What do newborn baby's need ?

I'm 5 months pregnant and have bought a lot of stuff for my baby but im unsure of what things I really need to buy, like what clothes and just the little things like that. Can anyone send me a good link or list of everything I need please ? Thankyou for your time .x

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the best thing is the night gowns, its easy to change them without having to unbotton everything.

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Singlets and/or Bodysuits
The climate when you bring baby home will decide whether you place baby in a Singlet or Bodysuit. You will need about six of these.

All-In-One Outfits
All-In-One outfits make dressing baby much simpler and you will need at least six outfits to start with. Ensure that all outfits have a wide head opening and have openings at the crotch to make changing baby easier. Two piece outfits may look cute but the top can ride up and become uncomfortable to wear. Do not purchase anything with a hood as babies should not sleep with anything on their heads due to the risk of SIDS and a hood can be quite bulky and uncomfortable when lying on it. Outfits with feet in them are quite practical as you will not have the need for booties or socks that may fall off.

Socks and Booties
For outfits that do not have feet, socks or booties will keep baby's feet warm.

Hat or Bonnet
When going out and about a broad brimmed hat in summer or a soft, warm hat that covers the ears in winter will be just the thing. You only need one of these and never sleep baby in a hat or bonnet as baby may become overheated and become a risk for SIDS.

Nightgowns that opens at the bottom are good when changing nappies at night and will ensure that the nightgown will not ride up and leave baby's legs and body cold. However, a very soft all in one outfit will do just as nicely when baby is a newborn and will save on additional clothing.

Cloth or disposable are a very personal choice. If you are using cloth nappies you will need about twenty nappies as well as two to three nappy fasteners and five pairs of overpants.

Newborn babies love to be wrapped and Muslin gives the baby security but still allows freedom of movement. Muslin is especially ideal for summer as it is lightweight. You will need two to three wraps in either Muslin or a lightweight cotton or wool fabric which breathes.

Powders and Creams
Powder and creams are not necessary unless your baby suffers from nappy rash. You will find that baby is less prone to nappy rash if a good quality disposable nappy is used. So don't stock up on tubs of cream and bottles of powder, you may never need them occasionally. Babies love a massage and a massage oil made from natural products is gentle on baby's soft skin. A soap free baby wash for baby's bath will also be needed.

Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are an easy way of cleaning baby's bottom, however, you do not need to go to the expense of purchasing the prepared wipes from the supermarket. A very soft damp cloth will do the trick just as well and can be washed and used over and over again.

Source: http://www.femail.com.au/newbornneeds.htm

Baby Needs: Clothing and Layette

5-10 onesies or rompers, depending on how often you want to do laundry
5-7 baby sleepers or nightgowns
1 cold weather sleeper if necessary
5-7 pairs of baby socks
1-2 newborn hats, depending on climate
Baby Needs: Diapers and Bath Items

2 packs of disposable diapers or enough cloth diapers for at least two days. Newborns can soil up to 10 diapers per day.
1 pack of disposable wipes or 10 cloth wipes
Waterproof pad for diaper changes
3-5 baby washcloths
1-2 hooded towels, if desired. Adult towels will work, too.
1 bottle of gentle baby wash
Baby nail clippers
Digital thermometer
Baby Needs: Bedding and Feeding

3-4 fitted sheets for crib, cradle, cosleeping bassinet or traditional bassinet
5-7 lightweight blankets
1-2 heavier blankets, depending on climate
10 burp cloths
5-8 bottles, if you're bottle feeding
Breastfeeding pillow, if desired
That's it! While there are many baby products on the market that make a parent's life easier, most are wants, not needs. While it may be tempting to buy every gadget on the shelf, remember, your baby will be just as happy with the basic items that he or she really needs.

Source: http://babyproducts.about.com/od/preparingforbaby/a/basiclayette.htm

&& most of all LOTS OF LOVE :D

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oh and get some mylicon drops for gas it works wonders when they cry because of gas I used the generic kind from walmart. It saved me and my baby from those mean tummy aches due to gas


Newborn belly button
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I used this with both of me pregnancies to help me not to miss anything I needed very useful you can get them at some of the stores when you register to check off so you make sure you get everything.

Download the check list

As for you get nursing pads because you will leak milk a lot. And I recommend this to everyone because it worked amazing for me and my friends I shared it with. After you have the baby get a girdle I used the slim and lift one I got it at bed bath and beyond for like $20 without the coupons they give you anyway after you have the baby wear it for 6 weeks only take it off to shower or use the potty you will have your figure back so fast I had nooo pooch at all after having my son I actually was skinnier than I was before I guess since my hips and pelvis bones opened to give birth the girdle held them together and my hips were actually smaller usually at 39 in at my skinniest they were 34" when I was done DO IT I SWEAR by this I don't know why more people don't know about this it's something that the women all do in my family and they all look awesome after having kids!

What can I do for my newborn?
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-Mittens (they scratch themselves a lot when they are newborns)
-Hats (they loose their body heat out of their heads)
-Rear Facing Carseat
-Baby Powder
-Destin Creme
-Burp Clothes
-Recieving Blankets
-Bigger Blankets
-Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
-Hooded Towels
-Wash Cloths
-Baby Grooming Kit
-Q-Tips (baby ones)
-Dreft Detergent
-Crib Sheets
-Baby Bath Tub
-Nail Clippers
-Nose Suction Bulb
-Infant Tylenol
-Mylocin Gas Drops
-Formula (if yout not breastfeeding)
-Diaper Bag

Things that are not needed but helpful:
-Baby Moniter
-Pack and Play
-Boppy Pillow
-Crib Mobile

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