What do you think are the dumbest child names?

I know this guy. His last name is ‘Weed’. Can anyone guess what he gave the kid for a first name? ;p And no Im not kidding, this actually happened. , but please answer the actual title to the question too.

Answer #1

Did he name him Smoke? Celebrities are the worst baby namer’s. Moon unit and Dweezel Zappa are the first to come to mind. (brother & sister).

Answer #2

Sunday Rose

Answer #3

bob bobby oleg(my dads name) Abcde, EPSN,Orangello and Lemongello, Nevaeh, Xy, Shi’thead

ya those are real names acual real names

Answer #4

Really anything that celebrities name their children. I mean, how are these kids ever going to grow up and get jobs with names like ‘Blanket’, ‘Suri’, ‘Sunday Rose’ ? They can’t live off mommy and daddy’s money forever. I hate to think of what Lady Gaga’s childs name will be. :(

Answer #5

omgee i hope lady gaga doesnt have a kid that will be bad o.O

Answer #6

f*cking. awesome. end of story.

Answer #7

Abcde pronounced “Absiday” is by far the worst name I’ve heard. -_-

Answer #8

these children are never going to have ‘normal’ lives anyway, regardless of their names. sadly what their parents fail to recognise is by naming them something unordinary is it just makes them look ridiculous.

Answer #9

Boogie Forrest ……. Some parents are just plain clueless that the kid is going to enter school, be introduced to a classroom,,,,and kids can be cruel when they are given that kind of material to work with.

Answer #10


Answer #11

in england ‘tristan’ is not a dumb name by the way.

Answer #12

Bruce, Roger, Frank, Harper Seven (Damnit Beckhams thats borders on child abuse)

Answer #13

I don’t live in England, so I didn’t know lol. But I know a girl who named her son Tristian. I don’t like that name at all. I personally think it’s quite dumb.

Answer #14

so… tristan is not a dumb name, it’s about the person someone associated it to??

this is about the name… not the ‘gender’ it was associated to!

Answer #15

? No? What is your problem? Lmao. I said I think the name is dumb. Where did I say it’s about gender?

Answer #16

i think you need to re-read what was written, i don’t believe i came off offensive? and as an English woman, my sons dad is called Tristan.. and i wasn’t defensive.. R E L A X!

Answer #17

The worst name I ever encountered was a woman named “Rosalind Wurm”… “Rosalind” is quite a normal name, in the grandma-generation over here, and “Wurm”… well you can’t pick your last name… But “rosa Lindwurm” means pink lindworm in my language.

Answer #18

I should relax? No. I think you should. I never said anything about the gender in which the name belonged. All I said is that I think Tristian is a dumb name. I never said ANYTHING about the gender.

Answer #19

I think the name is dumb…and i live in England.

Answer #20

i think, that in all honesty, that you shouldn’t be so critical! it is a name regarldess of gender that is recognised as one, despite baby books and suck like..

quote ‘ I don’t like that name at all. I personally think it’s quite dumb.’ most names mentioned are not in a ‘baby book of names’ Tristan is.. however it is normally associated with males. your issues was, was it not? with it being given to a female??

you seem quite ignorant to alternative cultures in my opinion!

Answer #21

yes but, you haven’t hit puberty yet love!

Answer #22

Lol I actually really like one of thoses.

Answer #23

Oh my God. This question is about what do we think dumb baby names are. I answered with my opinion. If you don’t agree with me, I really don’t care. I’m not going to be immature and comment on your posts and cause problems. I don’t care if the name is given to a male or a female. I still think the name is dumb. You’re so immature. Act like a grown lady, not a 12 year old.

Answer #24

Yep. The kids name is Smoke weed.

Answer #25

Wait…what’s puberty got to do with not liking the name Tristian? even when I’m old and grey still probably gonna think it’s dumb.

Answer #26

which one lol

Answer #27

LOL. Speaking of worst “last names” ….A more years then I care to count, worked in the Credit Dept of a retail store. I had to take the information from the customer. Their last name was Bluefart (ID confirmed it). I deserved an oscar in my ability to keep a straight face.

Answer #28

Neveah haha. I know two kids with the name lol.

Answer #29

lol the name is heaven backwards some couple named their kid that because of that lol

Answer #30

it’s about maturity… and the term ‘it’s dumb’ is reserved for the under 18\s’ in general!

