Nagu (Finnish: Nauvo) is a former municipality, now part of Pargas, in the Archipelago Sea in south-west Finland. It consists of two main islands and some 3000 minor ones.

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About Nagu

Nagu is located in the middle of the Archipelago Sea, which has a great influence on the identity of locals, although the life in the main islands may look like in the countryside elsewhere. The fields are smaller, the shore is nearby and traditionally people have got their living in small pieces, such as from fishing, agriculture, sea fowl hunting – and seafaring.

A large part of the outer archipelago, and thus of the Archipelago National Park, belongs to Nagu. Minor inhabited islands, often with one or a few families, are connected to the mainland with mostly daily ferry services – conditions permitting. Living there means a quite solitary life in winter, but in summer there are lots of tourists, summer guests and some locals who escape the dark months to apartments in towns. This is the paradise for yacht sailors, many making the journey from Helsinki and back every year, more than a hundred nautical miles each way.

Nagu and its surroundings are traditionally Swedish speaking and still has a strong Swedish majority, while a quarter of the population and many summer cottage dwellers and visitors are Finnish speaking. Service is usually available in both languages, as well as in English. The language in which businesses market themselves says little about their own language.


Source: wikivoyage