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Joseph's Cross (Joseph's Kruez)

This tower which was commissioned by Count Stolberg in 1823, however it had to be renovated in 1880 due to a lightning strike destroying much of the building due to it being made of wood. The cross was completely renovated again in 1989 and re-opened to the public in 2009. Itt is now made of steal and is 580m high which is the largest cross in the world, with some incredible views.

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Stolberg Castle

The castle stands on a sloping hill, the older parts of the castle were built around 1200, the newer parts were built in the style of the Renaissance 1539-1547. The Castle, former home of the Prince of Stolberg-Stolberg. The castle is going through a renovation at present but sightseeing may be possible with a reservation, phone: +49 3946 810030 (Helga Junge)

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This hotel was newly renovated in 2008 and boasts of modern rooms. There is also the opportunity to use the wellness facilities where you can use the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym or why not try a beauty treatment. Enjoy a meal in the restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine including venison, mushrooms and herbs from the forest.

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Schwarzer Apollo

There are two restaurants within the hotel the Waldrestaurant which is surrounded by wood and serves traditional German and international cuisine. You could always enjoy a meal in the fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy fresh high quality food and the kitchen staff take into consideration seasonal produce from the region.

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Ferienapartmenthaus am Rittertor

Consists of 2 modern apartments with 2 double bedrooms, 1 single room and a cot. The apartments are situated in the centre of Stolberg. There is a fitted kitchen with 2 hotplates, refrigerator, crockery, kettle, coffee maker and toaster.

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Forsthaus Auerberg

The hostel is 4km away from the town centre. There are heated cabins available or you could share in the main block, there are a number of recreational activities that you could get involved in from tennis, football and swimming.

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The restaurant is covered with heavy beams, dark wood and photographs of the buildings history. You can enjoy home cooked meals including wild game, fish and poultry dishes. Friendly service will make this a memorable experience.

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St Martini Church

This church is considered one of the most important buildings in Stolberg. It was built in the 12th Century and renovated in the 13th Century in the Gothic style it is today. The organ was built in 1701/03 and has 1569 pipes.

SEE   —  Am Markt

Hotel Zum Bürgergarten

A family run hotel set in a timbered style house, there is the added bonus of a jacuzzi, infra red cabin and the opportunity to have a massage. There is an onsite restaurant where you can enjoy some local German cuisine.

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Ferienhaus Haus am Wald

This apartment sleeps up to 5 people and is located right next to the Thyragrotte. The apartment consists of 2 double and one single bedroom with a refrigerator, 4 plate stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher.

SLEEP   —  +49 34654636 —  Thyrahöhe 9

Hotel Zum Kanzler

This hotel has been around 400 years and is situated in the market square opposite the town hall. Why not enjoy a meal in the hotel's restaurant where the meat is supplied by the in house butcher.

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The Kyffhäuser Monument also known as the Barbarossa Monument is located on the summit of Kyffhäuser Mountain. It is possible to climb the 247 steps to look at the excellent panoramic view.


One of the largest and most impressive in Germany. The gypsum karst develops very fast and so it is rather rare. That is why these caves are rather exceptional even on a European basis.

Panorama museum

A monument was built to depict the peasants war which now houses the panorama museum. A huge piece of art was commissioned to depict the end of the battle, this is now the centre piece.

The Old Mint Museum

This is based in one of the towns oldest buildings. The museum was completely renovated and you can now watch the master produce coins, which is completely unique in Europe.

Chalet Waldfrieden

The hotel is situated on the outskirts of the town on the edge of the forest with views of Stolberg Castle. You can always enjoy a 3 course meal in the hotels restaurant.

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Ferienappartements Sonja

This apartment is situated in the heart of Stolberg and has a double bedroom. There is heated flooring along with a well equipped kitchen and washing facilities.

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The apartment is situated on the main street in Stolberg. It has one double and two single bedrooms. It comes equipped with a fridge, 4 ring hob and an oven.

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Stolberg Rathaus (Town Hall)

This timber building was built in 1454. The bottom half of the building was previously used as a trade house whilst the second floor was used as a school.

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Stolberger Hof

This hotel is one of the oldest in Stolberg and has been around for 800 years. There is an onsite restaurant where you can enjoy some German cuisine.

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Coffee Museum

There are around 250 items for you to enjoy and see how coffee was produced from around the world with the oldest piece coming from around 1815.

The Kights Lane

This is known as the Knights Lane due to the historical nature, it is a must, to walk down the road and be transported back to medieval times.

SEE   —  Rittergasse

European City Festival

Each year a city twinned with Stolberg is invited to the town where they enjoy cultural and culinary delights from that country.

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The cinema house has around 180 seats and was first opened in 1923. Various new films available however, they will be in German.


Old family recipes used to create biscuits, cakes and tortes perfect for a gift. Enjoy these delights in the onsite cafe.

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Zum Kanzler

There is an in house butcher where you can enjoy some of the freshest meat, why not try some of the Stolberger Lerchen.

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Thyragrotte adventure

Is known as a water park complete with sauna, steam room, solariam and reclining chairs for total relaxation.

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Walpurgis Eve

with theater, musicians, herb women, broom binders, witches and devils and a great final fireworks display.

DO   —  Joseph's Cross

Forrest festival

Limburger tradition, folklore, cuisine, musicians and traders will be their to sell their crafts

DO   —  Joseph's Cross

The Old Town House

Is an original half timbered house where you can see what living conditions were like in 1470.

Thomas Müntzer Monument

The monument was created by Klaus Messerschmidt to mark the 500th birthday of Thomas Müntzer.

SEE   —  Am Markt

Chirstmas Market

Various stalls to purchase locally made food and crafts. Lots of music and Christmas spirit

DO   —  Am Markt

Gasthaus Kupfer

The hotel is situated in the heart of the town where there are some stunning views.

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Bergwerksmuseum Grube Glasebach

An opportunity to see what an old mine was like and how daily life would have been.

Stolberger Hof

This restaurant serves regional cuisine and uses the local area for inspiration.

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Weekly Market

Weekly market where you can purchase local vegetables, fruit, meat and cheeses.

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Historic Town Festival

Stalls with different crafts, craftsmen, entertainers and musicians.

DO   —  Am markt

Anderswelt Theatre

Various different productions however, they will all be in German.


This is a small modern restaurant serving Italian cuisine.

Winter Festival

Enjoy games and fun in the snow at the largest steal cross

DO   —  Joseph's Cross

About Stolberg

The town of Stolberg was established in the year 1000 as a settlement for miners, mining in the area can be traced back to the year 794, where they used to mine for iron, copper, tin, silver and gold. However this was discontinued in the 17th Century. On 2 May 1525 a rebellion took place under the leadership of Thomas Müntzer, this was known as the German Peasant war. They invaded the city and forced Count Botho of Stolberg to accept their demands, all demands were reversed shortly after. The town was awarded to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1815, subsequently the town was administered in the Prussian Province of Saxony. The half timbered houses which were designed in the Renaissance style can be dated back to the 15th Century, for this reason Stolberg was named the “Historical City of Europe” At the beginning of the 20th Century tourists started to visit the town, which then became a resort in 1946.

Source: wikivoyage