What would you name your baby?

If you had a baby boy or girl, what would you name it?

Answer #1

for a boy: Hendrix,Mason,Rhyder,Rhyker,Diego,Tavini,JD,Leo

for a girl: Channel,Loochianna,Tiami,April,Skye,Destiny,Angel,Princess

Answer #2

Not sure, but whatever I first chose, I would practice the name every day whilst I was pregnant just to make sure I wasn’t sick of it by the time he or she arrived! Cheers

Answer #3

boy: christopher or erik

girl: keyara, kelin[kee-lin], kelly

Answer #4

Girl: Hazel, Violet or Juliette Boy: Rashed or cameron

Answer #5

Girl: Kahlen or Bryden Boy: Tristan

Answer #6

Boy: Gavin Atticus Lorenzo Girl: Katrina Smlanie Aronza

Answer #7

I Want 3 Boys And 2 Girls :)

Girls: Bryony And Jazz Boys: Luke,Mckenzie And Jake

Answer #8

girl : keyona, jayla, brooke, danneel

boy : declan, jeremiah,

Answer #9

girl - sarina ann boy - roger dale.

Answer #10

boy: Felix

Girl: Jacey

Answer #11

Boy : Seth

Girl : Briar


Boy: Blane

Girl: Jacinda or Cindy

Answer #12

or maybe if its a girl Josephine Alexandria

Answer #13

Boy: Christopher John or Thomas Jack

Girl: Stoney or Leslie Alex

Answer #14

Boy: Jamie or Blaine

Girl: Stephanie or Ashley

Answer #15




Answer #16

I want 4 kids so daugters::faith::aaliyah sons:::Akeem:::Markus

Answer #17

girl - Gizel or Friday boy - Vinnie or Frank

Answer #18

I would call a girl sherice jizzy

Answer #19

I would call a girl marnie or romy xx

Answer #20

Boy:Emmanuel Girl:Sherrica

Answer #21

girl:jenna,or michelle boy:jake or jesse

Answer #22

girls: Jade, Jamie, Jane, Jen or Meadow

boys: Jude (my fav), Jamie, Jack, or Valint

haha I know the last names listed don’t go with the J thing, but I love them anyways!

Answer #23

these are just some names that popped up in my head Boy: Keith,shaun,drake,michael,brandon,james,charlie,Jordan…

Girl: Ericka,Julie,Kristina,Megan,Kaylie,…

Answer #24

Boy : Noah Allen

Girl : Isabella Noel

I also have back ups uncase I had 2 girls or 2 boys

2Boy : William Allen

2Girl : Anabelle Lee

Answer #25

For Eskimo2008…Sniper what the f*ck? lol I don’t really want kids because I’d just f them up , but w/e… girl>Freesia, Tasja,Tasia,Jordan,Luciana,Terezze Blaise,Blaze,Chase,Simeon,Levi,Tino<

Answer #26

alrite I got my list! hehe I want a lot of kids..:} me and my boyfriend came up with these names..

boy;; jasper,junior,aaron,demetri,xavior,jared,gianni girl;;renensmee,nessie,carmen,jade,irina,heidi,rosalie

Answer #27

alrite I got my list! hehe I want a lot of kids..:} me and my boyfriend came up with these names..

boy;; jasper,junior,aaron,demetri,xavior,jared,gianni girl;;renensmee,nessie,carmen,jade,irina,heidi,rosalie

Answer #28

Okay, I’m expecting… I actually want a boy but I have more girl names that I like haha.

Girl :Holly, Emery, Loralei, Riley, Regan

Boy: Aaden and Gabriel

Answer #29

Oh man

Boy - Arthur Gerard

      Harry Thorne

Girl - Emily Elizabeth

      Holly Marie
Answer #30


Answer #31

Boy: Miko, Juan, or Darren

Girl: ???

Answer #32

Boy- Brandon Lucus Landon Chase Girl- Darcy Taryn Kira Tiana

Answer #33

Ella Marie Castellano & Chloey Renee Castellano & Tristan

Answer #34

girl Olivia, Mariska, Kyara, Molly, Carinna, Ericka, Stacia, Shania, boys Nick, David, Shawn, Patrick, Brendon,

Answer #35

If it was a boy:Sean Jamal Byrd,If it was a girl:Nevaeh Destiny Byrd and for those of you who pay attention,Nevaeh is HEAVEN spelled backwards.Now if I had twin boys:DeAndre Jamal Byrd,Jr. and Sean Jamal Byrd.Now if I had twin girls:after the mother Byrd and Krystal Janelle Byrd I have one kid his name is Sean Jamal Byrd,11 years.old

Answer #36

girls - emma , manuela ( man wella ) , darcy , kaytee , katie , cady , kadee , caty , cadee . jessica , pam , courtney , kelly , crystal , denise , celest , melanie , casey , jayden , jadin , jayda , hannah , miley , maranda , kylie , grace , hope , faith , ashlynn , tabitha , brittney , ashley , jamie , lea , jacquline , nancy , samantha , ellie , paige , hazel , terri terry .

boys - peter , connor , victor , john , sean ( my favorite ) , craig , jordan , anderw , jeff , james , dustin , michael , chase , jayden , joseph , good luck !

Answer #37

girls: jorja…ashley…courtney…lucy…alice…lauryn…katie…stephanie…rachel…zoe…elle :D

boys: jamie…scott…jordan…jack…tyler…jake…blaine…martyn…jayden…zack :P

I love these names but I do agree with MCMADDY, because I would have to pratice the name over and over again because if I dont like the name after repeating it, I might not like the name when the baby is born. :D

Answer #38

boy SABEN girl NEVAEH backwards for heaven

Answer #39

I don’t like the Fact that people are harassing other people about their child’s name. Does it really matter? It’s not like they are naming their kids Dorkus..or Apple. Please mind your own buisness. (This is not directed at the Thread creator)

However, this is what I’d name my kids even though I still am one. (:

Boy- David, Zachary, Caleb, or Joel. Girl- Allyson, Kaitlynn, or Sarah.

Full name? Boy- Joel David.. Zachary Caleb

Girl- Sarah Allyson

Answer #40

Girl:Dantria Boy:Anthony

Answer #41

girl: Angel Ahne Logan Boy: Elliot Logan BrownJR girl: kiniyah Ahne Logan Boy: Khristopher-Micheal Sean Logan

Answer #42

Boys: Sniper and Shaden or Blaire or Keifer Girls: Toni Alexia, echo, martica, keetna, luca, or lillian.

Answer #43

My grls names are’ Bryleigh Jene & Raegan Jesalyn

If I ever have a boy I would name him Donivan or Deighton

Answer #44

Boy: Gabriel Chester Damien Girl: Gabriela Jaslene Nicole

Answer #45

Girl- Lauryn, Heather, Victoria, Aarica, Alesia Boy- Chris, David, Kevin

Answer #46

YOUUU!! Kianna Kaylin Byrd, would name your baby boy Meiko. what the f*ck?

Answer #47

Well, since I’m pregnant, I’ve been thinking hard! Boy-Braiden Joseph Girl-Adrianna Colleen or Leia Colleen

Answer #48

if it was a boy shane and a girl hilary

Answer #49

Boy: Logan or Blake

Girl: Stephanie or Lena

Answer #50

Boy: Gabriel, Richard, Charlie, Carlos , Jade

Girl: Gabrielle, Marie, Justina, Rose, Sandrine

Answer #51


Answer #52

boy: mike, david, daniel girl; julia, hanna, sara

Answer #53

Girl:Isabella Boy:Zane

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