Can I give my 6 month old baby cow milk ?

Well I gave my 6 month baby cow milk is that okay for her

Answer #1

When I was a baby (I am now 26!) My mum gave me cows milk at 6 months as did all mums then. we never died so I dont see why its changed now!

Answer #2

You’re not meant to before the age of 1 - the risk is to do with allergies, I think, so it is quite serious. I guess that in emergencies cow’s milk would be OK (to avoid starvation etc) but otherwise it’s best to follow the advice given.

Answer #3

is it that bad for her I’m waiting for her w.I.c to come in

Answer #4

your not supposed to

Answer #5

well form 6months you can put cows milk in there food and jars contain it! In my book it says the reason you cant give a baby cows milk to drink before there 12 months is because it doesnt contain all the nutriants the formular contains but if your using formular aswell I dont see the problem! My daughters 8months next week and has what she likes to eat cheese weetabix butter etc all contain cows milk and she fine so whats the difference if the drink it so I say yeah!

Answer #6

I waited untill my son was 10 months old, however it depends on the child, my son refuses to drink formula, and I think part of it was because he was spitting up all the time. Now that hes on cows whole milk its rare when he spits up. the only time my son even spits up anymore is when he eats too much food. Other then that my son is perfectly healthy, it can cause allergies but the likely hood of that happening is slim to none. I would think the only time that they would become allergic is if you start from day one of their life. Every child is different if your child is doin good with the milk there is no reason to stop giving your child milk because everyone said so. You use your better judgement. The biggest sign to look for is when they spit up, and it looks like currdled milk then stop immediately, if not they should be fine drinking it. He is now almost 11 months old and no longer drinks formula at all, only drinks whole milk, watered down juice, and water. So like I said before, dont let people tell you how to be a mom, just use your better judgement, and your child should be fine. Its not like back in the day they knew exactly what they could and couldnt give their child and 97% were just fine, or we wouldnt be here today. Keep that in mind hun and youll be fine.

Answer #7


my older one was like that when she was little. They have their phases. Try giving your baby stuff like those farley cereal buiscits, let herld it and eat it by her self. Also give her a little plastic spoon to play with im sure she will get comfortable with it. Try fruits instead of veggies to start with, gradually mix them in her cereals. My kids never drank any bottles at night with the cereal in it. Also try something other than rice cereal my kids hated that one. My youngest is 6 months old and she eats 3 squared meals a day and can box down 2-3 bottles a day. I ended up bere because I was contemplating to switch because she already eats a lot of yogurt and cheese. I think I will slowly ween her.

Answer #8

well my daughter is 8mths old and shes on cows milk, I started 2 try her early on cows milk and since then she wont drink the formular milk, I did ask my health visitor and she said that I really shouldnt give her cows milk (no sma) untill shes about 11mths… but what is a mother ment 2 do when her baby wont drink formular- let her starve..??? NO, so I’ve gave her cows milk 7oz bottles 3times a day aswell as her 3 meals..

yr her mum ul know whats best.!!

Answer #9

I agree with the fact that every child is different. My son is 6 months old and he is eathing solids and drinking whole milk. He too is drinking formula, I sometimes even mix in a bit of formula with his regular milk so that he gets all his nutrients. To this point he has been fine. He has a good digestive system, but like a lot of moms said above, every child is different. Use your better judgement and if your child shows any signs, stop using milk and continue using formula. A doctor will tell you to use formula till your child is 1 yr old, but that doctor too probably drank milk early on and was fine. Remember, doctors are not always right and sometimes they are, but its never a bad thing to start your child early with something new as long as they can handle it and feel fine. My doctor just told me after my 6 month checkup to discontinue using regular whole milk until my son is 1 yr old, but I dissagree with him. I drank regular milk as a baby, my parents probably did too as there was no formula back then, and we are all still here, alive and healthy. Use your judgement and you should be fine. Some of the other mothers that do dissagree, well that’s their opinion and they listen to whatever their doctor tells them, but do those people ever ask or challenge their doctors with questions. Probably not, and that’s the thing, you have to challenge your doctor and go with the best advice.

Answer #10

Absolutely not. Floss is right, wait till the baby is at least 12 months old.

Answer #11

I have started givng my 6 month old cows milk, she only has 2 bottles a day now (as well as her breakfast, lunch and dinner solids), she loves it, she has cows milk in the morning and formula before she goes to bed, like others have said, I was given cows milk from a young age and there is nothing wrong with me or anyone else that I know who was given it from a young age.

Answer #12

If you want the best answers ask a doc they will tell you not to give baby cow milk intill the age of one,my mother gave me cows milk at a young age too,And Am fine,But that was back in 1978,They have done new studys om cows milk in they found that will hurt your baby if giving at a young age they did,nt have this problem back then,I have work with cows and trust me,you don,t want too give them cows milk intill there one

Answer #13

My girl is 7 months and loves cows milk! I dont feed her too much…She still drinks formula though and baby food.

Answer #14

bad idea…the bacteria in cow milk could make your baby sick…and (in the worst case, god forbid) lead to death if untreated in time…breast feeding is the best way…u could also get special milk from your pharmacy for the baby

Answer #15

Ijust came back from doctors and he said I can start my 6 month old on homo milk, I dunno if because he’s eating veg, fruit and meat already

Answer #16

I am 40yrs old. My 19 yr old and now 9yr old both were on cows milk at 6mo. as was I. You are right, makes no sence at all how they keep changeing things. I am very healthy as are my children.

Answer #17

my baby girl is 7 months old and my doctor told me to change her to cows milk once I was giving her food with iron I make her food my self sometimes if I am out and about and give her a jar food I will give her a bottle of follow on milk going to bed

Answer #18

my answer is different as I am dealing with cps. at two months my daughter was fed baby food here and there because she seemed so hungry all the time, and the doctor in NY told us add rice to formula. We tried her on baby Jar food and she is now 16 months and never had a problem. so… when our twins were 2 mos old and wanting to eat every 1/2 hour, we gave a spoonfull of baby jar food… no problems. But because cps was involved, they made a big deal about it and have since used it against us as parents. just as my twin son died of crib death in the middle of the night 2 months after we stopped feeding him babyfood. Now we dont have my 16 month or the 4 month old twin thats ok. However, cps has my 2 remaining kids in licensed fostercare and they are sending my 4 month a bottle of whole homo milk in a bottle and NO formula. I cant report it to cps cause they dont care what I say. I dont know if I will ever get my kids back. so PLEASE!!! do what they reccomend. It isnt a law, but if anything happens they will only use it to screw you. my son that died was found face down in his crib, and cps is also using it against us. It should be like a seatbelt law so there is NO confusion. since it is only recomended, then it shouldnt be used against you. protect your kids and do what is recomended to avoid what has happened to me…

Answer #19

The baby doesn’t have the necessary tools in its tummy to digest it. It could have an allergic reaction like throwing up profusely. Don’t give it cow milk ‘til 12months.

Answer #20

Yes, the reccomendation is to wait until your child is 12 months old. However, every baby is different. I was told to wait until 6 months for baby food, and 12 months for Cow’s milk. At 5 months, my health nurse asked why he wasn’t already on solids, and after feeding him solids, he wouldn’t take formula anymore. So at 6 months I wasn’t going to force my son to drink the formula so I switched to cow’s milk. My aunt who has two young ones said she tried to switch at 6 months and her boys threw-up every ounce of those bottles, and when my son didn’t, I knew he was ready. Like I said, it all depends on your baby!!

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