OMG that soo dumb.. really??

Answer #31

Okay. If you are gonna be immature then go funmail eachother. And to sootica, ‘dumb’ isnt a immature word. Thats the lamest comeback Ive ever heard.

Answer #32

Our former family doctor’s first name was Payne.

And my stepbrother had a classmate named Candy Kane.

And when my older brother was a kid, he used to look through the phone book for funny names; his favorite was Harry Armpythe (which he always pronounced as Hairy Armpits).


Answer #33

fpr a 14 year old,. i thought you would have understood the expression ‘really’ more!!!

and my main point is that no one should be judged by a name, hencd my other comment??? so read forth my young one!!!

Answer #34

and ‘dumb’ is a very immature word. ‘dumb’ means for one who\ ‘cannot talk’ i think this site demonstrates that one can without words.

Answer #35

I’m very aware of my age, thank you. Just because someone is older than me doesn’t mean Im not going to say anything. Just because I’m young doesnt mean I havent learned anything. I asked a question, and this girl gave her opinion like shes supposed to. You disagreed with her, obviously. But your carrying it out way too far and making it a much bigger deal then it needs to be. It is her opinion and you should respect that. And no where did she say anything about judging a person for their name or how its related to their gender, so I dont know where your coming from.

Answer #36

fine, reprt me, but i take great offence at someone being rude about a name… because as it was stated, it is more commonly used for male than females.

in fact, i find it ignorant and offensive, and i troubles me, that my son uses this site lately and he has now seen and questions the gender of his fathers name.

so maybe??? possibly you should consider that me standing up for a name, which all i said was not an uncommon name, is now something that has troubled my son?

so excuse me for thinking and defending my sons dads name!

Answer #37

We are not attacking his name. Were not saying that every living person on this planet says its dumb, or that its meant for a certain gender. Im sorry if any of us offended you, but I dont think anyone meant to. I know there are some people out there who think my name is stupid, but I really dont care. And she wasnt being rude about a name, she just doesnt like the name.

Answer #38

…. facepalm

Answer #39

Sooitca, after seeing all your posts today, I am amazed at how old you are. You’re almost as old as my Mom, and I can assure you that she would never act like this about such absurd topics. And your supposed to be an advisor? Shame.

Answer #40

Every name becomes the person. I can’t think of a dumber name for a rock band than The Police but the band was awesome so the name became awesome. As far as dumb names go; the Palins have to take the cake: Track, Trig, and Piper. Willow and Bristol aren’t bad though. If one of the oddly named Palins makes a name for themselves than they will save the name. I’m not crazy about combined names. E.g. Dad Charles, mom Elane becomes daughter Charlane. Other names that bug me are misspelled ones. For example; Zoe is a classical name; Greek for Life. Since the name Zoe hasn’t been popular in decades a lot of people don’t realize it is pronounced to rhyme with Chloe rather than with Joe. Now some spell it Zoey, Zoee Zooey, Zoie etc.

Answer #41

I knew a guy in the Air Force named Kirk Cool. One day I asked as a joke if he had a brother named Joe. He produced a high school year book and proved that he did.

Answer #42

Audio Science. What the hell? Also, some idiot in my country tried to call their child 4real or something stupid. Luckily the goverment wouldnt let them.

Answer #43

I won’t say it’s dumb, it may be the norm for other countries … but it is a pet peeve of mine when people insist on identifying themselves with like all their names including ancestory….first, middle, and a half dozen last names and they insist they all be used. In the US anyway, most application forms only allow for so many letters in a line….. not the alphabet 3 times over.

Answer #44

Lmao wow sooitca isn’t just crazy when she posts on my questions. Btw sooitca I hope you know she said she knows A GIRL who NAMED HER SON that name…..man you call others ignorant yet your lecturing children about things they didn’t do take a chill pill.

Answer #45

Not really. I have a name that you can’t find in other places. You talk about offensive….how do you think people feel after what you just wrote sooitca. I think my mom looks fabulous and looked even better after coming up with my name thank you. And I feel the same way about my childs name as well.

Answer #46

SapphireDiamond Marie……was a girl in school who was a MEGA b1tch.

Answer #47

xaiver, Nello, Gramson, Teeter, Heeley, Fuchiwui

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