Should I call Child Protective Services?

OK first of all I will start by telling you that my boyfriends mom is nuts…’’surtifiably insane’’. im sure your probably thinking im just being immature and im trying to get pay back for something but im not…this woman has so many problems that it would scare her family if they really knew…but she has them convinced that shes an angel she mantally and phisically tortures her children she beats her children she has 4 kids and beats 3 except the baby wich is 1 year old the other 3 have been hit like a smack all the way to a full on beating with blackeyes bruses and blood she used to lock my 17 year old boyfriend in the small bathroom with his 11 year old sister for up to 2 hours she would beat his 4 year old brother and twist his arm back untill you would hear a snap and then she would lift him by the same arm and toss him in to the next room about 5 feet…trust me I know I was there that time…she also never feeds anyone she never gets healthy food and what food she usually gets its baby food and the other food like chips she hides in her room so the other kids cant have it the 11, and 4 year old are starving all the time and when I went there they always asked if I had food for them and I would hide food for them and sometimes I would go home and cry because I couldnt always feed them his mother hasnt worked for 11 years she doesnt pay rent or bills and she lives in an elegal house theres holes in the roof mold inside on the walls and windows theres rats comming from under the babys crib theres yellow jackets nests at the end of the porch by the door and they get in and sting people and the baby the animals wich are 2 dogs and 2 cats never have food and she has the dangerous pitbull on a 3 foot chain in the sun all the time and its on cement the other dog wich is a black lab never has water and lives on a 2 foot rope on the porch in the sun all day there used to be 4 cats but she starved them to death and left them in the sun and only 2 survived and they smell like there own crap and never get baithed and live in a baby pen in the sun …the house is a hasard they never eat and my boyfriend the oldest brother left because he was sick of the torture and he could only do so much and the father left because of the same reason …he couldnt deal with his wife anymore…oh yes he pays her for the three kids hes done it all along but she hides the money and spend thrifts on stuff for her instead of the children and her side of the family dont do anything about it …when bryon my boyfriend left she only gave him some of his cloths and his guitar and sold everything else to get money for herself to buy whatever…she accused me of taking her wedding rings when I dont even wear gold because im native american plus bryon left without telling her and sience then he hasnt gone back there theres now way I could have or he could have taken them…this woman is not fit to be anyones mother and DO YOU THINK I SHOULD CALL CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES so these kids wont have to suffer …bryon and his dad have this stupid fear of cops they have never done anything wrong there just afraid so should I do this because im compelled to. WILL YOU HELP ME

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I feel bad for the kids because they have a confused F—d mom I’m lucky not to have a mom like that but if I could I would have my mom call child services and let live with us a foster kids at least they would be happier maybe have food good shelter

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if these kids are being abused either pyhsically or mentally then yes call them straight away this sort of thing can not continue to go on, she might even end up with her killin her own kids and claim insanity act prompt these kid lives could depend on your help

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Yes…call CPS…and while you’re at it, call the Humane Society. No living creature, human or animal, deserves to be treated this way.


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How will you fel if she kills one of them and you didin’t call?

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yes call them

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can you get free legal or citizens advice? Maybe someone should be taking the local authorities to court. We have local MPs here in uk, I forget what your equivelent is called. A phone call to him or her would be appropriate.

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Call the ASPCA. The other issues will most likely come to light in the wake of the problems with the animals. The children need help as well, but first I would save the animals. She will more than likely kill the animals before she harms the children any further. Child Protective Services will also need an “anonymous tip”.

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i think u should listen to my angel tell animal protective services. it can help. i hav a ? for u do she hit the dogs if she does maybe u can tape it and tape the kids geting hurt.

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Call the police and they will go when the family is gone and put up cameras in the house that u cant see and they will catch hey but yES i think u should

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uh yeah! duh! what are u doing, call them, for the sack of the children asap!

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CALL THEM NOW if yooh dont those kids will end up dead! do it if yooh havnt done it by now yooh are a silly girl those kids could have a little more then a beating next time and could be dead by the end of the week just do it please

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LISTEN EVERYONE…im no longer alowed on the property so i cant do anything to stop her …police went to her dump of a house and the fu*kers didnt do anything they just laughed at what i was saying…i hate her she has her family and the cops against me now and if i call that place even on accident she will file a restraining order against me…PLUS her ex husband wont do anything because hes spineless and his son who is my boyfriend tried to get a police escort to get his stuff back and she had the escort turned on him after me and my boyfriend got done telling them how crazy she was so what happened was she had the police that we called convinced that we were insane not her and she has papers filed that if we go back on the property or if we call anyone they will have us arrested and sent to juvi for six months…we called child protective services and the police station called them BEFOR WE CALLED and notified them about us so when we called for help last week they hung up on us.we cant do anything shes winning weve called everyone we can and they arent doing anything were 18 and knowone believes us nobody will help us and yet she still hits the kids…oh yes as for my boyfriends sister who is 11 shes as evil as her mother her mother bribed her saying if you help me ill give you all of your brothers stuff plus his room and everything so the police go to the house the last time and see the 4 year old and the 11 year old now have there own room and everything they ever wanted thats why the police thought that we were lieing to them…when we tried to explain what she did the police officer said to stop calling or we will arrest you!!!…NOW WE CANT DO ANYTHING..EVERYTHING HAS FAILED WEVE TOLD EVERYONE WE CAN WEVE CALLED 4 COUNTIES AROUND US AND THEY WERE ALL NOTIFIED ABOUT US …WE CALLED CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES AND THEY WONT LISTEN…WERE COMING TO GRIPS WITH THE FACT THAT SHES WON AGAIN WHATS LEFT THAT I CAN DO

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If the father is paying child support then you should give your boyfriend the opportunity to go and tell his father or step father whatever he is to the older kid, and let them decide first as to what they are going to do to get those kids out, whether that father wants to take them in first to protect them in which he can call the child protective services and they will have to give the kids over to him, or if he does not then the kids can be taken to foster care. However before you go start jumping the gun and trying to do whats best for the brothers and sisters of your boyfriend you should really discuss what you feel to your boyfriend before you go and split a family apart especially when its your boyfriends family, I’m sure things would not go so well between you two if he were to find out that you were the one to call CPS on his family without talking to him, and second it wouldn’t bode so well for the marriage in mind, this wouldnt be such a wonderful start when marriage is suppose to be about together and not one sided when decisions are made.

