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Kežovica Spa

- The temperature of the thermal mineral waters in the spa-resort reaches 62C, and the radioactivity reaches 42,82 moch units. The water is characteristic for its very favorable chemical composition: it contains sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, and sodium oxide. The spa-water is believed to be curative of rheumatism, ankle and nervous system, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, etc.The unit for physio- therapy, included in the spa-resort, uses the most modern devices and treatment methods and possesses 110 beds. The main spa-resort possesses 40 beds while in the vicinity, there is also the hotel "Astibo" with 130 beds.

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Kale Fortress Isar

Exact records of the time of the construction of the fortress have not been found. Some of the high fortress walls have been preserved. During the middle ages, churches were built on all four sides of the fortress. In 1332, a church was built and dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. The second church, built in 1341, was dedicated to St. Nikola. A few years later, the third church has been preserved in its original form to this day. The last church, dedicated to St. Vasilie, was located on the north side of the fortress. It was built in 1337.

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St. Mother of God

- this three aisle basilica, with beautiful icons and frescos, was made in 1836 by Andrej Damjanov. The impressive wood carved iconstatis and furnishings are the works of Nikola Damjanov. The church is home to an icon gallery and art objects. - used to be the largest church in Macedonia before the Gathering Temple in Skopje was built. Hails from the 19th Century and showcases plenty of beautiful frescoes, carvings and woodwork.

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Churches of St.Saviour

It was built in 1369 as the inheritance of the duke, Dimitar. Today, from the old frescoes, remain only certain parts representing old prophets, several saints of the synod church, and the beautiful compositions Transfiguration and The Holy Indivisible Trinity. It was painted at secondary in 1601.

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Shopping Mall Senjak

Several shops located under the main shopping mall in downtown, offer Macedonia-themed souvenirs. Štip is famous for producing high-quality textiles and clothing, especially for high-class Italian firms. You can get some of these items at bargain prices directly from the local manufacturers.

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Bargala archaeological site

was a fortified Byzantine town constructed between the 4th and 6th centuries. Thanks to archaeological excavations, today we can see a basilica, trade quarters, a water tank, a bath, a fortification system, with an impressive main gate, and an infrastructure.

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Husa Medin-Pasha Mosque

- this mosque was built in the 17th century on the remains of a church called St. Ilija (Црква Свети Пророк Илија ). It is located on a hill on the left side of town. Husa Medin Pasha's grave is located right next to the mosque.

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St. John the Baptist

Built in the year 1350, the church of St John is decorated with fresco paintings bequeathed by an unknown landowner named Ivanko. Unfortunately, due to damages to the church’s roof, the main frescoes have suffered damage.

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Bus Station

The inter-city services are provided by the public transportation company "Balkan Ekspres" (Macedonian: Балкан Експрес) which has connections to all cities in Republic of Macedonia as well as some neighboring countries.

The Bezisten

old Turkish market,it is located the center of the city. It is built of stone, and was built in the 16th or 17th century. Today, it is being used as an art gallery.

River Bregalnica

- the second largest river in Macedonia, joining Vardar river after Štip. Roads follow the entire flow of Bregalnica around Štip and this is a very scenic drive.

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Large flea market

the main farmers market . Regional growers and artisans bring theirs goods and attract a regional group of shopper, including women in traditional costumes.

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Lake Mantovo

This is an artificial lake with deep blue waters. Popular place for fishing and recreation in the summer.

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City Park Suitlak

is a beautifully maintained hilly park with well maintained trails and benches.

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Kadin Ana Mosque

the main mosque of the city

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Church St. Archangel Michael

Founded in 14th century


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City Museum

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Emir Kuchuk Bridge

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Post Office

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About Štip

Štip is a very pleasant city that gets fewer tourists than the west, which makes the people nicer and more willing to help than the people in the western part of the country. Smoking is prohibited in all nightclubs and bars (kafana's). Cigarettes and alcohol can be sold to individuals aged 18 and over. As in all other cities in Macedonia, if you are not a Macedonian citizen, you need to check in with the local police station when you arrive and leave.