Should I let my daughter get her belly button pierced?

My eldest daughter, she is 13, has asked me if she can get her belly button pierced. I’m not really sure which way to go on this. I have my ears pierced, but nothing else. She has her ears pierced too, when she was 12. I don’t really like the look of the belly button piercings but I’ve never wanted to be a mom that is too strict with their kids. A few of her friends have it done and I don’t know if I should let her so she doesn’t stand out amongst her friends.

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Ohhh no!!!!!she is way to young!!!!!be smart and don’t go back on it!!!even if she gets mad

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i think you should make a deal with her. something like If she gets a good grade in her worst subject she can get it done?? that way there’s some positive benefits as well my parents let me get my belly button pierced when i was about 13 and they told me i had to clean it an look after it extremely well and if it got infected once it was coming out. their other condition was that they had to be there to make sure the place was sanitary. I’m grateful that my parents let me get it done and we still talk about the experience today because my dad fainted ^.^ So yeah, i would say let her get it done. =]

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I agree with brookiee….make it something that has to be earned, if you decide to say yes to it. Keep in mind that they are easily infected because they get caught on waist bands, and sheets…

Answer #5

Absolutely not…just because “everyone else does” is a common sentence used to get what kids want…please go back & remember how when you were a kid & wanted to do something & your parents said to you…just because all the kids are going doesnt make it safe! Like jumping off a bridge. we all know that saying…but so & so’s dad allows him /her to jump…why cant I…and what was the response…? Just because because someone else does it doesnt mean you have to as well!

I know at that moment you also hated your parents for saying that…but just imagine, if god forbid you did jump off that bridge & god forbid something really bad happened, no matter what…you would have been in physical pain…but they would have been in emotional pain blaming themselves for this god forbid happening to you and would develop a phobia and never let you do anything again in fear of something bad happening to you in the future!!

Now ask yourself is this piercing such a necessity of a life & death kind?! no it isnt, just a fashion phase & statement…so do you give in now then regret it later? what it is causes her massive damage to her like a horrible virus in her blood stream…would you forgive yourself then? What about a bad infection causing her pain? would you forgive yourself for that a well…I mean look seriously it can happen it may not happen…but are you willing to take that risk and then having to deal with the consequences later…

When you have the answer to that then you can make your own decision & learn to live with it…remember she is your daughter…not ours! Only you can make the right decision…look into your heart & go with your maternal instincts.

Hope this helped!

Answer #6

she is only 13,and its too young.

Answer #7

if you went through life just thinking if something terrible happens when i try something new, you’d never try anything new… Getting her bellybutton pierced isn’t anywhere close to a life or death experience. There aren’t any major nerves or anything of that nature there either. However, you DO have to be smart about choosing a place to get it done in order to minimize risk of infection. As long as you keep it clean, follow the instructions of the piercer and go to a good place there’s very little that can go wrong. But i also suggest that while it’s healing she should use an antiseptic liquid such as Betadine on it as well as the spray the store will recommend as it will help keep infections away better

Answer #8

In a perfect world, 13 is a bit too young. But in the world that we live in, a lot of 13 year olds have their belly button pierced. I got mine done at 14 and now being a bit older (and wiser haha) I wouldn’t let my (future) daughter get hers done that young. When I got mine pierced I had a lot of complications and it took about 2 years to heal. I had 2 years of puss and redness etc. My mum made me pay for all of my own antibiotics which was a really good idea because it made me think twice about getting anything else done. I think that it is fine to let her get it done because it’s only a piercing and it can be taken out later on. It’s better that you let her get this now, than in a years time she comes home one day with a tattoo because you wouldn’t let her get a piercing. (Not saying she will do that but I actually knew a girl who did that…). Definitely make her pay for it herself and make her pay for any further complications that may occur. Make her do research before you let her get it done. She needs to know the dangers and healing time.. when you can take it out, what to clean it with etc etc. But at the end of the day you are her mother. It doesn’t make you a bad mother if you let her get it done, it is her body, but it is ultimately your decision. Do YOU want your daughter to get her belly button pierced?

Answer #9

there are issues where you have to say i can take that risk(like in business or moving to another country…if something doesnt work well, like a marriage fine…but not on your child’s expense! Sorry I dont agree with you on this issue….maybe it’s because it’s the age difference…the life i have lived…I mean for pete’s sake she is 13…not 17!!! When she is old enough to make her own decisions & wants to get it done then, so be it…til then it’s up to her”parents” Not you, or me or anyone else for that matter…their child their lives…and as long as she is under her parents care & supervision, it is on them & their responsibility. I understand that she wants to be a fun mom, but she also has to be the educator as well…today at 13 she wants a piercing…at 15 she will want to get a tattoo…and at 17 she will want something else…there is no end to wanting things…you as a parent have to know where to draw the line…if she wants to go shopping \7 you can afford it fine, be that fun mom..but at 13 piercings…come on know how to be a mom!

