Would You Consider This Child Abuse?

I was so upset and livid yesterday about the news report of the two women who hosed down a small children. Yesterday, the mother of the 2 year old toddler turned herself in. She claims the child had a tendency to throw tantrums and usually she would put her child in time out or spray her in the face with water from a spray bottle to calm her down. Apparently, she had to improvise.
No charges are pending! what the fck! I’m sorry but I think what she did was unacceptable and she deserves to received the same treatment she dished out.. It seems to me she was having a tantrum herself. Wah, wah, wah, I can’t take the pressure of being a parent! I say, HOSE the b** down. I say, she abused her child and should be punished. A news reporter was able to peel a skin of a tomato when she used the same hose.

Answer #1

I do agree that it is child abuse and I think the woman should be given counseling.

But I also feel that people are taking away the rights of parents everywhere. My son and I were at the beach once, and he threw a tantrum, the kind that makes you wish the ground would open up and swallow you. I put him in time out, and he ran off, I put him back in timeout 7 times. Finally, I gave upo and used a harness. He was three at the time, and the thing had saved his life before, but the second I put it on him, four different people began making comments and one threatened me with physical harm. I had to leave and make the other kids lose out just because of one child’s behavior. Was my reaction abuse? NO! I was using that harness the same way I did when we went hiking, to prevent my child from injury to himself.

People need to get real. Some of the things people take for child abuse are rediculous. You can no longer spank your child, raise your voice to your child, use a harness, or many other effective parenting techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation since before America became a country.

Answer #2

deal with it I mean she turned herself in. well, yes I guess I would considerate child abbuse. my family got accused for child abbuse for my sister and I being home alone!

Answer #3

absolutely. some people just dont deserve kids.

Answer #4

that hard spraying of a hose is maybe but tomato skin is soft

Answer #5

I rather have people spray there kids with water then hit them or beat them till they cant breath you think thats child abuse then please please please read the book “A child called it” I think it will totally change your out look on kids and mothers its an easy but very good book I do not think spraying you kid with water is abbuse it hink its degrading but not harmful I use to get hit with belts and 3 inch thick peices of wood and yelled at to the point were I was degraded,,, I was made to feel like dirt was more important then I was

so im sorry but she has it good

Answer #6

Firstly, the news reporter using the hose on the tomato- a tomato is not a good replica of human flesh, even a child’s. You want a better substitute, use ballistics gel and liquid latex. A hose may cause bruising, but I doubt it would be as bad for the kid as it would be for a tomato. Think of weight and size ratios, plus, did they factor in how far away the mother was from the child? Soes anyone know how far away she was. Again, we make assumptions, and let the media fill in the blanks with horrific details they assume to be correct. Media give images that shock viewers, it’s about time people woke up to that.

As for hosing the kid down- I’ve been hosed down before, and let me say, it got me to think again about throwing a wobbly. If nothing else, being doused in water made me see how ridiculous I looked. Sure, if it were done in sub zero temperatures, or when it had been snowing, and the child was left to freeze, then maybe I’d see it as a bit worse. But seriously, what is the world coming to? It’s almost like parents can’t even touch their kids anymore without it being called child abuse. It’s almost like the world is on some sort of witch-hunt for child abusers.

I also got a smack across the backside when I was playing up as a kid, and I turned out fine. I don’t have problems with violence, I’m not robbing banks, I’m not suicidal or depressed either. My parents loved me, and they still do. But the embarrassment of having a smack on the backside out in public usually made me behave. My parents were not child abusers, they used behaviour management strategies. While I don’t think I will use smacking as a means of discipline in my children (I’ve learned many techniques in teachers college), I don’t necessarily knock other parents for doing it. I certainly don’t knock the mother don’t basically saying “right- that’s it!”, and going for the hose. It’s not easy to stay patient with a child who is acting up. Sure, parents beating their children is wrong, but a short soft smack on the hand or backside never did me any damage, except maybe to my pride.

Answer #7

at a car wash??wow, thats just embarrassing for the mother.. does she not know that , THAT is not the way to calm a child having a tantrum?? no wonder her child is throwing tantrums, because of the way she is treating him. If she gave it a different approach then maybe the toddler wouldnt be throwing tantrums like that. Children need love, and as a mother, patience should come naturally..

Answer #8

ahaha you made me laugh. I think that is sort of abuse and sort of not.

Answer #9

in respond to confused’s comment, I think that she has a point. my best friends have read the book , “a child called it” and told me about it. it was so unbeleivavly horrible that I almost cried rite there in the hallway. read the book and tell me wut you think, I’ll have 2 get it to read 2

Answer #10

The woman was charged with child abuse but the child will remain with her. They will be getting counselling. I’ve asked around and my hubby had some insight while he was washing his car he wanted to wash the soap off his hands so he used the power washer…one squeeze and he peeled a portion of skin from his thumb. Sue…good luck

Answer #11

some of your comments are disturbing.. comparing this to your own abuses and saying she has it good, justifying hosing a kid down?!?.. there is no justification and abuse even if it is only a level 1 vs a level 10 is still abuse.. spraying a toddler with a high pressure water hose in public is abuse, there is nothing rational in that action by an adult on a minor, even if it isn’t bone breaking it is still cruel punishment. For those of you that experienced abuse on different levels I feel sorry for you but stop comparing this child with yourself and just feel sympathy for the girl.

