Don't kiss my baby!!

I am the mother of a terribly cute 3 week old boy. The problem is I hate for anyone to kiss on him. A little girl at the zoo tried to kiss him, I pulled him out of her reach, I think I offened her mother. I also can’t stand to see my extended family or friends kissing on him, there are so many germs, and I have issues with anyone even touching me all together. How do I tell people to not kiss the baby without offending them?? Am I over reacting?

Answer #1

You’re overreacting. Are you going to keep your child in a plastic bubble his entire life? Letting him socialize will help him boost his immune system.

Answer #2

I know you want to protect your baby, and great. I totally agree with strangers issing your baby, but your family??

does your child have an immunity problem? if not, then why the worry?

by the time your baby is 6 months old, he will be chewing on your shoes, keys and anything else he can lay his hands on, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

if a family member has a cold or a coldsore, then no, I wouldn’t let them kiss my baby.

but your baby has to build up an immunity of his own, and the only way he will be able to do this is by being exposed to them!

I know you want to protect him from the big wide world and if they sold cotton wool blankets, you’d want to wrap him in it, but it’s not good. most cases of astma, eczema etc are in family where they are too clean…it’s a fact that children who are not exposed to germs etc at a young age suffer more illness when they get older… that’s why play school is good, yes he will get a cold every week for the first 2 months, but his body has to learn to defend itself, you can’t shut the world out.

he is not just your son, he is your brothers nephew, he is your mums grandson, he is your parners son, he is your nephews cousin and one day is will be a brother…but the point is, you are not the only one who loves him and you are not the only one who wants to give him affection…

don’t worry, your not wrong for wanting the best, but let your family enjoy him too… as for the public, just pull him away and laugh and just say ‘neurotic mum’ that’s what I did when people wanted to hold mine and kiss them, it just demonstrates that you don’t want people touching him, in a funny ‘it’s not you it’s the whole world way’

trust me, you will chill out! x :)

Answer #3

I feel the same way. I have a casual friend (school mum) who always kisses my new baby on the face and I’m sure once she did on the mouth. And I hate it every time. I usually have baby in a carry pack and sort of lean back when she gets close but she always gets in there for a kiss. Yuk. One day another lady at the school touched my baby’s hands and face (early like 3-4 weeks old) and she had the dirtiest fingernails I’d ever seen in my life!!! I almost screamed!!! I am a little phoebic about germs, admittedly and some of these answers have calmed my nerves about her immune system. But I stil don’t like it. No, Sir. Don’t like it one bit.

Answer #4

Next time somebody kiss him just smack them they want do it nomore LOL.

Answer #5

you shouldn’t get to angry but if they are seriously annoying you sya nicely o isnt eh cute and then walk away! or you can slap them and run just kidding lol

Answer #6

he is your baby… os its your choice. just say something like “please don’t kiss him, he hasn’t has all of his vaccinations and I dont want him to get sick since he is so young.”

Answer #7

its okay to kiss a baby, just dont let anyone kiss him on the lips & if anyone does kiss him, just have a cloth with you to clean his little hands & face if you are that worried!!

you are not over reacting, you are new mum & its scary!!!

Answer #8

A friend of mine felt the same way. She brought little sanitary wipes and as soon as she had her baby on her lap, she just wiped his legs and arms and on his cheeks and forehead and put some cream on him. It’s just a sign of love :]

Answer #9

your over reacting, thing like this will srenghen his immmune system, anyway why would a itle girl want to kiss him if she is a stranger?

Answer #10

I felt the same way with my first, second and third child. I however would tell everyone not to touch their faces or hands. Most people respected this and did not have a problem with it, and if they did have a problem who cares? It’s not their child. As he gets older you will relax about it some. You can ask your family to wash their hands before they touch him (which I also did). Does it really matter if you offend someone that you don’t know by trying to keep your baby safe? Your baby is your priority, not making a little girl or her mother happy.

I would say that his hands should be the most important thing that people not touch because babies always put them in their mouth.

Good luck and congratulations

Answer #11

It seems you may have problems with germs yourself? Try and get help for being paranoid about germs but it may just be because of the baby. My mother was verry protective of me because I was her first, it seems pretty natural to be protective I think you will most likely grow out of it since the baby is only 3 weeks old. If it happens for moths then its a problem to look for help. But basically I think its some-what normal.

Answer #12

I dont think your overreacting. I know someone who had a baby and at 6 weeks old someone came over with a cold sore. Few days later the baby started having seizures and almost died. He is your baby and if you dont want anyone touching him thats your choice.

Answer #13

You are not overreacting.I used to feel the same when I had my first baby but as she grows you will learn to accept and the kisses will minimise .Just do as have been adviced be carrying something to wipe the baby and dont do it in the open.For your relatives or rather those who seem they can understand be commenting around them that you dont like your baby to be kissed.

Answer #14

You’re overreacting. Its good to try to keep your kid healthy, but theres is no need to be a germaphobe. Dont make your kid be a bubble boy.

Answer #15

well maybe you should have an uglier baby then huh?


Answer #16

it is very rude to tell a new mother she is “overreacting!” it is scary at 1st and we new moms have a lot of worries and concerns! and if she doesnt want anyone kissing her baby-that is her choice-it doesnt mean she wants her baby to not be exposed to germs and live in a “bubble!” come on now! have a little respect with your answers.

Answer #17

i totally agree with this post

Answer #18

i agree!

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