I read my daughter diary, she found out because I told her,she was writing terrible things in it about herself that she knows it not true, so I confronted her with it, now she hates me, how can I fix this. I love my daughter so much she is 16.

Thanks Carol

Answer #1

I agree with poptart. All teenagers go through rough and emotional patches where they cry and hate themselves and I don’t think you reading her diary helped a lot. Give her time to cool off a bit and then talk to her and never ever hold anything in the diary against her…that will really be looking for trouble.

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First off, you SHOULD NEVER read your daughters diary. That’s private and maybe she didn’t want you knowing those things about her. It’s not any of your business, even if you are her mother. -_- That’s terrible. I’d hate you too.

Answer #3

well its stupid to invade her privacy like that… no offense… but just give her a lil space to cool off and then try talking to her…

Answer #4

first off, you shouldnt have done that. even if you were concerned- you should have confronted HER not HER DIARY!!! A diary is meant to keep PERSONAL things to yourself. I would be very upset with you. the only thing you can to is try taking a day off of work or any other plans you have and spend it with her, with something she enjoys doing. this should get her to open up to you a little more. keep doing it and over time you wont be finding yourself snooping around her.

hope I helped!!

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While reading your daughter’s diary was disrespectful (especially at an age where privacy becomes an issue), there is obviously a self-esteem issue that needs to be addressed. She is probably upset because of the breach of trust, which might make it difficult to talk to her. Ask her to forgive you for reading her diary and then tell her that you love her and that you are concerned. I don’t know what specifically she said about herself, but it might be helpful to make an appointment with a counselor. There may be a bullying problem at school (or some other personal issue), which she may feel more comfortable discussing with an unbiased professional.

Best of luck, Carol.

Answer #6

well in the first place you had no write to read her diary. that is a secret place where she can write down what she feels, and she knows nobody will see. I would hate my mom too because I would feel like she invaded my space. I think that trust is everything, and she probably wont be able to trust you anymore. so her hating you will probably pass. but you brought it on yourself.

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I have read my daughters diary too because I was worried about her and she was hiding things that shouldn’t be hidden.my best advice is to tell her that you were concerned and if she is not going to talk to you about things then yu have to find them out somehow even if it means that you read her diary.she will be mad for awhile but she will get over being mad.you do not need to feel guilty and make it up to her,it was for her pertection.I hope this helped.

Answer #8

okay I am 17 I dont have a diary and my mom gave up trying to go thru my stuff when I stopped caring about secrets and started telling her every thing I did whether it was good or bad. but we hate it when our parents snoop or go through our stuff so what you really need to do is sit down and tell her that you love her , your sorry for going through her diary and you gotta promise her that you wont read it again thats important and then try and sit down and ask her why she would write horrible stuff about herself .thats about the best I got hope I helped some . and good luck!

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Well you read her diary and even if she did wrote horrible things she still has the right to have privacy and if you love her so much tell her your sorry and that you wont do it agian, and if she ask you that how I can believe you when I know your going to do it agian, pleas dont swear tell her the trueth tell her how much you love her and that you will do whatever you can just to make her happy

Answer #10

um I know that you were just trying to be a good mother. but prying in your daughters things is really bad and just upsets her, so why do it?it just makes you mad or sad and her upset. and why would you want to touch HER personal things? do you not trust her? but not myy point to work it out you have to tell her that your not gonna look through all of her things and have a really heart felt talk with her about whatever was in her diary. Tina

Answer #11

im almost POSITIVE that you are who I think you are.. your last name starts with a V and ends in a L right ??

and im sure you know who I am.. well not many ashl”ies” in our town..

so take it from your kids best friend. you shouldnt of read her diary in the first place, but I know people can get a little curious.. so yeaah..

I dont know what to say about what was in there though, like she tells me everything.. so I know her point of view on everything. just let her help herself :) I guess

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The most embarrassing thing EVER is when your mum reads your diary especially when she wants to talk to you about it cringes

its a invasion of privacy I gave up diaries years ago. it was basically like sitting all my family members down and telling them personal stuff about myself.

my mum used to hold it against me when we’d have arguements and its so embarrassing! just let her have her space.

Answer #13

why in the hell would you do that? seriously? there are just things you don’t need to know. wow.

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:O I know who you are… carol… :O

Answer #16

I am 13 years old and I hate it when my mom tries to go through mii stuff so i threw it away shreaded the papers and she read them b4 i did she knows everything and holds it against me but i tell her “So you have never had a diary and you NEVER have done the things you saw like i dont know kiss …………” She looked me in my eyes and said sorry because she did exactly what i did it was nothing serious like doing “IT” but just kissing the boy i liked is something everyone does ONCE in their teens AND the day of the kiss I had just turned 13it was my b day! See I got fired up abput it rite now………..but sit her down and give her a heartfelt sorry

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