Kassel (pop ~ 200 000) is the most important city of North Hesse. It is known around the world for the documenta exhibitions of contemporary art every five years.

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Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

since 2013 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Worth visiting is the "Bergpark" (Mountainpark) which is supposedly the largest in Europe and second largest park on a mountain slope in the world. The park contains the '''Herkules statue''' at its top end which is towering over the city and has become its symbol. Further the park contains loads of smaller features which are mainly fake Greek temples, fake medieval castles, fake quarries - you see where we are getting ... Not fake though are the Rembrandts and Rubens paintings in the '''Schloss''' in the park - an entrance fee is charged. The Park also features during summer months the '''Wasserspiele''' (watergames) every Wednesday and Sunday starting from 2:30PM. Various of the features such as the '''Cascades''' (below the Herkules statue), the fake waterfall and the fake '''Roman Aqueduct''' have their water supplies opened for half an hour or so each and the crowd of tourists will move from feature to feature starting on the higher parts moving down slope. '''Löwenburg''' and '''Schloss Wilhelmshöhe''' ''(palace Wilhelmshöhe)'' with its old masterpieces of art.

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Museum Schloss Wilhelmshöhe (Museum Palace Wilhelmshöhe)

with '''Collection of Antiques''' and '''Old Masters Picture Gallery'''. ''The Schloss Wilhelmshöhe was built in a Neoclassical style between 1786 and 1798 for Landgrave Wilhelm (William) IX of Hesse. Emperor Wilhelm II use the palace as a summer residence and personal retreat. Today visitors find in the palace a antiquities collection, the famous Gallery of the Old Masters (which includes one of the world's largest Rembrandt collections, based on the collection of William VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel) and a Graphic Arts Collection.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2762 Wilhelmshöhe (Park)] (Lines [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/001.pdf 1] and [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/023.pdf 23])

SEE   —  +49 561 316800 —  Schlosspark 1


''The Fridericianum was built from 1769 to 1779 by the architect Simon Louis du Ry for Landgrave Friedrich II and is one of the oldest public museums in Europe. The museum is located on the Friedrichsplatz, one of the major inner-city squares in Germany. Every five years the Fridericianum is the central point of the documenta. Next to the Fridericianum stands the '''Zwehrenturm''', who was built in 1330 and a part of the town fortification of Kassel.''<br/>15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16]) and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3054 Friedrichsplatz]

Museum für Sepulkralkultur

''The Museum für Sepulkralkultur shows a lot of different exhibits about the topics death and dead remembrance. 1992 opened, the museum is until today the sole museum about this selection of topics in Germany. Visitors can see among other things burial gown, caskets, dolour costumes and tombstones. If the museum spark your interest, visit also the '''Künstlernekropole''' in the Habichtswald, a spezial cemetery for artists.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]

Neue Galerie (New Gallery)

''The Neue Galerie is an art museum, built between 1871 and 1877. In the Second World War the building was damaged and burned out in 1943, so that large parts of the collection were lost. In 1976 the museum opened again and included today a large collection of German Expressionists and an additional collection of contemporary art works from the 19th and 20th centuries with Romantic and Impressionist paintings.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]


with '''Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics''' and '''Planetarium'''. ''The Orangerie was built from 1701 to 1710 and is located in the northern corner of the Karlsaue. The Orangerie was also damaged during the Second World War and the ruins were used for the Bundesgartenschau 1955 and the documenta 1. In the 1970s the Orangerie was restored, so that today it is in the condition from 1872, except that the interior is to a new design.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2959 Orangerie] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

Weißensteinflügel (Weissenstein Wing)

''The Weißensteinflügel is the south wing of Schloss Wilhelmshöhe and was built from 1786 to 1790. In contrast to Schloss Wilhelmshöhe it was not destroyed during the Second World War. Originally the Weißensteinflügel accommodated the landgrave’s living quarters and representative rooms. Today visitors can walk trough 23 of the historic palace rooms.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2762 Wilhelmshöhe (Park)] (Lines [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/001.pdf 1] and [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/023.pdf 23])

Marmorbad (Marble Bath)

''The Marmorbad is located next to the Orangerie and was built from 1722 to 1728. It is Germany's last intact and prominent bath from the Late Baroque and is one of the most famous works of Roman profane sculpture of the early 18th century. Visitors can find in the Marmorbad among other things marble sculptures and wall reliefs portraying the Metamorphosis of Ovid, created by Pierre Etienne Monnot (1657–1733).''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2959 Orangerie] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

Grimmwelt Kassel

''The Grimmwelt is a museum dedicated to the Brothers Grimm, who spent most of their lives in Kassel. The museum focuses on the brothers work in linguistics and on the brothers’ significant contribution to folklore, as the authors of a lot different famous fairy tales. The british newspaper The Guardian listed the Grimmwelt on their list of the 10 best new museums 2015.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]

