Spoiled 3 year old

Well now im kickin myself in the butt!!!I have a 3 year old son who is compleatly spoiled and I have never disaplined him!!!now that my $ situation is getting a little rough I cant spoil him as much so now hes going out of control he screams and cries through stores till I spend my last $5 bucks on a toy for him what am I going to do???and he tell me to shut up and some more what am I going to do???

Answer #1

I dont want anyone to think that I BEAT my kid OH GOD he doesnt even know what its like to be sent to his room I just had a ? SORRY if anybody got the wrong impression I just need a little advise from someone elses point of view

Answer #2

what if you are babysitting her and if she doesnt get her away so scarms and yells and hits her head on the floor

Answer #3

My parents never spanked me or anything like that.

They taught us to behave with rewards and privledges getting taken away. Just know that there is a way to dicipline your kids without spanking or violence.

Answer #4

if he has a screaming fit in the store because you wont buy him a toy grab his hand and march him out of the store and sit him in the car and tell him off wait until he apolagizes then take him back into the store repeat if it keeps on happening

Answer #5

Wtf! Spanking your kids is totally out of the question! Especially I bet the person who asked this question couldnt do that. My god, I like the answer “Mandyboo” gave :)

Answer #6

I don’t think that beating your kids is the only way to get them to do what they need to and act the way they should but when they’re young I think it is the most direct way of punishment. A 3yr old’ll forget why they’re grounded from something quicker than why they’re getting spanked for something. I AM AGAINST CHILD ABUSE and think that if a parent even does anything questionable that it’s wrong … but younger children’ll remember who’s in charge easyer by knowing who’ll spank them when they do something bad. As a child grows older a parent should rely more on the grounding due to the fact that he or she knows what they did wrong.

Answer #7

Your the parent - take charge and dicipline him. Dont give in if he cries and throws a hissy fit. All you are teaching him is that, when he screams and cries, mommy gives him whatever he wants.

Take away toys, take away privledges, change his bedtime, whatever it takes for him to realize you are the mommy and he has to listen to you.

If you acts up in the store, DO NOT buy him something. You are teaching him that it is OK to behave like that by rewarding his behavior. If you can, leave the store, sit in the car and tell him that you are not going anywhere until he can behave like a big boy.

Reward him when he is acting good or doing something good.

Answer #8

beating your kids is NOT the way to go, my dad used to hit me and its horrible its not nice for the child or the parent unless the parent enjoys beating little children up. from my experiance I have horrible vivid memories of my dad coming upstairs with a stick and me knowing whats coming its just not nice. I just suggest you ignore them it really does work and put them in their room for about half an hour try watching nanny 911 that works aswell its all on youtube so just search it its really great and hang in there and DONT let your kid be spoiled= BAD teenager if he is bad now hes going to be 10x worse :) hang in there

Answer #9

Well I would like to think that I’m a good kid aside from talking back.and my mother has always disciplined me.it would be best to discipline him by beating him.not to hard but enough to make him realize what hes done.now if he is still like that when he gets older you ight want to ground him from talking on the phone no more computer no going outside make him clean or something that is one thing most children HATE!!!(trust me I know!!! lol)

Answer #10

Don NOT hit your kids! I think its wrong to hit kids like maybe a little smack when they got out of hand but not a real major spanking,I don’t think that does anything but make them fear and hate u! Just put him on punishment or maybe pull him by the ear or tell him if he doesn’t stop crying your gunna take the toys he DOES have away. But just don’t spanking him,he’s to young and that’s just not what you shud do.Maybe a little smack when he gives you lip but not spanking.

Answer #11

gossipqueen: mandyloo hit the nail on the head. Never reward bad behavior! The more your son cries the less he should get. The only reason your son should get a reward when you are shopping is because he behaves well the whole time.

There is no shortcut. It takes a long time and a lot of patience to teach kids how to behave. As stubborn as toddlers can be you have to be even more steadfast. Believe you me it is going to be tough but every time you give in it will make your task that much harder.

Answer #12

dont let your kid boss you around as difficult as it is you have to stand by your own word, by spoiling him he wont show you disrespect, people do actually understand what kids are like in the stores and because hes so young people accept and dont make yourself feel like doodoo because of it and im sure you had your fair share of temper tantrums and me :), either dont take him anymore. dont be a push over your the daddy hes the 3 year old :)

Answer #13

spanking does do your child good when there younger though , when you grow older it is best to take away privledges. but I woud only slap my kids in the hand or but. you spoiled the kid, now its all coming back to you right? meanwhile you were just trying to do good for him. although you may feel proud about it at the time while he thanks you and hugs you but what he recieves is what he expects now. so I would have to say spend more time doing phsical activities and do stuff that lets him have fun without anymoney

Answer #14

BEAT YOUR KIDS!! not to the point of child abuse haha but I’m serious my parents are Portuguese and lemme tell you there was none of that talking back or screaming at my parents they would whoop our asses lolz and beleive me we thank them for it because we respect our parents and others now, I dont say actually hit a 3 year old but pull his ears sideburns wtv you’ll thank me for it someday ;) good luck

also listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn5jlrxcpkI

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