Why do I want to have a baby?

I’m 14. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life. I don’t get the attention from my parents that I deserve. I want to get pregnant to show them. It’s incredibly stupid. If I do, where can I find someone to adopt the baby? Can I get an abortion? Is it normal for me to think like this? How would I tell my parents? Etc. If you have an answer to any/ all of the questions, PLEASE tell me. Thank You, Natasha

Answer #1
  1. I talked to my friends about it. I’ll wait.
  2. I’m actually done growing. My growth plates are fused.
Answer #2

okay you say you want to do this to get attention from your parents but you do know that when some kids get knocked up their parents get pissed and kick them out.. think about it if they did that how would you support yourself? Where would you live? Just go up to your parents and tell them how you feel… honestly they’d probably pay more attention to you if you told them that you were thinking about getting pregnant to get their attention then if you actually did it… also im not at all against abortion but I do think what you were talking about doing is wrong bring a baby in the world just to kill it before it even got to see light just so you could get some attention form your parents… it’s not right hun… why don’t you try talking to someone like one of your close friends or something… and why dont you get a boyfriend and make a relationship (not sexual) then you can get attention that you want without ruining your life your only 14 that is not an age to start having kids… besides that the younger you are the more chances there are fore there to be difficulties in labor for the mother and the baby… my mom works in the nursery and has seen many babies die or be very sick because of parents being to young. a lot wind up being born early which isnt always good… think about getting pregnangt may get you some attention but it really could cost you or the possible baby’s life… just try talking to people.. I’m clinically depressed too so trust me I know there are other things to do then to get pregnant to get over it

Answer #3

A body doesnt finish growing til your about 21. Glad yo have decided to wait. Best of luck XX

Answer #4

Look Natasha…dont get up the duff just to show your parents how much you think they are failing. For a start it would be really unfair to the poor baby. Plus I am 32 with a loving husband and I found the whole pregnant and giving birth thing tough, a 14 year old on the verge of womanhood does not need to be weighted down with this burden. You havent done it yet so nothing is lost. Dont be silly.

Answer #5

Thank you for your e-mail in response to my reply. It may not have answered your question but I am unwilling to tell you how to give up an unwanted child you havent had yet. You are in all probability very mature in a lot of ways, obviously in the subject of having baby to ‘show’ your parents, your better judgment is lackng. Be honest, its not a sensible thing to do is it? What is it you want to show them? Are you suggesting that you want the baby? If so why do you need to know how to give it up for adoption? I would rather keep our dialogue in an open forum please.

Answer #6

I think you’re at a point in your life where your thoughts are a little messed up. My friend has a saying, “Never trust your fourteen year old self” because honestly for most people, they get older and realize they had some pretty stupid ideas. Not that you’re going to believe me on this, by all means have a child, raise it poorly or not at all, it’ll feel great on your conscience.

Answer #7

now your question really makes me mad .. it sounds like you want to have a baby just to get an attention and all because you just want some fkn attention u’d get an abortion or go for adoption .. you might want to seek psychologic help. if you want attention gets dam boyfriend

Answer #8

I want a baby. I do. I asked about adoption because of my parents. im really mature, I get pretty good grades, iknow how to raise a child, im prepared. im clinicly depressed, and I have a cat, I love her and she loves me (I hope, lol). anyway, im responsible and I take care of her. but the fact that im clinicly depressed makes me love her more. in the sense that loving her is a way of coping. if I have a baby, ill have her/him forever. id love them and care for them. I no it sounds like I just want a toy, I dont. I want a child. someone I can love and they can love me back. im a caring person, I barely ever have poor judgement. I know you think this is poor judgement, but its not. im ready. im great with kids and I can support a child. I dont care if people are gonna say things, I don’t care if it ruins my social life. the baby wud b my life. the child isnt unwanted. I do want my parents to give me the attention I deserve, and if a baby is the way that wud happen, im fine with that. I guess you cud say its a plus. I want a child. I want a child to love, to care for, to be there for, to cheer up, to b the mom of. so im not trying to b selfish, and again, I no it sounds stupid. but I mean it

