I want to be a teen mom.

haaay, im 14 going on 15 and I really want to have a baby not yet like 16 17 0r 18 years old but is that wrong that I want to be a teen mom so bad. ? I know before I have a baby I need to have a job and everthing like that. my mom had me at 16 years old and her sister (my aunt) had her first kid at 17 so my family is very understandind about that but is it wrong for me to want to be a teen mom. ?

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I have a baby and im only 15 so yea you dont want a baby right now its a lot of work…Oh god mandyloo said all the right things!!! lol

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I understand wanting to be a teen mom, but face it- can you deal with everything that comes with it? the answer is no, you’re still a kid yourself. kids can wait!!

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manydyloo is right. I’m 14 and just had a baby 3 days back. I had and have everything she sed and believe me it is not cool or fun and it don’t make you hard or nothing. you don’t want to get the looks a teen mum does. hundreds of people gave me dirty looks. you think you do but you don’t. just because ure aunt had a baby at 17 don’t mean you have to!

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no your a product of your environment so its not rong because thats what your used to

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it isnt wrong to be a teen mum at all but my mate had a kid at 14 and she struggled a lot and still is now as her school work is struggling and it is very hard for her to be a normal teen and come out with all us lot but she has a great life with her son but very hard, its really up to yhoo tho and how yhoo feel

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I do agree im 14 and I want a kid so bad im adopted and my mom had me at 15 I do agree though this age is crazy to have a kid I mean me and my boyfriend have been together for like ever almost 3 years but still I want a kid so bad but both of our parents would kill us and what people say and how they trash talk just try to wait like me im trying and my boyfriend is trying he wants one too but we both know it wouldnt be right for the child. please just wait!

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You WANT to be a teen mom. Hah, let me describe some things too you. This is all 100 percent true (I just had my baby 5 months ago), and it’s not even half of what you go through. Also, did you know that babies the first year - cost 10,000 dollars. Where are you going to get that kind of money?

The Pregnancy: -the swollen body parts that ache -the constipation -the hemmroids -the aching breast -the not being able to get up of the sofa by yourself -the strechmarks -the morning (allday) sickness -the kicks the baby gives to your ribs -the frequent urination -the constant pap smears -the blood work -Wanting to eat everything in sight -The bad teeth - a lot of pregnant women’s calcium get’s sucked out during pregnancy, you have to take your vitamins and take care of your teeth. You need to be taking prenatal vitamins daily also. It’s not only important for your baby’s health, but for yours also. A child sucks the nutrients out of you and you need those vitamins to keep yourself healthy.

The Birth: -Your pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a pea. -You are most likely going to tear, sometimes from front to back. -You get stitches. -You get poked in the back for the epidural -The epidural usually just takes the contractions away not the pressure -The pressure is a whole different kind of pain, imagine all your intestines, trying to escape from your vagina. -The contrations are like period cramps times a million. -The nurses are coming in every 30 seconds, to stick their fingers in you to check for dialation, give you a catheter to drain the pee out of you, and to poke around down there. -You can not eat or drink the ENTIRE time you are in labor. All you get is ice chips. -There the ring of fire, as they call it when the baby’s head crowns, it really does feel like your vagina is on fire and ripping! -90 percent of women take a crap while they are pushing the baby out, you can’t stop this from happening.

After the Birth: -Then afterwards, you have the fun adventure of bleeding for up to 6 weeks. The first time you get up out of the hospital bed after giving birth, blood and fluid gushes from your vagina all over the floor. -You’ll most likely pass blood clots after giving birth too. If you dont get to the bathroom fast enough, they can fall down your pantsleg. -Dont forget, no tampons! Only big nasty pads for the next 6 weeks! -Your breast will be engored and sore and will leak milk from anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. It is painful and you have to wear bra pads in order to keep from leaking through to your shirt.

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have a baby when your older.you have almost all your life to plan this out.I dont think I want to have a baby after what mandyloo said thats..eww!but you can get a lot of joy out of a precious baby.you dont want to bring a life into this world with no father beleive not having a father hurts it hurts a lot.you feel abandonded and useless and you wonder why your mom had to have you.I mean most likely you wont have a lot of money nor support you will feel horrible when you cant get your child everything they need and want.Dont have a baby now your so young you wont have any time for YOU people will also look down on you like your dirt even if your not.Think on it.be smart.

