Circumcision at birth?

Me and Lucio are trying to decide whether or not to have our baby circumsized at brith and we are wonderin what would be the best to do??? HELP.

Answer #1

it is not torture ethmer. If you think that just because we have evolved a certain way then why even have any type of medical institutions? why not go back to caveman times and have it be survival of the fittest. Tell you what when your heart is about to stop or you are bleeding to death, instead of someone helping you have a longer and healthier life how about they sit back and say “no, sewing your gaping wound would be torture and if evolution wanted us to regenerate skin fast enough to keep from bleeding to death we would have evovled with that trait” and then nothing is done. Is that how you would prefer it? Evolution has allowed us to use more of our brain and therefore know how we can cure or help our bodies. Why do men have nipples? What is the point? They don’t breastfeed. Also, why do we have fingernails? What purpose do they have?

There is new and very recent scientific proof that circumsisions can prevent STD’s and infections.

Yes it is a painful procedure and it sucks but I would rather have my boys be healthy at all costs. It was a quick procedure and they were back in my arms. Bonding is great but remember not that long ago babies were in the nursey for the majority of a mother’s hospital stay. Society didn’t crumble or anything so I doubt an hour or two will devastate a child.

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Only you could say what’s best, you really gotta look at the facts. I have all but one of my boys circumcised except for one and I have four. The only reason I didn’t have him circumcised was because the doc wanted an arm and a leg to do it and I didn’t have the money. He gets infections all the time and I do clean it. When they’re circumcised it’s just easier to maintain and for them to take care of later in life.

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If You Choose Circumcision:

The sooner it is performed, the better. Make sure it is performed by an experienced professional. In some areas, an obstetrician does it in the hospital. In others, pediatricians do it. (And some religious practices have it done later as part of a meaningful ceremony or by a specially trained non-physician.) Ask the following questions before the procedure: How and when is circumcision done? What are the potential risks of circumcision and how often do they occur? What is entailed in caring for the recently circumcised penis? Learn about pain management. Circumcision hurts! There’s no way around that, except to take comfort in babies’ very short memories. Many hospitals now perform circumcisions with local anesthesia. Ask if that will be done and, if not, why not. At the very least, you can let your infant suck on sugar (sucrose) during the circumcision procedure to try to lessen the pain.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to go with this decision. Weigh all the factors involved and trust your heart to make the right decision. Your little boy will do just fine either way.

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have it done at birth. The baby won’t remember the pain, just like they don’t remember being born. and no foreskin is a lot cleaner. Good hygiene.

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No way!! When guys are circumsized, more than 80% of the nerves in they’re dck is lost which lowers pleasure during sex…And with infection and stuff, thats not true…its just like brushing your teeth in the morning, just get a wash rag and scrub-a-dub in the shower with soap and problem solved. When he gets older might be teased, but that shouldnt bother him since he still has all of his dck =P Many people say that girls dont like it, but if theyre that shallow to say if they like “cut” or not theyre not worth it…trust me im not “cut” and have no problem with girls..and some say girls get cervical cancer from uncut, there is a vaccine that helps protect against infection and stuff that causes cervical cancer, just make sure as he gets older you tell him how important its is to stay clean…this website should help you out to

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There are valid reasons for circumsizing your son. What is barbaric is to NOT and then he develops an infection and and has to get it done later in life at extreme pain. I have 2 sons and they are both circumsized.

As for men who maintain good hygeine that also goes for boys. Are you going to be helping him wash his penis when he is a teenager? Most likely not (hopefully not) so you won’t know for sure if he’s cleaning properly.

The absolute most recent research from dr.s state they recommend a circumsion.

It’s totally up to you, ask some peditricians and do some homework. But just think this, a few minutes of pain and then that’s it or your son grow up having to constantly make sure he’s cleaned well enough with the possibility of still having to have to procedure anyway.

Both of my son’s were totally fine during and afterwards. They recovered quickly and normally and have no memory of it.

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in our country the male is being circumsice at the age of 8th to 12.. other maybe it is good for a male to be circumsice.. for a good hygiene

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Yes, absolutely have him circumsized at birth! It’s less painful, costly, and most of all, it will prevent infection and uncleanliness. I’m so glad I did this for my son once he was born. If you wait and he has it done later in life, it will bring much pain. I dated a man in his fifties who was not circumsized and I believed it bothered him

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Circumcision, like any medical procedure, comes with risks. The risk of a problem from an uncircumcized penis is less than the risk of problems caused by the procedure, for men who maintain good hygiene.

There is no valid medical reason to circumcize a baby profilactically. Don’t subject him to such barbarism for no good reason.

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I suggest you do it when its waaay too young to possibly have any recollection of it lol I don’t know the whole thing seems barbaric to me…

Answer #11

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  I just don’t see how any modern mother would want to inflict that torture on a child. And it is torture. Babies do feel pain. And here, when you are supposed to be bonding with your infant and demonstrating to him that he is safe and secure in your care, you cause him pain.

Think about it. Would you do it if it was your daughter? In some countries they do!

Evolution gave males a foreskin for a purpose. It has not become useless like the appendix. Leave it alone.

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Answer #13

In my opinion, natural is best!

Answer #14

Google “should baby be cicumcised?” for medical response

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