Suggestions for birthday gifts for a four year old boy?

My younger son is turning four in the next ten days, we’re having a party for him next week. While I have asked him - many times! - what he’d like for his birthday, he keeps saying on the same one or two things. Usually, his older brother (my two sons are 17 months apart) is very good about being upfront with what he wants. It seems that my younger one is less materialistic, though.

Any suggestions for birthday gifts for a four year old? He’s interested in lots of stuff, and I’d like to get him something educational. Legos maybe? Problem is, at four he’s still using those duplo ones, which don’t have much variety to them. Any ideas welcome - thanks.

Answer #1

trucks..definatly trucks

Answer #2

cars, my cousin’s four, and he LOVES cars!!

Answer #3

Hi i have the same problem my son as told me he wants a Barbie doll but my husband does’nt want him to have one , as he is getting older and wants him to start and have boys toys, so i don’t have a clue what to get him as he only plays with his older sisters toys.

Answer #4

Our boys are just turning 4 the beginning of Feb. (we have identical triplets) and we gave them each a Leapster for Christmas this year (2007). Before that, they continuously snuck off with their big sisters Leapster and she was always getting mad. We bought hers last year for her 4th birthday as well. Now, all the kids have their own and our house is PEACEFUL!!! They can go anywhere, GREAT in the car! Kids love them and they are quiet…not to mention the fact that the kids are always learning something on them! MANY games to buy for them also…they get the cartridges for holidays and special occasions. Good luck…hope this helps! :)

Answer #5

well get him a toy car

Answer #6

Books, cars, trucks, puzzles, lego, games,

Answer #7

try toy trucks, I know a 5 year old who LOVES 2 things—Buzz Lightyear and Linkin Park! CRAZY HUH?

Answer #8

When my son was turning four I asked my family and friends to just give money. I then spent the money on a well constructed swing set and jungle gym with all the works. It has a climbing wall, a cabin , two swings, tetter-totter, sanbox and monkey bars. I know some of that wasn’t used the first year but it a gift that keeps on giving. As he grew he used more and more of the parts and absolutly loves the set. He even uses it in the winter with all the snow around it. It was a little pricey but with the money from his birthday it wasn’t to bad.

Answer #9

My kids are 7, 6, and my son is turning four. Each of them got a Nintendo DS for their birthday and my 4 year old constantly steals theirs so he is getting one for his birthday in blue; theirs is pink. They have a lot of fun DS games for the 4 year old believe it or not. I got my son a Dinosaur game, A storytelling game, and Diego Rescue. It’s like a bunch of toys in one handheld piece. Best gift I’ve found yet.

Answer #10

You could get him and his brother a wii to share ,

as it will help with like sports and you cn do brain games on it, Or loads of little games like cars , lego , painting brushes , colouring books stuff like that. I hope he has a nice birthday.x

Answer #11

Buy him some sort of toy. Kids that age will always love toys no matter what they are. And try aiming for a fun educational one as well. Like some sort of book that also has sounds. Kids love that.

Answer #12


Answer #13

I have a son who is turning 4 as well. For Christmas we got him a V-Tech notebook. Even tho it said for 5 and up he is learning to use the lap top at amazing speed. It has 80 learning games that are teaching him numbers, letters and basic spanish. It comes with 2 slip in disks with more stories. It makes him feel growen up to have a lap top like his Mom. Has played with it every day sense Christmas. For his Birthday I think we will be getting him a Ben 10 Ten DELUXE Omnitrix Watch Sound Light Effects. He loves Ben 10 and is really starting to imagine him self as a super hero. Also consider books, we have several books about trucks, planes, clifford the big red dog,Disney, and animals. We read every night at bed time its calming and teachs the importance of reading. He loves the times spent reading, we take turns choosing books so we are not reading the same one every night. I hope this gives you some ideas

Answer #14

Well I’ve run into the same problem lol, I have a little guy turning four in a couple of days and on numerous occasions I ask “what do you want for your birthday honey? “ His response “A TOY MOMMA A COOL ONE!” ha ha ha. I put my thinking cap on and came up with a really “cool” gift him and I can both enjoy. I’m getting him camping gear.. a tent, a sleeping bag, a cool flashlight, a canteen (lol), a couple of really good books, and were taking a camping trip to “The Backyard!”. I figured mommy could tuff it out with him for one night, and if the going gets tuff, we just run inside! lol.. I’m a single mommy so these kinds of things are really great ways to incorporate lots of mommy and me only time! When I tell some of my friends what my ideas are, they usually respond with “wow your such a cool mom, I wish my mom would have camped out in my backyard with me when I was little”. I don’t know if that helps but, I’ll keep you updated in the end results.

Answer #15

well, why not get him a dvd of his favorite show on disney, or noggin, nick jr? that way he can be learning about things, and you can watch him learn!

Answer #16

Get some gameslike jenga (it is a game where u stack blocks and tske them out 1 by 1 and put them back on top my 5 yr old sis and cuz both like it!!!)or an easy board game or a leapster or a leapfrog learning cd rom or a dvd or a book that both of them would b able 2 share or something simple like a walk in a park have a picnic or buy him a pet like a dog or cat my2 yr old cuz has 2 full grown doga and a family baby chiuaua those r gifts for any1!!!

Answer #17

Art supplies. My son will be turning 4 soon he is in a very creative stage, so I think things like finger paints and clays would be a great gift.

Answer #18

Why don’t you get a gift that you both can share? Instead of buying him toys that he doesn’t seem interested in, you could by him something like books that you can read together (Good old Doctor Seuss will do) or plan a special outing with him somewhere fun like the zoo or museum. Even something that you can build together can be fun. I often think that we shower are children with too many objects and not enough real quality time, he’ll remember special time with his dad more the he will a piece of lego.

Answer #19

Well if he like thangs thet move my daughter got a small elitronic toy carfor her 4 b.d.You can get them at Walmart or Sams. Thay most of the time come in you son/daughters faviort tv charotor. You will not be able to get him off of it.

Answer #20

I think you should give him a read fire truck! or somthing like a car for him to ride in sorrta like a barbie car for boys though!

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