Sidon (Arabic: Saida صَيْدا) is in a city in Lebanon. The people (population: 100,000) are largely Sunni Muslims.

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Nice place providing a calm courtyard. Dynamic and friendly tender. Clean enough. Breakfast not included. It is located in the souk: from the port, when you face the Khan, follow the street on its left, then turn right up the street. The convent is on the right side on the street.

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A 50 meters high and 375 meters long hill of rubbish on the sea shore. Nothing nice, but impressive. Located at the south of the city.

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Sidon Sea Castle

Sidon's main attraction. Built by the crusaders and with great views of the city and the harbor.

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Fishing port

Pleasant place. Watch the fishermen repairing their nets. Buy fresh fish.

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Eshmon Temple

The ruins of the temple of the Phoenician God of healing.

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Great Mosque

A very old and peculiar looking mosque by the sea.

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