Answer #9

‘“I’m 14. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life. I don’t get the attention from my parents that I deserve. I want to get pregnant to show them. It’s incredibly stupid. If I do, where can I find someone to adopt the baby? Can I get an abortion? Is it normal for me to think like this? How would I tell my parents? Etc. If you have an answer to any/ all of the questions, PLEASE tell me. Thank You, Natasha”‘

this basically says you want a baby for attention and then you want to get rid of it when you have that attention if you dont want it for attention wait a few more years you need tobe mentally, phisically, emotionally and financially stable a baby costs $10,000 in the first year alone, you dont have that money and without finnishing your school edication you will be unable to get a good paying job meaning you cant afford to keep the baby also, a baby doesnt always love you back this is something thats going to be screaming and crying all the time, getting sick, throwing tantrums and pissing all over the place it is no walk in the park, its bloody hard work there will be many, many sleepless nights and time you just wish it would stop crying and screaming I doubt you can handle that at your age with no help from a partner who also wants this baby and wants to stick by you with it because its NOT fair to bring your parents into this and make them take care of not only a 14 year old kid, but her baby as well

Answer #10

what your thinking of doing is not normal its incrediblly stupid your going to be selfish by bringing an unwanted baby into this world simply for your parents attention, then either give it away or kill it thats heartless, pointless and stupid a baby is a life, its a human being you dont just have one for attention then get rid of it if you want attention from your parents TELL THEM THAT dont go out and have sex risking stds as well, get pregnant, ruin your social and school life for 9 months, hurt your family, have a baby then get rid of it because all you getting pregnant will do I hurt them yes youll get attention, but not the attention your looking for stop with the pregnancy thoughts your 14, you have no idea how to raise a kid, not much sex education and you clearly dont value the babys health, safety or life if your just going to kill it or give it away aftrewards there are plenty of unwanted children in this world we dont need one more that a selfish 14 year old kid had simply for attention really THINK more about what your doing and how stupid it sounds

Answer #11

I WANT A BABY. I ment that it would probly get my parents attention. I now how to take care of myself, my brother, my cat, and a baby. im mature enough. not just emotionally and mentally, but physically. im done growing. I am a very patient girl when it comes to dealing with people. I no a baby cant talk or walk etc. it cries eats sleeps and goes to the batroom, I know! if my parents kick me out, then their bad parents. I wudnt b. if they kick me out, there is a group home a few blocks away from me. just because im depressed doesnt make me want the baby. and I f think about it, in other civilizations, girls get married at 12 and have babies at 15. I no my thoughts are messed up. I see a pyscologist, I get help, it works. I can raise a child properly. I can

Answer #12

Giving a baby love isnt always about cuddles and the right words. Its about infinate patience under seemingly extreme circumstanstances. It actually physically hurts when you are over tired and there is no-one else to cope with it but you. At fourteen you will also not be able to financially support a child. Like I said earlier, I m 32 and I struggle. Dont kid yourself that it is easy, millions of people around the planet struggle daily, you will be no different. Depression does not make any of this easier, in fact it makes it harder. Give your folks a break hun, 14 year old girls arnt the easiest people to deal with. Try telling them you want to spend more quality time with them (I think that the jist) Shave your head or something…dont have a baby.

Answer #13

In other civilizations girls are raised to have babies at a young age, it’s expected of them because there isn’t much else most of them can do. You’re not in one of those civilizations, people want a better future for you, most of the girls who are having babies as soon as they hit puberty would probably love to switch places with you, get an education, marry who they want to, and raise a family at a better time.

You’re arguing like an immature little brat, how about you tell your psychologist that you want a baby? What do you think she would say? At 14 you are not done growing, teenage brains go through a lot of crap in the years you’re going through, it’s not fully developed.

And it also appears you plan on getting knocked up by some random guy and being a single mother, oh bravo, I bet you’re doing great on funds too. I’m sure that’ll help with any mental problems you may have. I’m sure I’ll hear another report within the next year of a psycho Mom that’s gone crazy and killed her child. What a wonderful life you have planned out.

From what I’ve seen so far you are in no way fit to be a mother, argue all you want, after this post I’m not posting here again, mostly because it feels like I’m shouting at a brick wall. Everyone here has made some excellent points and you just aren’t listening.

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