Saint Pierre is an island and the capital of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

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Les Salines Fishing Stations

Just a few feet from the Pointe aux Canons lighthouse, the Les Salines or Fishing Stations were built by the Saint-Pierre & Miquelon Government and house the massive equipment of inshore fishermen. The Les Salines are colourful and unique way of illustrating the a very important aspect of decades old economic life of the local fishing culture.

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Musée de l'Arche

The State Museum is operated by the local government of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon and houses the islands Archives. Temporary and permanents exhibits showcase the islands History and Culture. Among the many items on display, is the famous guillotine used during the 1889 execution (The Néel Affair - Inspiration for the Widow of St Pierre).

Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse

A navigational beacon for ships large and small, this automated lighthouse is not open to the general public but is located at the end of an accessible jetty for picture-takers and scenic drawing. When at the lighthouse, look for the upright canon which dates back to the Crimean War.

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Saint-Pierre Post Office

The Alsatian style of architecture was brought to Saint-Pierre in the early decades of the 20th century. Shaped like a praying monk, the Saint-Pierre Post Office clock tower looks over the General de Gaulle square.

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Musée Héritage

Saint-Pierre's newest museum has many religious and medical artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. A wonderful exhibit on Prohibition is also highly recommended. Musée Héritage is privately owned and operated.

Pointe aux Canons Battery

The Pointe aux Canons Battery is located just before the jetty to the lighthouse on the site of a much older fort that defended the Saint-Pierre & Miquelon islands during the British raids of 1690-1713.

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Saint-Pierre Cemetery

This is Saint-Pierre's fourth cemetery. Located on a gentle slope, thousands of monuments are built above ground in a style unique in North America. The Cemetery is open at all times.

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Musée Archipélitude

Located on the island of Ile aux Marins, this museum contains a unique collection related to life on the islands and the fishing industry.

Musée de la Prohibition

This small private museum is in Saint-Pierre's Hotel Robert. Musée de la Prohibition is privately owned and operated.

Le Feu de Braise

Traditional French cuisine, a large variety of dishes and pizzas, take-out food.

Le Skréo

Fried chicken, salads, hamburgers, seafood, American sandwiches, take-out food.

La Brasserie del L'Ile de France

Traditional French cuisine, brasserie, snacks, and pizzeria.

Le Maringoin'fre

Crepes, steaks, hamburgers, chowder, take-out food.

La Voilerie

French cuisine, local products, a varied menu.

Motel Rode


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About Saint-Pierre

Saint-Pierre harbor
Saint-Pierre harbor
Although it is much smaller than Miquelon, it is much more heavily populated (about 5,500). The residents are primarily of Basque, Breton, Normand, and Acadian heritage.

There are several small islands near the main island, including L'Île-aux-Marins ("Island of the Sailors"), which was formerly inhabited.

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