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ask ur bf

Answer #18

This Sounds So Dramatised

Answer #19

Yes if u dont theyll just suffer even more and i know u dont want that so i would right away u might even be saving their lives! U never know. so yes u should call right away.

Answer #20

Just keep calling and begging them to help those kids as much as it takes wright a letter to the news papers what ever it takes just keep trying

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I hope you are not making this up.. that is serious abuse and CPS should only ONLY be notified if this is seriously happening!!! Physical, mental, and verbal abuse is reportable as well as neglect. REPORT if you must and in fact this is real

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you need to call cps now or else that woman will kill her kids , she’s not fit to be a mother , all she does is hurt them so you need to call cps TODAY !

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you need to call cps now or else that woman will kill her kids , she’s not fit to be a mother , all she does is hurt them so you need to call cps TODAY !

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im sorry to hear that why dont u get a friend to help u? it might work dont give up.

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can u hav a friend make a citizens arrest?

Answer #26

maybe if u get enough people to help u the polcie might help.

Answer #27

the neighbors are nothing but brain washed family

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of course you should phone cps!!! if not you should be locked upi for not speaking out!!! Are you going to wait untill the kids are dead then feel guilty your whole life?? I am a mothe and anyone who treats her own children like this should be taken out and shot!! If you dont phone than i hope you suffer the same fate as those children do!!! sorry if this sounds rough but what kind of person sits around and allows( yes allows if you do nothing than you are no better than her) children to be treated like this. if you would like a more descreter way of phoning call animal protective services and let them know about the animals, and they will contact the appropriate place if tou tell them about the abuse. i hope you so the right thing!!!

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ALSO might i add …the father has told me to stay out of this that its not my family and its none of my business …BUT i m having this guys sons child so now it is my business…ALSO this crazy woman has threatened to put my boyfriend ‘’wich is her son’’ in jail if anything happens because she is such a good liar that she has convinced the local cops that my boyfriend called and threatened to kill her when the call was to get his stuff back and he was gonna call for an escort to go to the house with him …she turned the cops on him and he did nothing wrong

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this woman gets away with everything and even my own grandparents whom i live with believe half the crap that comes out of her mouth…this woman is so evil that she has tapped in to the property phone line and listens to everyones calls and she is so crazy that she accused me of having sex with her son WHILE THE BEDROOM DOOR WAS OPEN AND THE LITTLE SISTER WAS SLEEPING ON THE TOP BUNK…!!! ALSO the father says that if i do anything about it he will kick my boyfriend ‘’his son’’ out on the streets and my grandparents dont want him living here…what do i do

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I dont mean to be rude but if she bruised there eyes so much and hit them they would have marks and they would have arrested her after looking at them… And the dogs out in the sun still would have been seen by aspca… if this is real… call someone but I highly highly doubt this is real… Because once child services is called they never laugh in your face… trust me I had them at our house for missing school a tiny bit for no reason at all… And it is heck trying to get them off your butts… And they inspect to see if the house is clean and if you say her house is dirty as it is they would have checked it out… But hey for those of you who beleive this… good luck

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This is difficult, but KEEP seeking help, have someone come in the police, have him act like a school friend and see this, NEVER stop trying this situation is hell, but you have to love them enough to fight fot them to live a abuse free life. They have never, nor WILL never derserve such treatment!!! Be strong. Involve the news on the polices neglignce (ignoring the problem) I know this is a private issue, but the media is the best motivation, plus they have voice changers, they can blurr pictures and even not use names. These children nees help before its too late. if that doesnt work, go to ANY place that has doctors and report this, they know and have seen what abuse does to children, they` ll be on her like God on Satan

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definitely call child protective services as well as animal abuse… if shes living in that horrible of a house, just bring them to the house so they can see it… theyll nail her for just that. if possible, bring the police there to the house quietly when she least suspects it and is doing something bad to her children. or place a very small camera in a corner of a room; even if it costs a lot of money, it will be worth it to save childrens lives. funmail me

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well we just found out that a week ago she killed my boyfriends dog…the spca went there but she convinced them that we were just telling a lie and they once again believed her to get back at us she killed his dog and then told him about it …we called the police again and they wont do anything and we dont have any other conections to that house because of the restraining order she has on us …or so she claims she has …we tried everything so we have to leave it all up to his dad now because nobody believes us

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omg that story makes me wana cry yes call the police animal police and any one who would stop this

Answer #36

For god’s sake…YES!! And while you’re at it, call the Humane Society!!


Answer #37

You definitely should call and get help for these children.

Answer #38

You said ‘she mantally and phisically tortures her children she beats her children she has 4 kids and beats 3 except the baby wich is 1 year old’ - enough said (that’s all that needed to be said) - contact them ASAP…I wish all concerned the best !!

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