if they can do an okay job at taking care of the child the child is still suffereing because it wouldn’t be able to have everything it could have later on in life when the children can actually have a good career, make money, and not have to live with parents or whoever. I mean, obviously these kids are trying to grow up too fast. Them themselves are barely teenagers, kids are difficult and annoying and to a child those things are just empathized because you have to have patients. You have to be able to teach your children everything, care for them, love them, give up your life and social life for them. And kids that young haven’t even really lived yet.

So no. They aren’t ready. They are not old enough. Not even close. Enjoy your freedom why you have it! When you don’t have many responsibilites when you can come and go as you please. Enjoy that!

You won’t have it forever.


Answer #4

I love watching those 13 year old girls on Maury that think they need a baby because they want someone to love them unconditionally.

Answer #5

nooo I teenagers barely have time to take care of them selves their always busy with sports friends and family they wont want to take care of children

Answer #6

No. I had my boys when I was 28+, after we’d been married for seven years. That seemed soon enough, and difficult enough, for me and my husband!

Answer #7

not really but if already pregnant I am really really ageanst abortion its evil =) so id say yes enyways it really depends on the person some people mature earlyer then others

Answer #8

in other words. people should think about getting pregnant so randomly. I’ve seen loads of posts where people have been together for five minutes and ‘I think I’m pregnant’ it’s like, wth?

what ever happened to being in a stable relationship first, not saying it’s a dead set long term thing, but surely there has to be a better chance?

Answer #9

it’s a “no” to all the questions you’ve listen above. 13-16 is such a young age for a teen to care for a baby all on their own… it’s like basicaly a child having a child! I’m 17 at the moment… and I know, that I wouldn’t be capable to live my life and rasie a child, all on my own!

Answer #10

having a baby just to have someone love u is unfair to the child and no reason to have one..

13, 14-year-olds shouldn’t be having sex… remember… at that age, you’re still a minor until the legal age of 18 or 21 depending upon where you live…

minors having minors? hmm..

Answer #11

absolutely definately NOT!!!

Answer #12

Heck no!! @ 13…14…16 is NOT a good age. Have fun with life! You have your whole damn life ahead of you to have children. I had my first @ 18 and honestly I still wasn’t ready. And I had my 2nd @ 21. My babies are my life but, honestly I wish I could have waited a few more years. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t take anything for them. They are what keep my life going! My sister had a baby at 17…and my mother is raising that baby now. My other sister is fixing to have a baby at 18..Honestly I don’t even think that shes ready! I wish these young kids would just wait they honestly don’t realize how much of a safrafice that it is to have babies! Grow up first! Have fun…finish your life!!!

Answer #13

well , im 14 and my opinon is yes and no. .you can be ready for sex and not for a baby, things just might not have turned out the way they planned. and if a 16 year old has the money and wants to take care of a ababy then why not. it depends on the person. one thing I hate is how people think that because your a certain age your only ready for certain things, were treated as numbers not people, some people can handle it some cant.

Answer #14

thank you all for the reson, it means a lot and they all have proven to me that kids 13-16 more less kids 13-19 are not ready to have kids I am 17 and when I hear some 13,14 kid say they want to have kids it just brake my heart, because they do not know what they are getting their self in and they are say their boyfriend love them but the truth of the matter is most guy of that age is not going to take up that resoncibility because they are young they do not know what its like to take care of kids they think it all fine to them but no no , and when it come on to abortion I stongle disagree with that, I think its wrong.

Answer #15

I think that yes, children can have children, practically, but the realisty of raising a child is far more complex than simply breeding.

part of having children is being independent and supporting them, at that age it is simply not possible - since they have no means of income. in addition to that, they often need additional support. moreover, when a ‘child’ has a ‘child’ regardless of how they protest, thehave not always had a lot of life experiance

so no, I don’t agree that 14-15 year olds should have children, I’m not saying if you are 14 or 15 and you do you’re bad or not as accomplished as a ‘grown up’ becuase that’s not true either. I think people have babies and children too freely now without thinking of how they will look after them…

Answer #16

no to all…u need to fully mature…and is irisponsible for that

Answer #17

they shouldnt even be participating in s*x let alone having kids!

Answer #18

no they wouldn’t be able to take care of the kid plus they need to grow up still thats way to young

Answer #19


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