my son is whinning

i have a 19 month old boy and he is smart, he says about 11 words but the problem is, when he wants something he wont say what he wants and he wont talk in sentences yet all he will do is point to what he wants and he will start to whine and continue to point until me or his dad will give it to him, and if we dont know what he wants he gets mad and starts to cry. does anyone have any advice or had this problem with there kids and u can tell me what to do

Answer #1

hello twilas its a big deal to a little person to remember all words that come easy to us bigguns! give him help along the way by maybe asking him to repeat whatever it is that he wants, youl find you want to think of words for him to repeat because of the way they say it, i taught mine that way then youl find they come out with little storeys with expressions and the tone of voice to go with it. Its great listening to their babble even if it doesnt make much sense. Talk to your child & dont ignore him, they need reassurance all the time even when your pottering around the house, it gives them confidence which is a good thing for children, when your son points to things he wants , its like hes telling you he wants to learn more but needs that little bit extra help and at the end of the day you can go to bed feeling happy and proud that you have learnt him another “new” word to his vocabulary PLUS! above all your child will be happy. So have fun and “good luck”

Answer #2

So he cries. It’s bad for our ears, good for their lungs - get some ear plugs and don’t give up! We mothers have this weak heart when it comes to our children. Still at 19 months, this dude understands what little he has to do to make you do back flips. I’d say positive re-inforcement is a great idea for bad behaviors and potty training as well.

When he cries for nothing, you can opt to behave as if you’re unaffected and ask him straight questions that he can answer yes or no to and if the manipulation is to a point where you just want to start biting door frames, put him in a playpen in another room with toys he likes and walk away. He won’t like being taken out of the room where he can see you and will soon notice that when he is being challenging to you, he gets to spend time on his own. Children’s brains are able to communicate about a year before they can actually speak properly. Sign language for hearing toddlers is another great idea. I’ve seen my frien’s baby sign with her little hands at one year of age. That could take his frustration down a bit too, not to mention yours. Good luck.


Answer #3

Ignore the whining. If he CAN say what he wants (and that means any word to indicate a request, not necessarily the right word) then tell him to tell you what he wants and not to whine. No he won’t fully understand, but children do understand being ignored and eventually he’ll get the hint.

If he points to a cup and indicates he wants a cup ask him “do you want the cup?”

You need to enforce both good and bad behavior. Bad behavior won’t get him what he wants, while good behavior will. At this age that’s the best thing you can do to teach them the beginning of right and wrong. Also tell him “NO” when he starts to whine. When he calms down and again points at something, ASK him. Again he may not totally understand, but he will realize that it’ll help get him what he wants and will help encourage him to do things in a better manner.

It’s not about what a child can and can’t say as much as that alot of them WONT talk because parents, or siblings just speak for them, or give them anything they point at, mostly to avoid the ehining. This teaches them they’ll get whatever they want when they whine, because you’ll do it to avoid hearing the whining.

I have a 3 year old who’s VERY vocal, but when he starts whining and crying he gets ignored, or he’s told “No whining ! What is it you wan ?t” then he’s worked with until we can tell what it is he wants. If he wants a cup of milk and he whines i say “What do you want? You want a cup of milk?” he says yes, and i ask him what does he say. He gets no milk until he says milk please.

Answer #4

I don’t mean to be rude, but the boy is 19 MONTHS OLD! Do you honestly expect him to put full sentences together? If you do, you’re kidding yourself. The whinning is all part of being a baby, he has no other means of communicatuon, so he whimpers and whines to make his needs apparant. It’s totally normal and it only makes sense. Just keep on talking to him, playing word games, teaching him etc and he’ll learn to talk quickly, it’s nothing to worry about.

Answer #5

Be a parent and train him in the proper way to act and talk.

Do not let him win any more mind games.

He is becoming a problem because he knows he can get his way and will fight for it he is a todler he knows what is going on and he knows he can cotrol you so he does.

Teach him with a stern hand and alot of love you are the adult here and the parent make sure you teach him the right way and be consistant.

True love is tough!! Leting a child have all they want is harmful and does not teach good values in life.

There are rules and laws we must all obay or the law will take us away.

We do not always get what we want and the sooner we learn that the better life will be.

Answer #6

Hi there! Your little boy is very young, therefore his level of verbal communication is limited. If it’s any consolation to you, his behaviour is perfectly normal. He is, in fact, telling you what he wants in the only way he KNOWS! God bless him. Be patient, because when he increases his vocabulary, there will be times that you will say BE QUIET!

All the best


Answer #7

Dear twilas, When dealing with a child who would rather point and whine…like stated above it is because they don’t have to speak if you rush to get what you think they want. At that age they can say water, milk, hungry etc. Refuse to give the child the water till he says the words. Be patient by always asking what is it you want, do you want water but do not settle for yes…when they say yes you say yes water? When they can say water you give them water. Children respond with words they are taught it is up to you to teach them the words. Sue….good luck

Answer #8

i have the same problem with my little boy, his older brother talks for him so he does not feel he has to talk cos jake is doing it for him, the one that wont talk is 25 months and my health visitor says hes fine cos he can say a lot of things, but wont, so if hes ok at 25 month i think your fine with a 19 month not talking like you said he can say things but just wont. nothing to worry about

Answer #9

Now if he’s still doing that in a couple of years, then you can worry

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