Answer #10

she only wants it cus at least 1 of her mates has had it done and now she feels left out. personally i think they look ghey and if i had a missus with 1 id have to have her take if out every night cus id hate to catch my finger on it and tear it out. i mean not just for in the bedroom, shes 13 and doesnt need to know that yet but what about if shes just got out the bath and forgets its there and rubs the towel 2 hard on her belly and rips it out. shes young and allowed to be stupid, your the mom and are allowed to say no. please say no.

Answer #11

I was 12 when I got mine done. I dont know if that helps, but it’s true. :D

Answer #12

I know a girl she is 13 and has her nose,lip,tongue,and getting her belly button pierced.She is still an awesome person.

Answer #13

By the time I was 13 I had my navel, nose, tongue, monroe, and one of my three industrials.

Answer #14

Awesome. I just want one piercing the belly button one thats it and im set for life.

Answer #15

If I were in your shoes I would make me daughter work for that piercing. Make her do some extra work and/or chores and than pay her a little each time. When she saves up enough money she will learn how hard it is to make money and getting a piercing might be out of her mind. Also let her do all the research and stuff and let yourself have no input besides the driving and approving. 13 is a young age but it’s also a great age of discovery. Many kids are trying to figure out who they are and what meanings they have in life. I wouldn’t stop her from getting the piercing because that may lead her from not telling you secrets in the future that she may do behind your back because of this neglecting decision you made on her. Stay neutral with her and listens to the reasons why she wants one, be her best friend because that what all kids want from there parents and understand her. Tell her reasons why you like it and don’t like it BUT don’t stop her from doing what she wants. Also it’s only a piercing and most of the time is covered.

Answer #16

I had mine done when I was about 13/14. Of all the piercings I think its the best one to have done, rather that than one on her face that everyone can see and she could get in trouble for i.e at school or work. I think you should do your research on it in regards of cleaning and what can go wrong so you both know what you’re letting yourselves in for.

Answer #17

Oh and make sure you get some reviews on different piercing palours, you dont want in-experienced, careless or unsanitary people doing something like that.

Answer #18

i think she is way too young.everything has its own “age” and it does not look good when “13 yr old” adolescent girl tries too hard to be young adult like 17 :/ rest is upto u of course.u r her mom so whatever it sounds like-a bad mom or a good one,nobody knows better than u what is best for ur daughter.if u do let her…like everyone said…make her do extra chores or pay for it.i think making her pay for it is better.then again…it’s all up to u.

Answer #19

As long as your okay with it, I don’t see why not. yes, 13 is a bit young, but it wouldn’t hurt anything. It will be covered up most of the time. If you do decide to let her get it pierced, make sure she knows that if she wants it done she will have to pay for every bit of it, including the supplies to clean it with. She can use birthday money, or she can do chores for money, until she has earned enough to get the piercing and supplies. This will teach her a bit of responsibility.

Answer #20

Hello :) Well I am 17 and my mom STILL won’t let me get mine pierced =P She say’s “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. And I’m definitely not proud of this but I must honestly admit that I’ve thought of pulling it many times behind her back. However, I decided that obeying my parents was more important to me. The thing is, not everyone is going to have the same morals I do. The sad part about it is, because she’s so close-minded about the issue, I probably will get it done when I’m older, but she’ll never know about it. Doesn’t it make sense though? Why would I share with her something that will only upset her? =/ There are fine lines between relationships. I do want the piercing, but I would rather not cause her the pain of knowing I went against her will, even if it was her time to let go. If I were you, I would do as the other’s had posted and make it something she works for. Make her think twice. There are more than a few I can think of. Would she ever want to be a model or actress? Agencies are not for piercings besides the first lobe. Is she ok with having a visible scar there for when she get’s older, and decides to remove it for good? I suppose if I were you, I might tell her to wait a bit longer. That can’t hurt her. Especially since the brain hasn’t even fully developed until you’re 21… I hope you make the right decision for YOU though :)

Answer #21

if she wants to and if your okay with it then yeah my friend got hers done when she was 13 =]

Answer #22

If you want to let your doughter get it pierced then go ahead but meaby when she is 15 or 16 something like that, because all she really is going to do right now is show everybody about it lifting up her shirt and stuff…. but she may not bethat kind of pearson, But then again not letting her get it now is not being sticked is just setting some rules that you have. But really at the end it all comes down to your choice.

