Low-Jacking Your Children

IF the option was available to put a chip into your children (like under the skin) to track them would you? This chip wouldnt be harmful in anyway, but you would be able to track them until they were 18, when they could legally get it removed.

Answer #1

I would say yes to a sertant extent incase for kidnapping or lost or whatever but knowing were they are every sec. is an invasion of privacy but I wouldnt put it in my kid I would learn to trust them not to dumb things

Answer #2

Yes but it would have to be taken out at 18 so they can have their privacy in adulthood.

Answer #3

no I dont think it would be a good idea if you cant keep up wid ure children on ure own then you dont really need them

Answer #4

we were talking about this in my sociology class last week. I think the idea is good, but how long would it take the kidnappers and teens to find a way to disable it? or even worse, a kidnapper could cut it out of a child or a teen could cut it out of themselves.

Answer #5

I would love to be able to do that to my 3 kids. Not so I can know every little place they go to when they are teenagers but so that if someone were to kidnap them then I would be able to find them.

Most teenagers will say no but when you have children and are faced with the very real threat of some sick pervert taking them…you’ll do whatever you have to to protect them.

Answer #6


Answer #7

Yeah that would be a great idea definately I’m all for it :)

Answer #8

I think it would be a great idea. if it causes no harm, no harm done. if a parent says their child can’t go somewhere (knowing it’s for their own good) then it’s best to have it. there’s tons of reasons children should have them. if this was to begin or if it would’ve began a long time ago, America would probably be a tolerable place cause I can’t stand it here. :(

Answer #9

yea I would totally do it if it was for my childs safety…but I dont think I would tell them about it just to make them think im not watching them but I always am watching and they dont know how…hehe

Answer #10

I think it really would save a lot of lives. There would probably be less kidnapping too because they know they’d find the kid. =)

Answer #11

I guess my point is - as a teenager you are supposed to obey your parents anyways. So if you are where you are supposed to be - what does it matter if your parents can see where you are. This isn’t about snooping on your children - it’s about protecting them.

Answer #12

I wouldnt because I would keep my children by me a lot!! I always stuck by mom and I never got kidnapped because she told me about those things when I was very little and to watch out for it!! if your kid is smart enough it will listen!! lol

Answer #13

hell no thats just crazy =/ never never never

Answer #14

absolutly not!!!

Answer #15

Mandyloo…I agree. When I was a teenager I would of hated for my parents to know my every step (they would of also hated to know) but as a parent I feel like I have the right to PROTECT my children…not invade their privacy. I do not think this should be used to make sure your teenager is at the dance he/she told you they were going to but to find them after the dance when they are 3 hours late and you can’t call anyone else and you’re really worried. I think this would be great for kids if they are kidnapped (and it does happen more than 1 in a million times). It should be used as a tool, not a weapon.

Answer #16

mommaof3soon2be, WOW! Takes some gull to say that kids wouldnt get kidnapped if parents would watch their kids like “good parents” So, every child that has ever been kidnapped, murdered, raped or anything else bad that happens to them, its because the parent wasnt a “good Parent”? Parents cant be around their kids 24/7…not possible!

Answer #17

No. That is ridiculous. Any parent who does that is cruel. Kids can get cell phones if they get kidnapped. Have them check in with you not put a chip in them. If you are doing this to your little guy think twice.

Answer #18

I agree, I think that would be a good idea in case they are kidnapped, lost or ran away.

Answer #19

Guys…it’s not an invasion of privacy… If you think it is, you don’t understand how the technology works.

It’s not like it comes with tracking software for your personal computer. Parents COULD NOT “look up” where their child is at any given moment.

Answer #20

I posted early and just read more of these post, for me this would not be sick, IF this is how it worked. Like a MICROCHIP you put in your pets, NOT a tracking device. Just a simple chip that had your identification on it and who you are and who your parents are. There are thousands of people who end up missing everyday, If we had this feature and our child was missing any time they went to a doctor, hospital or school they could read these chips and make sure it matches with the person who claims to be there parent. What was that boys Name that was missing all these years and just got back with his parents? Had he been chipped any time he went to the dentist, doctor, hospital, school he may have been found a lot quicker,

Now if you go a little adviced it would be nice to have the GPS on the chip and only the police could activate upon Amber Alert.

