What are your opinion on piercing baby girls ears?

Do you think that there is no harm in doing it - or do you think that it is a decision that the parent should not make, but the child should later on in life?

Answer #1

I think its better to pierce them when they are babies as they wont remember the pain later… and if they dont like having their ears piecred l8er they can always let the holes close

Answer #2

I have never really thought of it being harmful to the child. but yes, it is there bodies and they’re already cute enough without earrings, but also its the parents choice.

Answer #3

I’m glad my mom got mine done when I was a baby because when I got them done a 2 and 3rd time my ears will get to itchy and swell but not for the spot when I had it the first time. I had my daughters done when she turned 1 lol we taught her that was her bling bling like mommy has she didn’t cry or even flinch.

Answer #4

The thing is when you get their ear’s piersed you have to watch out with them pulling them out belive me thats happen with my lil niece I hated it I had to put them back it it hurt her so bad >.< .MY parents w8 till I got older so I got mine when I was 12^.^

Answer #5

I think like getting circumsied getting it done young will prevent tramatization. and when there older and want ear piercings they’ll wish mom and dad did it years ago. Just like a guy would the other thing.

Answer #6

I dont see the harm in doing it I think its okay to have it done when their are babys I got mine done when I was a baby…

Answer #7

I think it’s adorable and it’s completely up to the parents. My parents got both my sister’s and mine done as babies :)

Answer #8

There’s probably not much harm in doing it. But I think it’s silly to do cause what if the child grows up and doesn’t like them?? Should wait till the child wants it.

Answer #9

I got my ears pierced when I was a baby and they still haven’t closed yet. so I think its alright

Answer #10

dont pierce it but ig later in life if the child wants piercings hte parent wont care that they do

Answer #11

babys dont need earrings, who do they have to impress?

Answer #12

My parents go mine done when I was 3 and my neice has hers done. I ended up ok about it, I think it is fine

Answer #13

I think its okay if you pierce your baby’s ears and they wont remember the pain when they get older.

Answer #14

I know of a few people that got their ears pierced when they were babies. Nothing wrong with it and apparantly it doesn’t hurt as much for babies. But I would say rather not for baby boys.

Answer #15

Hello, I had my ears pierced when I was 6 days old and I am so glad my parents did it - I ddint have to wait for the school holidays like most people do as of p.e . It reallly made me look pretty as a baby , and if you dont like it you cn just let them close up.And whoever said its not the adults chocice , I think it is - I mean the parents make a lot of choices for you why cntt they choose that. How would you feel if you had ure ears pierced as a baby and you thiink its lovely then theres people on a website going , god its so rong- its not! bye x

Answer #16

not for a baby

Answer #17

I think you should peirce them

Answer #18

its the parents desicion?! well yeh but it shouldnt be, that baby has feelings and its own life. the baby should decide later in life if it wants holes in it ears

Answer #19

No there is no harm… my mom got my pierces when I was alittle baby…

the good thing about it is that when they get older the hole is permint… like I stop wearin earning and im 16 and when my auntie die I wore her earings and my hole was still there..

so it ok!! IT BETTER TO!!

Answer #20

and if the kid doesn’t want piercing when shes older fine she doesn’t have to wear earings. no ones going to notice a little hole in her ear.

Answer #21

I don’t see harm in doing it, I mean, it’d be easier when they are babies because then they wouldn’t be a squirmish and it’d make it easier for the ear-piercer. me and my twin both got ours done when we were babie and if you don’t like it later on in life you can just not wear earrings and let the hole heal

Answer #22

I dont see a problem with it, I had mine done when I was a baby. if they dont like them when they get older they can just take them out,.

Answer #23

I really don’t think parents should be able to pierce their babys ears. It’s their body, not anyone elses, it makes a permanent mark on their body, and later on in life if they don’t like it, it’s all because of their parents.

Answer #24

I’m glad mine did (I would have never gotten them otherwise).

Answer #25

Quite surprised at how many people think its a good idea! I disagree I got mine done at 3 bt my mums friend took me- my mum didnt know! I just think its wrong, trying to make your baby look cute!! God they’re cute enough anyway. You’re putting holes in a babys ears, the pain the little thing must go through- the shock of NOT KNOWING WHAT WAS GOING ON. Its horrible. People are saying never mind- if they dont want it they can take it out- why not wait til they make ther own desicion and never have to have it done in the first place. What if the baby got an infection? So many things can go wrong and then the child would be put through even more pain unecaserily ( I know I cant spell!!)

the new prep said its better to get them done young as then they dont get traumatization. Fuc*in trauama! Sticking a needle through a 1 year olds ear isnt going to traumatize it!!? God do you have a brain? Ofcourse its trauma.

People do it in a stupid comptetitivness to have the cutest baby, the most fashion forward baby but I think its just so wrong

Answer #26

I dont see any harm in piercing a baby’s ears. I had my ears pierced when I was a baby and have no problem with it. I dont think that it is a big deal. If someone grew up and decided that they didnt want their ear pierced anymore they could just let it close up.

Answer #27

OMG! Everyone is sooooo dramatic! Get her ears pierced. Its less than getting 24 shots in 1 year that are mandatory to go to school and she will appreciate it! I got my daughters pierced when she was only a couple months old. Now shes 6 and she is happy that she doesnt have to go through it and they are HEALED!!! Im taking my 3 month old tomorrow to get hers done also. Your the mother and you know best!!

Answer #28

I pierced both my daughters ears after their first round of shots it’s a perfect time they don’t realize what’s going on and they don’t remember it. My sister waited for her 3 girls and they always played with them and they were always getting infected and they kept loosing them. The younger they are the less drama and it’s grows to be apart of them and they are less likely to even realize they are there. Get them it’s safe and better when they are younger. Good luck.

Answer #29

I think it is perfectly fine.they will thank you later lol.

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