Why are 12 year olds watching R rated movies?

Answer #1

Because the parents let them.

Answer #2

Either they flat out don’t care if they watch them or they are not involved enough in there childrens lives to know that there watching them.

Answer #3

But why do so many parents think it’s ok? It’s messing up their child’s mind!

Answer #4

Because unfortunately some parents don’t care or don’t think it will affect the kids.

Answer #5

Here’s my views do I think that children should watch R rated movies? NO. Do I think that there will be any long time affects from a 12 year old seeing a R rated movie? 99 times out of 100 no. Do I think that parents should take a more active role in there kids lives to prevent kids from seeing the movies? Yes. Am I going to loose any sleep over the fact that kids are watching R rated movies? No. with all the things a parent can do wrong a kid getting access to a R rated movie is not high on the list.

Answer #6

My question Why is a 14 year old allowed to be up this late?

Answer #7

It’s only 14:00 in Riyadh! Lol

Answer #8

But are you in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

Answer #9

well…why can’t a 14 year old be up this late?…O: jw.

Answer #10

I think you know the answer to y 14 year olds or 15 year olds in your case shouldn’t be allowed to be up all night. Parents are to relaxed nowadays. if your having a lock-in or other group function then that is one thing. but a young teenager should not be allowed to stay up as late as they want staring at a computer screen. they should be asleep.

Answer #11

My point is different parents have different parenting styles some parents don’t care if there kids watch R rated movies some don’t care if there kids stay up way to late on a Saturday night.

Answer #12

Thats what her location says if you bothered to check…

Answer #13

I agree!

Answer #14

And yet this was not actually the question asked. This question was about R rated movies.

Answer #15

First off, I agree that kids shouldnt be watching rated R movies they were always banned for a reason back in the day.
Do I think that a kid that watches an R rated movies will turn into psycho paths/serial k!llers/r@pists/ped0philes? hell no…Those things usually happen from traumatic events in the home that deal directly towards them! Will they perhaps have issues with insecurities/stuttering or nightmares? that is a possibility…no one can say for certain. Are all kids the same..no…one might view an R rated movie & laugh their butts off. Another might sit there with the covers over their eyes as I did when I first saw nightmare on elm street back in the day! (mind you til this very day when I see a psychotic movie with all that blood gushing out I still pull the cover over my eyes or look away…yeah that is smth that stuck with me!) Do I think that parents just dont make enough time to watching their kids or what they seem to be looking at while in their room at wee hours of the night, hell ya! With all the work, gatherings, dinners, formal events or just a necessity to teach kids a bit of responsibility & freedom, there just isnt enough time. On the other hand, parents cant stay up all hours of the night & babysit their teens. That is why they set rules & when they arent met there are consequences & punishments.(why do you think parents make you give them your cell phone, the keys to the car & take ur credit card away for a certain amount of time…its because you didnt follow the rules! Chores is another source of punishment if you throw all your clothes like a slob in the your room & expect your mother to pick it all up especially on laundry day when you say mom, do not go into my room!) So, with that said, kids need to know balance…kids need to know where to draw the line & what consequences are! Problem is parents are so wrapped up with making enough money to provide for their kids so they have all that luxury by landing that new account or meeting up every week for the board meetings that they loose track of what is really in front of them…like their chid’s up bringing…values…and too busy with their own social life to notice these little things. These are the very things that make thee so called psycho paths/serial k!llers/peepers & so on… My best advice to parents…make the time, even if you are running on a tight schedule…move your plans but dont forget your kids need you even if they are 15 years old…its nice to know that your parent is still there if you need to talk rather then have to schedule a conversation with your secretary! I mean come on, they are your kids for pete’s sake! Sad…:(

Answer #16

you have to follow the conversations

Answer #17

I did check that’s how I knew she was 14 but she recently added her location since I posted that question again please follow the conversation.

Answer #18

also I can put my location as Paris France but that doesn’t mean I am in Paris France, I’m not saying she’s lying just saying you shouldn’t act so high and mighty.

Answer #19

When you do that you will notice I answered the question before I asked y a 14 year old was allowed to be up that late.

Answer #20

for someone that claims to be able to discuss something “from all persceptives in a way that does not disrespect any party or tell people what they believe is wrong.” you seem pretty opposite. btw you spelled persceptives wrong. it’s perspectives. not trying to insult your intelligence lord knows I can’t spell just letting you know so you can change it if you want.

Answer #21

priceroonie therevis absolutely nothing wrong with it? its a person choice to decide when they sleep or dont. what if theyre not tired? should they force themselves to sleep? not really, unless they have to because they get up early or something. theres many things one can do besides sleep; NOTHINGS wrong with a certain childs bedtime?

Answer #22

because it normally doesnt leave a long lasting affect, sure kids get “nightmares” but every child does whether they watch them or not, i see nothing wrong with a child watching an R rated movie seeing how it is fictional. now if a child was showing any negative affect from these then it would be time to stop it.

Answer #23

I have to agree. Lots of hoohaa from parents teachers and politicians these days over absolutely nothing. Education is needed, not cover-ups and censorship.

Answer #24

I guess you don’t know to many then cause they start using bad words, being disrespectful, violent, and the boy often a couple years later starts sexually harassing girls! It seems to be leaving more of an affect than you think.

Answer #25

My question is why don14 year olds like r rated movies?

Answer #26

For one thing, I was talking about a different topic, and more importantly, you are off topic. If you want to discuss teenagers bed times, or whether someone really lives where they claim to, please do not do it on a question about something else.

Answer #27

I do not have to follow the conversation, this isnt the place for that conversation. A question was asked. Answer it if you want, but do not start asking your own questions about bed times, location etc.

Answer #28

Oh, and all the intelligence in the world isnt going to change the fact that sometimes people make typing errors, especially when they have a hypersensitive touchpad. I really do not need you to assure me you are not trying to insult my intelligence, I have two pieces of paper (soon to be three) that do that much better than you could.

Answer #29

Who cares!!!! A movie is a movie!!!!!!

Answer #30

because usually kids these days think they are all that and hardly listen to their parents

Answer #31

There are parents out there that let their children watch PG or R18 movies where they either pick up bad language or violent behavior then they wonder where their “perfect little child” learns such bad behaviour, if a movie is PG or R18 don’t let them watch it, simple

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