Cons— would Kidnappers try and cut this out of the back of the childs neck. Yes Probably.
Anyone ever seen borne Idenitiy? He had a chip in the back of his neck that he dug out himself. Any who, if we ever get to this I think it is a parents personal choice and when that child turns 18 it would be up to them what to do about the chip. You never know where the future may take us. I would hope not to have so many sickos in the world but just seems to be getting worse as time goes by.

Answer #21

How am I a hyprocrite - I think you are misusing this word.

Yes, I do remember what it was like to be a teenager. I also remember all the things I did, all the time I could have been killed or kidnapped because of stupid choices, all the times I ran away to different cities to party with guys I barely knew, all the times I lied to my parents about where I was, all the times I was on drugs and out of my mind, I could keep going on and on.

I understand that as a teenager you want your privacy. Believe me I do. I remember. I also know what can happen when a teenager has too much privacy - such as myself. I turned out to be a homeless drug addict and a rape victim. That is not something I want for my children at all.

I’m not saying that with this chip parents should track their children’s every move. I am saying that it would be nice to be able to find your children when you are worried about them. Like when they don’t come home, when they are 2 hours late for curfew, when you have a bad feeling.

I know both sides of this now that I am a mother myself. I would do anything to protect my son, even this.

Answer #22

I agree with jamminlexie.

To me this is would be a huge invasion of privacy. I get the idea of protecting your child from dangers and maybe for a child up to 10 years old, but older that that I would say NO. Even children need privacy and I would never do that to any child.

I know it’s the parents responsibility to protect their children, but knowing the exact whereabouts of your children 24 hours of the day seems a bit obsessive to me. Like jammin above said, if its activated just in case of emergencies, maybe.

Answer #23

OHHH common, this honestly upsets me that so many people would want to put a chip into their kid. give the child a life for goodness sake…I would never implant a chip into my child. The ONLY way I would allow that, would be if the plant was implanted in the child and it was only activated ( meaning you can only access the where-abouts) when the POLICE are looking for the child, or the child came up “missing”. Other than that reason…would you have wanted one in your body when you were that age? NO. you wouldn’t have…I really do think it’s an invasion of privacy. But I also agree iwth dl03081990…if they’re willing to kidnap/rape the person, they’re willing to cover it up…

Answer #24

I say yes, a microchip is just to indentify who someone is. Example a man was on Oprah a couple of weeks about he is about in his 40”s he was found behind a Burger King dumpster naked and beaten to a pulp, He has no idea who he is or where he came from. Now with saying that, if he was microchipped then the cops would know who he was, where he came from and would be able to tell his family he is alive. This is just for Identifaction purpose only, not Tracking. There is nothing sick about it.

Answer #25

“But, what are the chances of that if you watch your kid like a good parent.”

You can watch your kid like a hawk - and something bad can still happen to them. It does not matter. Kids find ways of getting around you, getting into trouble, sneaking out, etc. There is no possible way for you to have an eye on them 24-7. Kids get kidnapped from schools - are you going to go to school with them? Kids get kidnapped from their beds - are you going to sleep with them until they turn 18? What about kids who run away from home? They do it when your not looking - wouldn’t you like to be able to find them and not worry for months whether they are dead or alive?

Answer #26

Just to give you my perspective:

I would vote yes for this chip for numerous reason’s. -Kidnapping - the children could be found so much easier -Teenagers - parents DO have the right to know where they are and what they are doing - because they are their parents responsiblity until they are 18 years old and anything they do as a minor could fall back on the parents. -It could save your children’s lives - by finding them before something bad happens.

