Do you think it's right when parents refuse to give their children anything but milk, juice, and water to drink?

I don’t give my children anything but milk, juice and water to drink and my friends always say its ok for them to have a little pop I SAY NO WAY what do you think

Answer #1

Well my dear, it really depends on you…no one should be judging you…if anything they should commend you for that regime…most parents cant do that to their kids! They allow them to down 3 liters a day as long as it is 99cents a bottle its fine for them.(like my mother said) How do you want them to grow up? With teeth & health problems? I mean if it is limitted to 1 can a day with dinner it cant hurt now…but over time it can change because they will want more of it. *

I grew up on soda & juice…nev on milk or water…I have had plenty of issues because of that…I had to literally train my self to drink more water & natural juices only! Today I only like orange/apple juice/cranberry juices…but I hv my milk in my coffee(i use a glass of milk with a teaspoon of coffee when I am on the go…) with cereal… When I am thirsty I stack up on water…it all flipped.


I would say if they are used to drinking water and they want something else try to squeeze some lemon juice out of a fresh lemon & add a teaspoon of honey if you have fresh mint leaves it can add a lot as well(instead of the juice because it can be too much sugar)

Just go with your motherly instincts sweetie…you dont have to listen to what others say! You are the mom, they are Your kids…not anyone elses…Teach them what you feel is right. Hugs♥

Answer #2

well i currently have no kids >< but that is a little strict, kids are only kids once and need to enjoy themselves and need to claim the benefits of being there age. then again saying that, its a far healthier less risky and more nutrisious variety of beverages for a diet. Soo many parents in the 21st century rely on fizzy drinks and high calorie energy drinks to satisfy there children and make them happy tbh i think its sctually very wise to avoid all that unhealthy stuff on there diets. Milk is a great source of calcium for young children to help them develop and grow. water is essential for any diet and juice is tasty and full of vitamins. Altho children do need energy from those fizzy drinks however they could get that enetgy if they eat sugary foods. on a tv program on tuesday i think a mothrer gave her 3 year old 7 cans of coke a day. so overall yes i PERSONALY think its better to only give younger children juice water and milk.

Answer #3

My parents did the same, once I got to jr high school I cut out all the junk my parents were tryin to shove down my throat, I just want the girls to b happy and healthy, thx for the insight sweetie :-)

Answer #4

Thx for agreeing :-)

Answer #5

I think you have made a good decision. The choice you have made on your children’s behalf could help to preserve good health and promote healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives. . However, it is one of those things that you could become obsessive and bordering on paranoiac about so I don’t disagree with your friends point of view either. . A little pop probably comes into the same sort of category as a few sweets, chocolate, or ice cream as an occasional treat.
. In particular, I would hope that they would not feel deterred from accepting fizzy-pop hospitality among friends, e.g. at a birthday celebration, when they could be made to feel like cheats if they accept, or social outsiders if they don’t. . Moderation in all things as my mother always says. That said, better no pop at all than too much to the exclusion of the more healthy alternatives that you are providing. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #6

no prob sweetie, I hear ya on that one…I so agree…I was also hooked on junkfood…potato chips, pretzels, cheesy popcorn, dipsy doodles cheese doodles, cheese curls…Doritos…there was no food…coke/pepsi & junk is what there was after school. :( If I had kids today…I swear, I would so keep them off that sh!t! The most I would allow them to have popcorn(not the store bought or microwave crap) or tostitos…(make my own cheese dip so they can have cheese nacho’s just minus the crap they serve!

Answer #7

I think a little pop on certain occasions would be ok. But milk, juice etc normally.

Answer #8

I assume that was supposed to be a sarcastic answer.

Answer #9

I think it’s all right. I grew up the same way.

Answer #10

Of course it’s WAY more healthier to drink milk and juice. You get your vitamins and calcium daily, but occasionally i would let my kids have a soda or something with a little sugar. I don’t have any kids(i’m only 15) but some of the most healthiest people i know, give their kids soda. But the mini cans. Those are always good for a small treat once a week or every other week. It’s not too fattening and won’t mess up your diet.

Answer #11

I think you should allow them to occasionally drink soda, like on birthdays, other children’s parties, or some other occasions, as long as it is not on a daily or weekly basis it is ok to have a little “junk” food or drinks. They are not healthy, but drinking a glass of coke from time to time for example won’t do any harm. If you don’t allow them at all they might have problems when with other kids, for example, at a party, where every other kid will drink soda and your kids won’t and they will not feel comfortable. Keep them on a healthy general diet, but from time to time allow them some unhealthy treats, they are kids afterall.

Answer #12

There’s nothing seriously wrong with it. The sugar intake is quite high with pop, as is the caffeine in some brands. That being said, though, some juices contain just as much added sugar in them as well. So.. if you’re concerned about the sugar in pop, having them drink tons of sweet juice in replacement isn’t going to make that much of a difference.

In short, however, what you’re trying to do isn’t a bad thing. At the end of the day these are YOUR kids. The way in which you raise them is entirely up to you. I’m sure you’re just trying to look out for their health, which is a part of good parenting.

Answer #13

I don’t drink any pop (I don’t know if this is because my parents never gave me any when I was younger or if it is something I would never have liked regardless) so this doesn’t sound like a hardship to me. Then again I know people who don’t drink water, so it probably sounds like torture to them. I say get them on water and milk before they know any better. By the time they’re old enough to ask for pop at birthday parties and such, hopefully it will be like an occasional treat type thing.

Answer #14

i believe its a great thing, if you teach your children good habits now it benefit them in the future. besides the point that children don’t need to consume soda its not a necessary to their diet and how can they want or miss something they haven’t had right? i think thats a great idea.

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Answer #17

your so welcome. you sound like a awesome mommy =)

Answer #18

thx I try to be :-)

Answer #19

Pop is alright on special occasions, but my parents when i was younger never let me have any pop unless it was a holiday but even then not much. As for juice you need to check the nutrition labels a lot of them are very sugary. As a result from that I have never had a cavity and i don’t ever even want or crave pop so i think not having it early on gave me good habits.

Answer #20

Pop is alright on special occasions, but my parents when i was younger never let me have any pop unless it was a holiday but even then not much. As for juice you need to check the nutrition labels a lot of them are very sugary. As a result from that I have never had a cavity and i don’t ever even want or crave pop so i think not having it early on gave me good habits.

Answer #21

I do watch the sugar content for juice and they only get 100% juice as well

Answer #22

it depends on the situation

Answer #23

I appreciate the intention of Majikthise’s comment, but I think it’s ultimately counterproductive, and your approach, Tammy, is much better. Reserving sweetened drinks for a celebratory occasions turns those drinks into “comfort food” that they will use to “treat” themselves (to use Majikthise’s word) when they want something to make them feel good. Instead of that, what you are doing teaches your children to appreciate the pleasures of good, nutritious beverages. There’s a good chance that when other people offer them soda, they will turn it down, because their taste buds have not been coarsened and they will simply be turned off by the gross, industrial, non-food sensation of it. (Like some of my friends, and my wife, who grew up without television and now see little if any redeeming value in it.) In other words… You go, girl!

Answer #24

I say YOU are the mother and YOU decide what is best four your kids. You are just making rules four them and that is good for them! :D I think it is very right. (:

Answer #25

What more should children be drinking bc soda and other caffeinated drinks are worse for children then they are for adults

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