How do I stop gettin brudy for a child?

Im 15 years old and I want a baby My mum is saying im mad and if I have one she will kick me out But I dont see the problem my sister got pregnant and it was an accident and she got to keep it I find that very unfair And another thing is I wont get pregnant cz im not capable to go thru the pain I want to foster or adopt one and I have to be 18 but I want one now What can I do to stop getting brudy Please help me!

Answer #1

I understand your urge but honestly its not a good idea. I was 15 when I got pregnant and had my son at 16. I didnt want to have an abortion & couldnt bare the thought of giving him away so I stepped up and did what I had to as a mother. I love my son to death and I would never change not having him but I wish that I had waited, thinking its all fun and games or it would be that hard or I’ve babysat doesnt compare to what its like when you have your own child, you can say your ready and your ok with giving up your own childhood for it but if you do you stupid, we only get to be children once, teenagers and be able to enjoy it without having to worry. Enjoy it while you can, embrace the oppertunitys that are given to you, have fun with your friends, go to parties, fall in love, you have lots of time to have a baby. Find someone who loves you and loves you back and bring a baby into the world with joy. You may have heard this time and time again but seriously, Im 24 years old now and I look back I’ve missed out on so much having my son so young. I’ve gained lots but I never had the time I needed to grow up and learn what I really needed to, the way I should have. It breaks my heart seeing young women strive for something like this instead of an education,and wanting more for themselves , wouldnt you rather bring a baby into this world when you can financially support it, im gonna tell you this now, love isnt all you need.. That baby will need food, diapers, meds when sick, cloths, & the older they get the more it costs, school cloths, snacks, picture day, lunch days, school activities, the list goes on..Think about yourself and bettering yourself so that you can be a good parent when your older and its the right time. Dont waste your teenage years changing diapers. If you have any brains in your body you will seriously consider what im telling you, dont take for granted what you already have. I wish you luck & hopefully you make the right choice, the respossible choice

Answer #2

my sister had a baby at 19 and she’s struggling now so I woudnt jump into things yet I understand how you feel I cant wait to have a baby because I’m lonely I have a boyfriend and all but thats about it I dont have my family were I live and my friends are all in 2 other states but I want something to take care of and to be completely responsible for but a baby isnt the answer because it costs sooo much

hospital bills day care formula and food diapers clothes bottles bibs little socks and shoes and thats just the first 3 years

when they get into school you gotta buy

school clothes supplies give them lunch money they’ll have friends and they will wanna go to the movies with them and things like that

a child = EXPENSIVE

im 18 and I want a baby but im definately waiting because my job wont support me and a baby

and what ever job you may have could only be part time unless you dropped out of school and that probably wont support you and a baby

srry hun I suggest you wait

Answer #3

I’m 14, and I sometimes feel like I want a baby, but I play with dolls a lot, and it makes me feel like a mother. So, take my advice and get a doll. save the real kids for when you’re in your 20’s-30’s and are married!

Answer #4

um I had 3 kids and taking care of them is hard so maybe you should help your sister with her kid till your old enough or ready for a baby because at your age having a baby takes a lot of time and money I had to work tw jobs and the kids are more mature then my boyfriend sometimes so you have to get a guy to help (unless you want to be a single mom) look guess get a puppy if nothing I just wrote makes sense because having a kid takes a lot and you probaly would like to go to parties but guess what you cant unless you take the baby with you.

Answer #5

mate you dont want a baby yet I am 20 I have a step son that 15 and a wee boy that coming up for six I love both to bit I had no choice but to have my wee boy mate you have to grow up very fast if you have a baby you petty much give up your life

Answer #6

Oh brother…

Hi there baby girl…umm..I don’t know if the maternal insticts are kicking in too early…but I want you to know…children are not candy…you don’t have one everytime you feel like it…

First you sit down…you calculate the costs of birth,of child care,of education,…all that…

having a child is the most unselfsih thing to do…because once you have them…your life is not going to be JUST about you…every decision you make is going to be about them also…

okay there’s a reason people wait till they’re old enough and ready to handle the world before the have children…okay you rushing things isn’t going to make things better for yourself or your baby…

Like I always say to overzealous maternal teenagers…all in good time…all in good time…

Answer #7

go to a big brothers big sisters program

Answer #8

Hey hun, I was in your shoes before I am now 24 but when I was your age I acked for a child. I have no children now and am so thankful for that. Because if I would have had one at that age I would be so lost right now. The guys I was with would not even be around I would be a single mother and have an almost 10year old. There is so much to accoplish in life before you have children. Some people have them younge and still turn out ok but they will tell you it wasnt easy and they probably arent where they really wanna be. Maybe before having a child you should ask your self a few questions…

1: Why do I want a child is it for myself or for the baby? Am I missing love some where? Am I trying to make someone love me? 2: Would I be able to live alone and support my child by myself? Most states you wont be able to live alone until your 18 and most states you cant drive alone until your 18 now. So how would you get to and from work, school and daycare. 3: Are you willing to be away from your child for a good 14hours a day and let some one else raise it? Becasue thats what will happen, You will be in school from 730am-3pm then right from school is work from about 4pm-9pm. So the baby will be in daycare and you wont even be raising it. 4:With my job will I be able to afford daycare, rent, cable, internet, diapers, electric, phone, car insurance, a car, gas for the car, food, bottles, clothes for me and my child, wipes, formula, medicine, drs visits, dentists, eye drs, toilet paper, napkins, dishes, laundry, a computor, a tv, a crib, balnkets, a bed, dresser, carseat, stroller, ect. All of these things that we dont realize we will need when we are 15 because I think oh thats what a baby shower is for or thats what my parents are for. But honestly your parents arent the ones who wanted a baby you are so its now your reposnsiblity to care for it. Also yea you could use state help such as food stamps, childcare costs, health insurance. But trust me its not worth it. I run a full time daycare and watch these parents struggle everyday. They are on state and they still have to pay some out of pocket. Its not cheap. and its really sad. 5: are you willing to raise this child alone because 99% chance the father wont stick around and if he is in that 1chance bracket good for him. 6: Ask your self most importantly do you love yourself. becasue for you to want a child at such a younge age means that your missing love some where either from your self or from family. and maybe going to see a councle would help and help you to find your self. 7: would you be willing to giev up hanging out with friends and shopping for your self and just being a kid. 8: Expenses… rent $700 for a 2br aprox., cable/internet:$100, Eletric: $60, phone $60, food $200, gas for the car: $100, insurance for the car: $100, micelaneous: $200. Its not cheap really think about it before you make a HUGE MISTAKE. and not saying kids are mistakes but your a kid your self and your not ready. I am so thankful I dont have children right now because if I did I serisouly would be lost. These are all things I never thought about as a child I always took it forgranted. But Im glad I had the chance to be a child and not have children and I am glad I dont have one now. If you wanna talk or need advice send me a email… I really hope this helps and makes you think before you have a child…

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