I lost my son

so im sure everyone knows that I was pregnant with a lil girl and a lil boy. last night I went to the doctors and they said my son wasnt getting enought food and blood that he didnt make it he passed away in my woomb and im really stressed out now. like will this effect my daugther as she grows up or will she not even know? ill have to give birth to a dead baby when I give birth to just my daughter.

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OMG! That’s pretty sad. :( I’m so sorry for you. I hope you are alright. I don’t really think it will effect the girl. I hope the girl is healthy and I’m praying she will be. Again, I’m so sorry. :( Comment me or fun mail me, so I can see how it go.

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I dont know what to tell you xcept im sorry and no I dont think it will affect the girl I’ve done a lot of research and I know a lot about developing babies in the stomache im sooo sorry and hope your alright

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I am incredibly sorry for your loss, It is something very hard to deal with, the loss of an unnborn child. But it really wasn’t your fault, and think about it. Would you rather have your child suffering in your woom, or up in heaven with God. Don’t worry he will take care of your baby… And about your daughter, I would wait until she’s old enough to handle and understand what is going on with the unborn children and malnutrition, and things like that, I would wait for a little while. But you will get through this… I hope I helped (:

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Im so sorry to hear that … I im 14 and just found out im pregnant im only about 3 weeks but I dont think it will effect her!!! but are you going to tell her she had a brother or just not say anything… I don’t know but she might think its her fault he died I kinda had the same thing happen to me and I blame myself… do tell just when shes old enough to understand all things happen for a reason and its not her fault… good luck with the baby I hope shes healthy.. and tell me if it hurts to give birth so I can ask for medication…

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Im sorry wow thats really depressing I dont think it would effect her it shouldnt just keep visiting to make sure shes healthy

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sorry about that xoxo

take care with your lil girl

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I had a misscarriage too. We’re trying for another.


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sorry about that I’m about to have a lil baby to in july so I wish you the best of luck

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im sorry to hear that and no I dont think it will effect her.

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Awhhh. im so sorry. really thats sad. and im not sure if it will. : (.

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First I want to tell you I am terribly sorry. Even though sorry doesn’t make the pain go away. Second I believe apart of him will always be carried with her. Whether she ever realized she had a brother or not. I myself am a twin and I do have twinless twin syndrome. I know their are organizations and websites that would be willing to help you and your daughter when she is older. They will always have a bond. There is this great great book out there that someone gave me when my son died and it is call The SIDS & Infant Death Survival guide. It has a lot of stories from other parents that lost their babies from many different causes.

This might be comforting but my sister was suppose to have guads but lost three of the babies. One day when Zachary (the only surviving baby) was three, he was playing and laughing in the other room. And just talking up a storm. So we went in to check on him and I asked him who he was talking to and he replied “my friends and they look just like me”. My sister said “oh really just like you huh.” And he stood up and said “yeah” and then pointed to his little art table and then to three of the little chairs. And I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling and I looked at my sister and I could see the tears well in her eyes. And then Zachary put his hands on his hips and said “Its okay mommy they never left. “ Then he ran over to my sister and hugged her leg and said “we love you”

That day changed me forever.

Zachary was never told he had three other brothers. But they stayed with him. Later when he learned his alphabet he would associate the letter A, B and D with is brothers. And it only took us a day to figure out that that was their birth order. Zachary actually told his father that thats what their names are.

Don’t be surprised if later she has an imaginary friend. . . it might not be imaginary after all.

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I agree with sue 90. I am sorry you are dealing with this. I havent had any babies yet but I have 23 nieces and nephews and my sister lost her baby boy when he was 8 months…full term… she gave birth to a baby without a spirit in which she carried for 8 months:( it was very hard. this was her first babie. she was able to take a model cast of his hands and feet to remember him by. she quickly got pregnant after that and now has a healthy baby girl. things were tough but just as sue90 said, you have to be tough and strong and be thankful for what you do have. And what a lucky baby inside you is to look forward to her life upcoming! How blessed she was being able to share that time with her sibling. be happy for that and the time shared. other wise you could bask in the sorrow of neverending saddness. so choose to be thankful instead. Also you know…like brings all sorts of suprises. my brother and his wife have 7 kids. the last 2 were twins. all of their ultra sounds went great and we were so excited to have twins in our family. When they were born, without knowing previously, they came out and my sister in-law, she is a nurse herself, she looked at her newborn twins and could see they had features of a baby with Downs syndrome. she insisted they had it and the doctors kept trying to reasure her that they didn’t but they did. it was very hard at first but now, our family couln’t imagine our lives without them. they are the peacemakes of our family and the ones who demand we all get together often. so although we only go for the worst case situation at first when life spills turmoils over us, we have to be fighters and choose our attitudes. remain thankful for every tiny thing we have and love. that will bring happiness even if you had nothing at all. I pray for your ability to heal and for the baby inside your womb. you will grow and your baby will be a great experiance for your life! I pray for a safe and healthy delivery and keep up to date with your doctor appointments because you will want to keep a close eye on your little one now that you are considerd higher risk. please keep me updated so I don’t worry over you and your beautiful little spirit with in you. sincerly, Gina

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im so sorry for your loss. I lost my twin brother when I was inside of my mother, too. im a girl, so I am in the exact same situation as your daughter will be in in about 15 years.

it is better that you let your daughter know from an early age about her brother. you should give him a name and a grave to rest in so your daughter can visit. I have slight depression now and I feel empty inside, and the docotr thinks it is because of the loss of my twin, because twins share a special bond.

tell her about him, make him a part of her life. this is where my parents when wrong. I knew by instinct, but they didnt tell me until I was 15, so it was hard to take. she might be alright, only some twins suffer after this. I know another person who has depression from losing her twin sister, but she doesnt know about her sister. I think it is related to not being told at a young age. it will help her if she knows.

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she probably wont know my mom was pregnant with triplets and two of them didnt make if and my sis doesnt act like it affects her im so sorry to hear :( that take care of yourself k

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Dear sweet_n_short2, Am very sorry to hear this but you need to change your thinking around this…you stated (when I give birth to just my daughter) Its not just…she will alway carry a part of him with her. You will love her twice as much, you will treat her twice as nice and she in turn will love you and twice as much in return. It’s very sad to think of what could have been but you must look at what is. When she is older let her know she spent time with her brother and during that time they shared his lifetime together. Allow her to feel how lucky she was to do this. Rejoice him in her and look at her as the miracle she truly is. Sue…good luck

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that sucks

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