Sark (French: Sercq; Sercquiais: Sèr or Cerq) is one of the small Channel Islands of Guernsey. Sark is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which in turn is a dependency of the British Crown.

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Explore Sark's coastline

Sark's beautiful rugged coastline encompasses beautiful moors at the north end of the island (L'Eperquerie), natural pools (at L'Eperquerie, or the Venus Pool on Little Sark), beaches (such as La Grande Grêve, although do consider wind direction), bays (Derrible and Dixcart), and natural curiosities (La Coupée, a high narrow causeway linking Little and Big Sark; the Window in the Rock on Sark's north-west coast).

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La Valette

With panoramic views of the Grève de la Ville bay towards Alderney and France, this large open site offers a modern purpose-built toilet and shower block offering heated pay showers, cubicle washrooms with shaver points and a dishwashing sink. You can also hire pre-erected tents. Open 1st April to 31st October.

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La Coupée

Cross the narrow isthmus to Little Sark across a high concrete causeway only nine feet wide with steep cliffs and a long drop on each side! Until the road was rebuilt, widened and handrails installed by German POWs after the Second World War, many horses were too scared to cross from Little Sark to Great Sark.

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The sky at night

In 2011, Sark became the first Dark Sky Island as recognised by the International Dark-sky Association (IDA). The absence of street-lighting and cars means that there is very little light pollution, making this on of the best places to see stars, and the Milky Way stretches from horizon to horizon.

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Sark is famous for its caves accessible at low tide. The Boutique Caves are at the north end of the island, the Gouliot Caves on the west coast. Caution should be exercised by checking the high-tide times, and preferably travelling with an experienced guide (particularly for the Gouliot Caves).

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Stocks Hotel

Originally a 16th century farm, this 43 room hotel presents itself on its rustic-chic charm and informal luxury. Set in a wooded valley in the south of Big Sark, it boasts heated pool, children's pool, spa pool, bar and restaurant.

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Dixcart Hotel

Sark's oldest hotel on the south of Big Sark, Dixcart was once a favourite haunt of Victor Hugo. It has 18 rooms, and boasts extensive gardens and orchards reaching all the way to Dixcart bay.

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La Seigneurie

Home of the Seigneur of Sark since 1730. The house itself is not open to the public, but you can visit its formal gardens.

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Hotel Petit Champ

Hotel Petit Champ has 10 rooms with sea views, gardens, swimming pool, and lies in a secluded spot on Sark's west coast.

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Pomme de Chien

This large family-run campsite has free toilets and showers, and rents fully equipped tents. Open all year round.

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La Sablonnerie

This famous 22-room hotel on Little Sark boasts gardens and croquet lawn, and its own horses and carriages.

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Aval du Creux Hotel

At the top of Harbour Hill, Aval du Creux has 26 rooms, gardens and has a swimming pool.

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A charming alternative to walking; see the ''Get around'' section for more details.

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Enjoy the rugged scenery and soak up the unique atmosphere of this car-free island.

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Window in the Rock

A man-made hole in the rock from which to admire the beautiful scenery.

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La Moinerie Hotel

Hotel La Moinerie has 5 rooms, gardens, and was recently refurbished.

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Natural attractions

Check the Do section for various natural attractions

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Horse vans

See the ''Get around'' section for more details.

Beau Sejour

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Mermaid Tavern

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Bel Air Inn

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the Bailwick of Guernsey
the Bailwick of Guernsey

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