My 5 month Old Daughter, thinking of getting her ears pierced

I have a 5 1.2 month old daughter. Im thinking about having her ears pierced. What is your opinion on this topic?

Answer #1

personally, I think any type of peircing for anyone younger than at least 10 is going a bit far I keep seeing babies with peirce ears and as far as im concerned, its not really necessary and may mek them try to grow up a little fast, there not accessories really though its up to you but at such an age, kids can get there head stuck in pretty much everything, and they fiddle with things a lot. so be careful she might even have an allergic reaction to the metal, you never know if you do though get it done at a profesional place…and NOT! somewere like hairhouse wearhouse or a pharmistict. stay away from any place that uses the gun as well. there full of germs, they only wipe them down…that thing has probably peirced 30 peoples ears in just one day alone. if

Answer #2

I hate it when people say “let your daughter decide” if that is the case why do people get their children christened/baptised? Why not wait and let them decide their beliefs when they get older? Its the same thing. To each their own. Dont make someone feel guilty just because you disagree. If you are a sensible mother and look after the piercings they should be fine, just do whatever you feel :)

Answer #3

in my opinion noo! it looks tacky and makes the baby look chavvy wait a while till she is old enough to make her own dicisions, she might not even want her ears pierced!

Answer #4

Well, this is just my oponion but I dont think you should. Because she may not like to have her ears pierced when she gets older. but..the hole could close up. So its really up to you. I personally would wait til the kid was old enough to make resonable decisions. like between 8-12

Answer #5

I wouldn’t get them peirced yet. Wait until she knows what’s going on. If you get them peirced when she’s a baby, she’ll A) cry a lot when it happens, because she won’t be expecting the pain, and B) she’ll move aroung a lot while you’re trying to disinfect/clean them. I would wait until she’s at least five or so. But if you do do it now, at least she won’t remember the pain.

Answer #6

I wouldn’t get them peirced yet. Wait until she knows what’s going on. If you get them peirced when she’s a baby, she’ll A) cry a lot when it happens, because she won’t be expecting the pain, and B) she’ll move aroung a lot while you’re trying to disinfect/clean them. I would wait until she’s at least five or so.

Answer #7

I’d say wait until she’s old enough to know what’s happening. Obviously if she doesn’t want it later, it can just be closed eventually, but still wait and ask her if that’s what she really wants.

Answer #8

If you’re going to get it done, go to a real piercer, and do not let someone pierce her ears with one of those guns.

Those can cause blunt force trauma to the ears, they make the ear more prone to infection and inflammation, and can spread diseases.

Answer #9

You should let your daughter decide, why would you want to pierce her ears? These people saying it looks cute, have you never seen a baby, they’re always cute; they don’t need tacky ear rings to change that. Why not wait until she is like 12 or so, she’ll probably think it’s the coolest birthday present ever.

Answer #10

okay well im 13 and I have my ears pierced I think you should wait till she like 7 or 8 and let her choose because she might not want it my mom did that for me but my older sister got hers done when she was 6 months old she hated having them so she took tthem out. think about it do you really want to spend money! :)

Answer #11

I would do it now it is so cute if you wait til later she will start yanking at it and they would fall out so now is better

Answer #12

What a terrible idea! At 6 months old she is a baby. That is her body you are making holes in, not yours. I would consider it abusive. Wait until she asks to do it, like when she is 11 or 12. Are you thinking of having her pierced for YOU or for HER? I think you know the answer.

Answer #13

my aunt got both of her daughters’ ears pierced at a young age and it was fine. my advice is that the younger, the better, because I was four when I had mine done and I can still remember the pain but as a baby she will never rememebr it and she wont be scared either. plus earings are cute on babies. : )

Answer #14

I agree with jamie34.

Something else that comes to my mind is that you are bonding with your child for the first couple of years. She is learning to trust that you won’t cause her pain. And here you are giving her pain instead of protecting her from it.

Sure, it is all minuscule, but it still is a concern for what kind of signal that developing brain is receiving about you.

Answer #15

my mother got my ears periced when I was young because when I was born I was born bold and many people thought I was a boy haha.. and what I like about it is that since I have had my ears peirced since I was accouple weeks old my whole dont close up even if I leave earings out for a year. it makes me so happy.. soo I would deffently say do it.. your daughter might cry but when she is my age she will be sooo happy and thank you =]

Answer #16

hmm…it depends on wether she will want to go through with it. If you personally know the person thats doing the peircing and you trust them, by all means, do it. If its being done by a random person that works in the mall ear peirsing, I would be a little consered. If it was me getting my child peircings, I would wait at least till’ she’s 2 or 3.

Answer #17

my first daughter was only four weeks old when my wife had her ears pierced and it was no problem at all. She wasn’t old enough to even realize. My second daughter was a little over a year and it didn’t really bother her either. She lost one like a week into it because she is running around playing. Both times I think it was harder on my wife than the girls. They both cried just for a minute she we’d upset about hurting them for about a week!! So I say go for it!

Answer #18

Yeah you should get her ears pierced .I was a month when I got my ears pierced. Its better that way because if you do it later on, she will feel it. and girls usually like their ears pierced when they reach their teen years and that way she will already have it done and wont have to go through it at an older age.

Answer #19

You should go ahead and get it pierced because when she gets older she will want to wear earrings just like everyone else, but when she waits until she gets older it will hurt more.I should know, I’m 14 and of course I can’t remember getting mine pierced when I was a baby, but I definately remember that sting when I got one right above that one.

Answer #20

whats the rush - let her decide when she is old enough.

Answer #21

I got mine pirced when I was 5 months too : ) Then I did a second one myself when I was 14 on the top of my ear.

Answer #22

I would wait for a while, at least a couple years.

Answer #23

I think that waiting til she is older and can decide on her own is best because, what if she doesnt want any holes in her body? it shoudl be her choice, that is why my parents didnt get it done when I was a baby. Yes it may not hurt when they are older, and wont have to go through it, but I found myself talking to my friend the other day and she was thinkin about gettin another ear piercing and she already has one hole I each ear, and she aasked me, how does it feel? And I looked at her shocked and was like umm duhh you know, you have them dun, but suprising ly she answered that she didnt because she had them done as a baby and didnt know iif it would hurt. Therefore I think you should let her experiecne when she is old enought to remember, if she wants it, of course.xox

Answer #24

is say go for it I got mine peirced at 3 months, and it saved me the pain of having it at an older age

Answer #25

My mum got mine done as a baby (its a cultural thing, we all did) and I’m glad I didnt have to do it when I was older… Also glad I dont remember it hurting or anything…

Answer #26

I dont see why not my 2month old son had his done yesterday and he didnt even cry he just flinched!

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