Answer #12

She was holding her daughter by the arm and spraying her. Pictures can be seen here. http://www.local6.com/news/15505090/detail.html

Answer #13

Dear trouble4u2avoid, Yes, In Canada this is child abuse, In fact I was involved in a similar case several years back and the family was reported for throwing water at a child face. The child was removed from the home. Sue…good luck

Answer #14

Yes I know.. I was watching the news at school and I seen that.. crazy.. and I think its child abuse.. not bad stuff but still.

Answer #15

well looking at the facts that she physically abused her child with a hose she should be charged with abusive behavior torward a child or have her child tooken away…

Answer #16

The kid needs to be taken away. Once it starts it may take a miracle to stop this behavior. What a witch. I can’t believe someone using 1200 psi on anything but a car. I think she needs to be shown how it hurts and have her suffer too. Sorry. I am angry now about this “stuff”. I put my finger in the way at a car wash and man it hurt so bad!

Answer #17

Please, everyone this is considered child abuse. Any intentional pain physical or verbal, any intentional humiliation is considered child abuse. If you and your partner had an argument and your partner hosed you down, threw something at you, called you a nasty you could bring him to court for domestic abuse. Just because I child does not have the knowledge to take you to court does not mean you can inflict this treatment on a child. You can go to jail for these behaviours. Sue…good luck

Answer #18

At first I thought spraying water on the child wasnt much of a child abuse but After reading what trouble4u2avoid has commented I highly consider that action as child abuse. Like confusedx0gurl, I too was hit by belts and was yelled at… >.< But if you want to know what “child abuse” really is then read the book called “the child called “it”. I read that book and it made me cry befor I even finished reading the first chapter lol

Answer #19

This wasn’t an ordinary hose she sprayed her child with…this was a high pressure hose used in car washes…1200 psi of pressure.. The reporter on the news demonstrated how intense the pressure was by peeling the skin of a tomato in a few seconds. I know our skin won’t peel as easily but we are talking about a two year old child…Baby skin

Answer #20

you people are so quick to talk about child abuse and to threw down the law you are all stupid things happen at times yes they are not right but you also have to look at the person and the past has anything happen before I say because of a friend she has a 4 year old and spanked him for bad behavior and her child got took away she was an LPN and ended up with a felony conviction on her record just for spanking her child she had never been in trouble before now what is she going to do her hold life she worked as a nurse now it is hard for her to find a job with the felony conviction on her record not only that she may not get her son back because of people like u

Answer #21

Some people just can’t having kids, end of story. It is child abuse, and she should have thought of the patience and responsibility it took to raise a kid before she lay down with the daddy. Still…it wouldn’t be right to want the lady hosed too. As much as people want to teach her a lesson, isn’t that what she wanted to do with the kid? All that says is that we’re capable of it, too, once we get pushed off the edge.

Answer #22

Hm, my son was three or four and we were having a BBQ, well he got too lazy or whatever to go into to use the bathroom. I was filling the pool and I turned and he was peeing on my wall. You better believe I hosed him down. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Now for the kid having tantrums..it takes some planing to go outside turn the hose on, drag the fitting kid out there and yadda yadda..It sounds pre-meditated and yeah, it’s abusive..mental more than physical I think.

Answer #23

I dont believe it was the right thing to do but sometimes even the most patient parent can have their insane moments. How can a parent lose their child over this though when people who kill people in a car accident can get away with only 3 years in jail. this woman would have to live with this forever. Maybe some parenting classes for toddlers would be better.?

Answer #24

ok she shouldnt have done what she did but I dont think she should be puinshed 4 it I mean c’mon she has 2 live with that memory 4 the rest of her life!!! and thats enough puinshment…right??? now if she keeps doing stuff like that then yeah she should be puinshed and I may only be 13 but I no what im talking about and as of now your just going over board about the whole thing you nee 2 claim down and take a deep breath

Answer #25

Nah that’s not bad, lol im hispanic so I had worse, but I aint complaining, it did turn me into a respectful person even if im a metalhead. And I love my parents!

Answer #26

For the people that do not believe this is child abuse, go down to your local car wash, grab the HIGH PRESSURE HOSE and get someone to hose you down at close range. Who has the right to do this to anyone especially a child that cannot defend itself. What I always ask myself is if people can behave like that in public then what are they doing behind closed doors. Child abuse is a major problem and I cant believe in 2008 people still think only beating a child is abuse.

Answer #27

ahaha you made me laugh. I think that is sort of abuse and sort of not.

Answer #28

1,200 psi that women must be stupped or evil.

Answer #29

hello it was a high power hose it was at a car wash

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