Answer #23

A belly button piercing is a sexy piercing. I wouldn’t like that for my 13 year old daughter, and I would disallow this and make her wait until she is 18. If she is 16 and doing well in school and I trusted her, I may let her do it then, though. This is where as a parent you just follow your judgment and don’t allow her to influence your feelings.

Answer #24

im 14 and my mom let me pierce mine but it got infected because i didn’t clean it right, if you choose to let her, which in my opinion i see no harm in it, make sure she cleans it very well.

Answer #25

Belly button piercings can NOT be compared to ears; people pierce the ears of their child at an extremely young age. I can completely understand you not wanting to be a strict mom, but there’s nothing strict about saying “no” when it comes to something like this.As a mother, you have to show guidance to your daughter and not let her make stupid decisions. She is only 13.. She should not be having this piercing done. If she gets this done, she will only ask for more and more. Be strong about this.

Answer #26

no that’s not true because i got mine done and im just fine with it. also, its not a stupid decision it doesn’t change who the person is they just have a new piercing. it can be compared to an ear piercing to because there similar just in different places like when i got mine done they told me i can clean it with the stuff you get when you pierce your ears, so whats the difference?

Answer #27

You don’t know the difference – that’s my point.

I never said it changed who a person was; please read properly before commenting. I just said they shouldn’t get it done so young. People change all of the time. By the time she’s 16 or 18 she may not even like the piercing anymore. 13 is simply too young, and I’m saying that I’d never let my child get one done at that age. Simple as.

Answer #28

i completely agree. shes too young in my opinion, my mom would kill me if i did and im 16. just make her wait a bit :)

Answer #29

It wouldnt rip out that easily. I tug on mine when im taling on the phone out of habit.

Answer #30

i never said you said it changed who the person was that was MY opinion, so you should read my statement more clearly before you reply too. i have mine done and if i don’t like it in a few years then i will simply take it out. that’s whats good about piercings they are removable :)

Answer #31

No she shouldn’t. 13 Is way too young for that type of piercing, and you need to tell her so. If she is trying to impress someone, they should respect her as she is WITHOUT the piercing. But, just do what YOU feel is the right thing to do, your the parent.

Answer #32

I agree that later on if you do not like the piercing, you can take it out. However it leaves a scar, scar tissue, and it IS noticeable. I have a round spot on my belly button about the diameter of the eraser on a pencil. It is pink, not flesh colored. It is raised, and it’s hard. It’s scar tissue. Not very pretty.

Answer #33

i have that too because i didn’t take care of mine the way i should have. so does that mean it will never go away?

Answer #34

i agree too.after 18 u can let her do that.trying to be too sexy at the age of 13…NOT a very good decision u can approve :/

Answer #35

i think setting such rules for a 13 yr old is yea not good idea to get a piercing at this’s ur choice though.

Answer #36

well definitely she doesn want it bcz it will b covered.she wants it for showing.young boys and girls have that tendency when they do or get sth’s bcz of the age.

Answer #37

my mom wont let me get it until 18 and she isnt very strict about anything that is just her one of few rules

Answer #38

She IS her own person. i do agree that it depends on why she wants it. If it’s just to follow the crowd, thats not good. However, at 13 some girls DO know what they want. i did, i knew exactly what i wanted to become and what i wanted from life. I love my belly button piercing because it suits me and not a lot of my friends have one =] i would not just assume she’s so young and naive. She might be and thats for her mother to decide. =] But she should really consider it properly because i hate it when my parents treat me like an idiot and it causes problems. It’s better if she lets her daughter know she’s able to make her own decisions in her life

Answer #39

“A few of her friends” are sluts. I wouldn’t consent to it.

Answer #40

I think you should go with your gut here. Every parent has their own comfort level with strictness. Every child needs boundaries, it’s actually very healthy for them. But where those ideal boundaries are just depends on the kid and the parent. I would never advocate a tattoo, because they are permanent, but holes close. So, in this case I dont think there’s always a right or wrong. While kids do need to be able to fit in, there’s also something to be said for learning to resist peer pressure. So I wouldnt make this decision solely on whether her friends are doing it or not. You know what is best for your child. You know your child. You gave her values that were important to you. So make this decision. My mother would have never allowed it. I probably wouldnt allow it for a few years. But that was how I grew up. A lot of people value making their kids work for things. I have yet to work for anything. I have never been restricted in what I buy, but I’m not a fan of buying things. If I had been, perhaps my mother would have had to have been more restrictive. My point is, there’s never a right or wrong way to do things. You have to adjust things according to who you are and who your daughter is. You also have to remember, she’s not your friend. And it’s ok if she’s not happy with you. She’s a teen. She’s not going to be happy with you for another 10 years.

Answer #41

no its a control isue who is the parent and who is the child

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