7 Month Old - Hitting.

Ok, Noah is 7 months old now, and has started hitting me in the face every time I pick him up. He is constantly hitting me, pinching me, scratching me, pulling my hair, etc. I really am at a loss as to what to do. I tell him no very sternly, but it just makes him laugh at me. Is there anything you can do to make a7 month old understand no, or to stop doing this. I’m sick of getting punched in the eye and mouth - he has quite an arm lol.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone been through this?

Answer #1

don’t be mean about it but give him a little pinch or something everytime he does. that’s what my dad did

Answer #2

Thank you everyone. I’ll definatly be trying some of your suggestions.

Answer #3

babies go through this phase of hitting people and throughtin stuff at you trust me I got a few marks to show it XD well all you do is show that when eva he hits you then you do not like it put him down and leave him there 4 a fe minuites and keep doin it till he eventually stops tell him ‘’NO naughty boy!’’ and when he stops give him little treats and eventually (will take time) he will stop , and see that if he don’t do it he will get treats. also giving a baby a little smack on the hand (not hard!) when he does things wrong is good but I think 7 months is to young 4 that!

Answer #4

Every time he hits you, tell him no in a stern voice, and put him down. He might cry, but that’s good. That means he doesn’t like it, and if you do it enough times he’ll realize that hitting=his unhappiness.

Babies and children are just like animals, and they can associate things like that with repetition.

Answer #5

Oh, sorry if I misunderstood that just sounded horrible. lol.

I’ll have to try something though, he’s left marks on my face from how hard he hits. Thanks for the suggestions.

Answer #6

my kids never did that but I suppose if he is hitting you have to be kinda tough and he will eventually stop

Answer #7

What? Where did that come from? Of course he does not hit me! All little babies go through the hitting stage - this is not something he has seen someone do to me.

Time out just doesn’t sound right to me - he’s still to young to understand what is going on and why mommy left him and walked away. That doesn’t seem right. Sounds like the cry it out method - I dont believe in that.

Answer #8

I never said he hit you in abusive way I ment playfully or on tv.

I dont believe in that method either, but the moment you put them down they will start crying then you will him up then give him a hug & he’ll know not to do it again because mommy loves him. Im not saying justy leave your child all alone like that, im not cruel. Jacob is very playful & hits aswell he has ever since he was 5 months old. So he will eventually grow out of it.

Answer #9

Does he see this behavior anywhere else? Like does your fiance hit you? If he see this he will imitate it. Try putting hin in time out thats what I did with Jacob. Or everytime he hits you put him down eventually he will learn not to do it. Theres not much you can do to a 7 month old..

Answer #10

I would have to say that seven months is old enought to understand. what I would do is when he hits you correct him, put him down and then when you do pick him up if he hits you again then put him down and correct him again, then pick him back up and then (well you get the point) They are smarter then we give them credit for. By doing these repations he will learn that the only way Mommy will hold him is if he does not swing, pull, or scratch anything. If this gets left go and the mind frame is “he will grow out of it” CHANCES are it will get worse or the temper tantraumins will get bigger as he gets older. Don’t miss understand this I am not comparing your son to a dog. But if we can teach a 3,4,5,6,8 week old puppy what we want them to do or not do, we can teach a 7 month old child what is right and what is wrong.

Answer #11

I’m pretty sure every mommy goes through this with their little ones! Like mentioned, he is too young to understand, but he sees that hitting gets a reaction…

Maybe once he’s hit you, correct him and tell him be NICE (take his hand and help him ‘pet/caress’ your face. It will teach him how to touch nicely. Then if he tries hitting you again, tell him to be nice and see if he changes the way he’s touching your face…If that doesn’t work once you’ve done it for a while try this…

Tell him no like you’ve been doing (make sure your face shows disapproval, expressions are very important in teaching a child what’s right and wrong) and also, once you’ve told him no and he continues, don’t show anymore emotion or make any reactions.

Just sit him in a swing or highchair or bouncy seat, whatever he can be left in, hand him a toy(to keep his hands busy) and walk away. Sit a few feet away from him and don’t pay him any mind. I’m sure he’ll try to get your attention, wait a couple minutes, then go back over and pick him up.

If he hits you again show him how to be nice like I said before (having him caress your face), if he still wants to hit, sit him back down and do the same thing. Keep doing it until he decides to ‘play nice’ and once he does, make it a HUGE deal. Clap for him and tell him ‘good job for being nice.

It just sounds like he’s trying to observe your face, but doesn’t know how…or he likes any kind of reaction and knows hitting can get it! lol

My daughter still giggles when I correct her sometimes. When she does, I walk away from her and go into another room to show that I don’t approve…she always follows me then I correct her again and she listens.

This is just a stage, but catching it now can help him learn that hitting isn’t ok. Once he learns now, you won’t have as big of a problem later with hitting other kids and such.

Answer #12

He is learning that he can change your expression by his assaults on your face/head. I think I’d give him a stern No and put him down, crib or playpen.

After a short while I’d pick him back up, guide his hand to your face and show him how to “nicely” explore your face, then continue to play with him or do whatever you choose.

He is in a learning mode. He is not trying to hurt you. Those are just his methods of exploration, action and reaction.

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