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I had my daughter when I was 17, I Love my daughter to death and I will never give her up, I just wish I would have waited. There a lot of work when your sick and need to sleep, 4 get that you cant you have a baby to tend to or even when you have a long day at work or school and just want to lay down, nope sorry you have to take care of your child. Thats still so young to be having a kid dont miss your high school years, There the years that you brag about and want to go back to. You can have kids any time in your life soo dont rush it.

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theres nothing wrong with you 1st of all im a teen mom with a baby girl shes 1 her name is Isabella Ann Maree I love her to death at 1st I thought I was going to a bad mom then I thought my child is going to hate me but the TRUTH is she loves me she cryes but not a lot and trust me being a teen mom is so much funn so theirs realy nothing to worry bout people will get over you then they are going to be like oh my gosh your baby is so cute and all this stuff so like yea…

xoxo daina maree :)

Answer #13

What is wrong with it is that you might not possibly be able to look after the child. Children cost money and effort. It’s not just about having a job. It is about having and education as well so you can teach your child things and help them become intelligent and capable adults. How do you plan to motivate a child if you don’t have a career or at least some sort of education past high school.

Also isn’t there something else that you actually want to do with your life before you have children? Like finish school go to college etc etc. You can literally become anything you want to, yet you want to be a teen mom. Sounds to me like you are lonely.

I just don’t think that at that age you can handle the full responsibility of a child. Plus you have your whole life ahead of you and children if you aren’t ready for them can really hamper your plans and your future. So please think about it before you do it. Obviously no one can force you not to have a child.

Answer #14

Mandyloo, you just convinced me a further 100% that I never want to have kids. That is disgusting. Why does anyone want to have children again after that?

Answer #15

Haha, sad thing is. That’s not even the half of it. I just said the main things that happen. Pregnancy and Childbirth is not at all as glamorous as these young girls think it is.

Answer #16

I know it isn’t. I am 20 and am scared to have sex for only one reason and that is getting pregnant. plus I want to do so much in my life before I settle down. But it does sound disgusting. I think I’ll just become rich and get a dog or something. much less hassle.plus you can buy a doghouse and put them in there if they bother you.

Answer #17

look, let me tell you that nobody can ever tell you what to do!! and I think if I did tell you you were very wrong like I want to that you wouldnt understand any of what I am about to say!!! my mom had me at 15!! I am now adopted!! my grandmother promised her she was going to help her take care of me!! she didnt!! no I dont ever see my real mom and I havent since I was like 4 or 5!! im 18 now almost 19!! I can tell you that I dont hate her but I really dont like her!! she abondonded me!! I am surely not saying you would but you are only a child!! your still growing up!! you dont know all the work entailed!! I dont have children of my own for the simple fact that I am not even ready!! you need to think about your schooling and your future and what it is you really want to accomplish in life!! and if you really think that a guy is going to stick around to have a babt with you at 14 I think that your sadly mistaken!!

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elissa is write on this one love…

I was like you are now..I wanted to be a mother and love a child because I was adopted by granparents and they treated me like sh*t so I wanted something to love that I knew would love me back..well,I got pregnant at 15 and I lost my baby because my boyfriend,in a fit of rage after I told him I was pregnant and refused to abort my child pushed me and I fell down two flights of stairs and hit a iron foundation pole which caused me to miscarry..I was the worst feeling in my life.

now imagine you maybe losing your child,it would crush you.I still have not fully recovered from th loss of my child.a lot of young mothers miscarry because of either abusive relationships or compications.

please,I beg of you wait till your in a healthy responsible and committed relationship before you take that plunge into motherhood.you will not be able to do it alone and no guy at your age would dare think of staying around to help you raise a child.you’ll miss out on school and your life with friends because baby always comes first and you will regret your choice later on and you should never regret bringing a child into the world.

just think before you do.

Answer #19

wait until you have a good job and finnish school, save up and buy/rent a nice place fit 4 a child, make sure you have a good relationship and you both want one then get pregnant.

Answer #20

Omg. I’m 16, and I have a 4 month old baby girl. I don’t get to do anything I would like to do, not that I blame her for it. I wouldn’t suggest having a baby while you’re still in school. And Mandyloo is making it sound way worse than it really is. it is a beautiful thing. Really.

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