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Map of Shela Village and Manda Island

Hotels and Restaurants in Shela Village and Manda Island

Kijani Hotel

SLEEP   —  +254 20 2435700 —  Map

Peponi Hotel

SLEEP   —  +254 42 4633421 —  Map

About Lamu

This is the main town on Lamu Island which is in turn part of the Lamu Archipelago. Lamu is vastly different from most cities in Kenya, most particularly due to the almost complete lack of motor vehicles and corresponding traffic. Culturally Lamu also differs from interior of the country as it has retained its historic character as the oldest continually inhabited town in the country and one of the most important Swahili settlements. Lamu's religious history as an Islamic center is also immediately evident as most residents wear traditional robes and headscarves along with the dozens of mosques that broadcast the call to prayer throughout the day.


Source: wikivoyage