How can I get along with my teenage daughter?

How can I get along with my teenage daughter?

Answer #1

Talk to her and ask what she likes to do and try and do that kind of stuff with her and have a little more fun with her and maybe your relationship should change.

Answer #2

Stay out of her way. Let her do what she wants. I know I wish my mum was like that to me. go I hate her. but yea. if she doesnt want to get along I dont think its going to happen anytime soon, give her time though. she loves you but she needs her own space so she can grow up.

Answer #3

I think > < nailed it right on the dot. We as adults can also learn from the younger ones.

I have 5 kids 21,20,19,16,and 13, and believe me I learned lots from them. Listening to what they have to say is really important, but really listen.

Answer #4

Arg if you find out let me know. I have the same problem and we do lots of stuff together. I could buy her the moon right now and she would say “thats not the one I wanted”…

Answer #5

LMAO, love it. I’ll have to remember that.

Answer #6

What ever you do, do not get all friendly with her make it a gradual thing you can be like “want me to drop you off at the mall today? and give her like 20 dollors thats a good start and then eventually do more

the DONTS -Ask her what she did that day [not in the beginning, by the end you can] -Ask her if she wants to go somewhere with you [not in the beginning] -Just come into her room and sit there, wait until she comes near you to start talking

Hope this helps a little :]

Answer #7

oo well few things you need to know … -dont be over protective cause we dont really like it -try to have some activities with her (make sure she enjoys doing in it and its what she wants to do not what you want. -be a FRIEND not a parent cause I love my parents being friends they are my best m8s. -try to see the facts from her point of view and compare it with yours get to a middle point. -try to make her feel free to talk with you about anything ** important sexual things cause I believe many teenagers make mistakes because there is no communication at all with an adult. -any questions drop me an email - happy to help you

Answer #8

Look at things from her point of view and don’t freak out when she tells you things you don’t want to hear. Its all about understanding her even when its hard, and supporting her. She wants to know she can talk to her mom about things without getting yelled at. Give her compliments and never put her down.

Answer #9

You have to see, Its HARD being a teen.

Answer #10

firstly,forget you have to forget that she is your daughter.I mean you sould not be too much should try to live should watch her as a witness. try not be much more senti.ok? spiritual thinking only can get you out of should have trained her thinking is sill not late.let us hope for the best.good luck. suneil.

Answer #11

Thats a difficult question and I may not be the best one to answer seeing as I am still a teen myself. But I would tell you this, listen to what she has to say. The biggest problem I have with my mom is that she never listens to me about anything.

Answer #12

well take her out to do girl things like shopping or throw her a party be the coolest mom you can be but dont be so strict cause it can pressure a girl these days especially with the high rate or suicide this generation your always having to make sure your kids are happy so put on the happy smile and let her by with some things and let her know you love her and that you aint going to be strict like you have been and just plan a saturday just for you and her to get out and wash the car or go out to lunch just something that she likes to do

Answer #13

it takes both of you to get along. its not just you that needs to try. for starters just make sure that she knows she can talk to you. try to do some bonding time and get to know each other better. take her shopping for a new top or something. you dont have to go balistic and buy a whole outfit but just something little to show her you care. or just go rent a movie and spend some girl time together. you can do each others nails and have some popcorn. just try to be there for her without forcing your self on her. you cant make her talk to you about things and if you try it will just push her farther away. sometimes just remind her that your always here for her and if she needs you that you will be there for her and you will love her no matter what is going on in her life.

Answer #14

As our kids grow, we need to change with them and start talking to them as if they’re adults. We have a lot of conversation in our family and dinner time is very important. It’s the one time we all get together, and everyone loves sitting around the table, yacking. I was shocked when daughter’s boyfriend said at his house, it’s not like that and the only conversations he has with his mum are lectures about what he has or hasn’t done yet.

I also try and remember the things my mother bugged me about, that I hated. I try not to be the same. It’s not always easy, though!

Answer #15

Having raised a teen I can tell you it’s almost impossible. Could use a Taser on them but it’s only temporary. . . Just kidding. . . They have entered that rebellion stage ( Kinda like the terrible twos multiplied times 847) One of the best ways is to handle them with a lot of love and a twist of sarcastic humor. . . well at least this worked with a boy. . Make sure they know your the boss and that a commity does not run things around the house. . the parents do. Get out and do somethings with her, Go shopping or go watch a movie. . . . . Tell her some storys about some old boyfriends. . . . Have a watergun fight. . . .

Answer #16

just try to understand her point of view, not just yours. Having an understanding mother can really improve her life. Like, if she ever did something illegal, try to figure out what caused her to turn to those things instead of the fact of what she did. Teenagers also need space sometimes, so don’t get too into her business. Just show that you love her and give her freedom, make sure shes happy and doing well and I think you’ll be just fine. good luck!

Answer #17

try to put urself in her shoes

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