Answer #27

I think it would be fine for little kids…but by the time they are twelve it should be takin out! because yea there is kiddnapping and stuff (but if your kids are smart they will know to stay by you so that wont happen…and yea teenagers mite need it for protection..but not all things they do that would get them in trouble are dangerous…like when I was 13 I snuck out of my house to meet the neighbor boy..we made out but never anything more..I knew I was safe, but if they would of found out they would of killed me!…thats just it, some parts of teenagers lives need to be private..

my thoughts **

Answer #28

Omg Having A Chip In A Child! I Have NeverKnew You Could Do That ! And Its Just Wrong. I Wouldnt Want A Frigging Chip In Me So My Mum Knew Were I Was! Thats Just Horrible. I Know You Want To Make Sure Your Kid Is Safe But For God Sake A Chip In A Child ! As Long As You Know Were Abouts Your Child Is And They Have A Mobile On Them Incase Of Emergency.Then There Aint No Need For A Chip

Answer #29

It is a horrible and sick idea! Everyone is entitled to their privacy and chips just take that away. Me as a teenager enjoy having a sense of privacy in my life, if I were to have a tracking chip under my skin, I would never be able to rest easily outside of my house, knowing that my parents were watching me.

If you are thinking of getting a chip for your child, I would strongly urge you not to.

Answer #30

I’m undecided on this one. In younger children I would probably say yes. Parents deserve to know were they are. The kidnapping thing though- how many children get kidnapped? 1 in a million?

I would say it would need to get stopped at about the age of 14/15. 18 is way too old. I think by my age your responsible enough without having your mum knowing your every step.

Answer #31

It’s a good idea, and it’s not an invasion of privacy, because it’s not like the parents would have a map with a little icon on it that showed the location of the person.

Likely, it would be accessed in case of emergency by the police.

Answer #32

im a 13 year old, and if my parents ever did that to me, I’d feel like I had NO privacy what-so-ever. its important for us teenagers to have some privacy. it would be such an awful thing to do to a child.

Answer #33

and mandyloo, no hard feelings but it seems like your a slight of a hypocrite on this topic.

dont you remember what it was like to be a teenager? wouldnt you be angered at the thought of some tracking device in you?

im sure you understand.

Answer #34

I think it would be a wonderful idea- one more element of protection against the sickos in this world.

but then the underlying statement to the child could be- “you are my property” which could be a valid argument against it.

if it came up for a vote- I would vote for it.

Answer #35

yeahh I dont have a child but if they got kidnapped youd know where they are and if they died youd know where the bodyy is.

Answer #36

yes and no./

yes because of the kidnapping issiue, but no because it’s an invasion of privacy. I would feel wierd witha chip in me knowing that I was being tracked all the time

Answer #37

As a parent of a 9 and 3 yr old, I would have to say no. I did’t want my mom knowing what I did when I was younger. So, my kids will probably feel the same way. They will have to live and learn like I did.

Answer #38

I see both point of views on this subject. I understand it is more of a safety tool if a child was to be kidknapped, but we have our rights too and I personally think thats a littl too controlling for a parent to be able to do.

respect kids, we arent robots.

Answer #39

“Kids can get cell phones if they get kidnapped”

Yes, because I’m sure the kidnappers would leave a cellphone on them and allow them to use them. Think about that for a second.

Answer #40

OK, let’s put it this way. Yeah, it would be nice to know where your child is if your kid got kidnapped. But, what are the chances of that if you watch your kid like a good parent. I think children need privacy. I like that you ask questions like this they are really interesting to see peoples’ opinion on stuff like this.

Answer #41

It’s one of those moral things, and what you believe in. I mean, heck, it would be great for reasons that it would help find your kid if he/she was kidnapped but it’s whether or not you abuse that and invade their privacy. I mean, my sister says they’re teenagers, they have no privacy. But really, if you want a thing with your kid, you need to be there but know when to let them handle it or have their own time to think & not control it. Also, it’s kind of creepy and they’d probably feel overwhelmed. I have no idea if I’d do it to my kid.. Maybe if there was a way to only activate it when they’re in danger, I dunno. D:

but great question.(:

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