Is it safe to give cereal to a four month old?

My son is almost 4 months old (just a few more days), every single night he is super cranky for about an hour or more. We’ve done everything to calm him down. Everything. He seems like he is really hungry, but he just ate a bottle. We’ve tried giving him another bottle, but he will start to eat it, and then just start screaming again. I know some doctors start 4 months old on cereal, I’m thinking this could be his problem. He’s getting older and it seems like his bottle is just not filling him up, especially at night. I can’t get a callback from his doctor, I’m guessing they are super busy. Did any of you give your baby’s cereal this soon? I’m not saying all day, maybe just like once at nighttime. What kind of cereal did you give them? The type in the box you mix with formula, or the jar kind? I’m still not sure if I’ll do anything until I talk to his doctor, hopefully he’ll call today, my lil man just seems so miserable at night.

Answer #1

My sister used to fill a bottle about a quarter full and pour baby food into it. The Fruit flavored kind. My grandmother does also

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well im not a mum, but I do have 5 siters and they ahve all had cereal at that age like wheatabix its fine as long as you use it with formula milk, or you can buy baby rice in the shops that is a bit like porridge I hope you sort out your problem :)

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dido …colethky…use rice first… love that baby …they grow up too quick!…mine are now 12 & 14…

Answer #4

I’d ground him for being so fussy!

Answer #5

Did anyone do the rice cereal that comes in the jar though? Is there a huge difference? Is one better than the other?

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Thank you so much! It’s my first child so of course I’m a little leary when it comes to giving him new stuff without talking to his doctor. I can’t make him starve though. He get’s so hungry at night. My mother in law gave him the rice cereal that comes in the jar one night. I think that’s what set this off, he got a taste of it and how full it made him, and now he wants more. I’ll have to try the box kind though.

Answer #7

We started our 4 month old on pablum when we noticed the bottle wasn’t satisfying him. As long as they; can hold up their own head, can swallow non liquids without spitting them out, and show ability to chew they are ready. To all those who say they give their 4 month old babies cow’s milk, PLEASE DON’T!! Not only can it lead to milk allergies later in life but to the underdeveloped digestive system of a baby, it can cause internal bleeding and severe stomach problems. Stick with breast milk or formula instead of causing your baby unnecessary harm/pain.

Answer #8

You said that you give him another bottle and he starts to drink it but starts crying? Is it after he finishes or while he is drinking it? If he is cranky while drinking his bottles check his mouth to make sure he doesn’t have thrush,his tounge will be white or yellowish white. it is pain full for a baby to suck. Or he maybe getting a little gas since you say it is only at night.Try giving him a bath before you feed him at night.A warm bath will relax him. My son was 2months when I started mixing cereal in his milk. Make sure to make it watery if needed make a small X split on nipple. I started my son on jar foods at 4months and gradually mixing whole milk in his bottle by 5months I had him off formula and eatting a small jar mixed with cereal and drinking whole milk. Be careful as you begin switching your son so that he doesnt become constipatied. and remember that he is teething at this age and that too can make him cranky at my seem that he is still hungry but the sucking on the bottle feels good to him if it is rubbing against his gum where the tooth is coming in. give him a dose of Baby Tylenol at night before you feed him.It will help him relax and relieve any pain. Good Luck Sweetie.

Answer #9

It’s been a while since I raised a baby, but as I recall, we started mixing cereal with milk at about 4 months. Some people start at 2 months, but that seems too early.

Answer #10


He takes a few sips from the bottle, then stops drinking it. He doesn’t have thrush, he’s had it before, but it was cleared up by now. Gas is not an option either, we have tried giving him gas drops, and he doesn’t seem gasy either. He’s not burping or farting contantly like he usually does when he has gas. He always get’s a bath before his last feeding for the night also. So it’s not that. Thanks for the help though. His doctor called me back finally. He said that he is the age to start eating cereal and that’s what it sounds like he’s is wanting. He said that formula was probley just not filling him up enough now. I talked to him about the box and jar cereals also. He said that really it doesn’t matter which you give him, just with the jar cereal you have to dilute it a little bit and make sure it’s not mixed with fruits. Thank you all though! You helped a lot!

Answer #11

ok give him broken up little cheerios or stuff like that breat feed him do things that you think are best for him

Answer #12

For all of you who mentioned using whole milk with cereal at the age of 2-4 months, that is a BIG NO! You are NOT suppose to give babies milk that is not formula or breast milk before the age of 1 year for allergy reasons. Any doctor will tell you that. By giving them milk before they turn 1 year, they might develop an allergy towards milk.

Answer #13

My sisters started their little ones on pablum around 4 months old. The cereal was the kind in a box that is mixed with formula. Good luck.

Answer #14

I used rice cereal for my kids mixed with formula or breast milk. All 3 of my kids started eating it around 2 months. Our doctor suggested rice cereal as the first one to start them off with (the box kind). When you mix it make sure you keep it kind of watery since at first he will have a hard time eating it…as he gets better eating it then you can make it thicker. I also started them on jarred vegetables when they were 5 months (only once a day).

Answer #15

give him cheerios in some milk. also if he is still hungry after the bottle try giving him some applesauce. I babysit a 4 month old every day and I feed him his bottle and then if he is still cranky I give him some applesauce and he loves it. hope I helped!

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