Shamakhi (Shemakha, Şamaxı) is a town in Azerbaijan's Baku Region.Capital of Shamakhi Rayon

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Gülüstan qalası

The ruins of this historic sight are a short hike out of Shamakhi proper. Originally constructed in the 8th-9th centuries and rebuilt in the 12th-13th centuries. Currently a second archeological excavation is underway at Gulistan (groundbreaking Jul 2011).

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Shavalan Motel

This is a stop on the main road to Baku. A full restaurant is available with moderately priced food.

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Heydar Aliyev Park and Museum

Complex includes '''Museum of Heydar Aliyev''', his '''Monument''' and cozy '''Amphiteatre'''

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Shirvan Hotel & Spa

High-level well designed hotel with 4* of comfort

About Shamakhi

Shemakha - is the more classic international way of spelling (originated from Russian pronounciation). Shamakhi is the formal Azeri internal spelling. Town used to be capital of Medieval state of Shirvan and played one of the major roles in the region until its destruction in 1717 by Dagestanian semi-states. Under the Russian Empire Shamakhi was the capital of Shemakha Governorate, but the earthquake of 1859 devastately hurt the city. Then capital moved to Baku and Governorate renamed.


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