Technik-Museum Kassel

''The Technik-Museum Kassel shows visitors an extensive collection of technical objects, precision tools, models, as well as machines and motor vehicles. Highlights are the Transrapid 05, the old rescue helicopter of Kassel Christoph 7 (typ Bölkow Bo 105), the steam locomotive 44 481, a 1:1 wood pattern of the first Henschel locomotive Drache and many old trams of Kassel.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2886 Brandaustraße] (Lines [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/18_19.pdf 18/19])

Naturkundemuseum im Ottoneum (Museum of Natural Science)

''The Ottoneum, since 1888 a museum of natural history, was the first theater building in Germany and built between 1603 and 1606. During World War II more than half of the collection was lost. Objects of interest are the Goethe Elephant Skeleton, the Schildbach Wooden Library and the Ratzenberger Herbarium. However, there are alternate exhibitions and permanent exhibitions.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2958 Staatstheater] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

SEE   —  +49 561 7874066 —  Steinweg 2

Löwenburg (Lion's Castle)

''The Löwenburg was built between 1793 and 1801. Although it seems on the first view as a romantic knight’s castle from the Middle Ages, it is a pleasure palace for Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hesse-Cassel. The castle is one of the first significant buildings of the Gothic Revival architecture in Germany. Visitors can inspect armours, weapons and baroque rooms.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2768 Waldorfschule] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/003.pdf 3])

Henschel Museum + Sammlung

''The Henschel Museum + Sammlung is dedicated to the German company Henschel & Sohn, who was located in Kassel. Henschel & Sohn, founded in 1810, was the largest locomotive manufacturer in Germany by the 20th century, but produces also locomotives, trucks, buses and trolleybuses, armoured fighting vehicles and weapons (World War II).''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2885 Siemensstraße] (Lines [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/18_19.pdf 18/19])

Spohr Museum

The Spohr Museum is dedicated to Louis Spohr, a German composer, violinist and conductor who lived from 1784 to 1859. He was considered one of the greatest violinists of his day, and he was also very famous and influential as a Romantic composer. While Spohr was living in Kassel between 1822 and 1859, he directed both the local orchestra and a violin school that attracted students from throughout Europe.<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3049 Hauptbahnhof]

Caricatura – Galerie für Komische Kunst

''The institution Caricatura was founded in 1984. Since 1995 it operates the Galerie für Komische Kunst in the main station of Kassel, called KulturBahnhof, as well as since 2008 the Museum für Komische Kunst in Frankfurt. On the gallery associated is a little shop, where you can buy for example post cards with motives from pictures from the exhibition and a cafébar, which is opened Thu-Sat from 7 pm.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3049 Hauptbahnhof]

documenta Archiv

''The documenta Archiv goes back to an idea of Arnold Bode (1900-1977), the founder of the documenta. It is a special library for modern art since 1945, artist literature, exhibition catalogues and grey literature. Core tasks of the archiv are the supply of the documenta with diverse material and the support for academic work from students, abstractors and scientists.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3050 Königsplatz]

Karlsaue State Park

'''Karlsaue''', another, French style park with some old buildings containing all sort of museums (tapstries to astrology). That area is also the usual place for the Documenta art exhibition to happen every five years (next summer 2017). Siebenbergen flower island ''(Blumeninsel Siebenbergen)''. Orangerie. Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics with planetarium ''(Astronomisch Physikalisches Kabinett mit Planetarium)''. Marble Baths ''(Marmorbad)''

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Kasseler Bademuseum – Kurbad Jungborn

with '''Kollektiv Café Kurbad'''. ''The Kurbad Jungborn is the last one from the many river baths on the Fulda in the last century, but is not working any more too. Rather, today it house a museum about the swimming baths in Kassel and urban hinterland as well as a nice cafe in a historic style direct on the large river Fulda.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2733 Unterneustädter Kirchplatz]

SEE   —  +49 561 65785 —  Sternstraße 20

Klosterkirche Nordshausen

''The Klosterkirche Nordshausen (minster) is the oldest church in Kassel. It was mentioned for the first time in the year 1257 and has an excellent accustic. Every month there are concerts in the old church.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2942 Wallensteinstraße] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/012.pdf 12])

Ibis Hotel Kassel

A clean budget hotel located in an industrial area a couple of kilometres from down-town, right at the Autobahn exit. If you are travelling by car, this is an excellent choice, if travelling by train or other kind of transportation, not. The hotel restaurant could be compared to a fast-food joint, but again, if you have a car you can drive to the city centre for a better meal.


''The Karlskirche is a Protestant church, built from 1698 to 1710 by Paul du Ry. After destruction in the Second World War, the Karlskriche was rebuilded in a simple version in 1957. The '''glockenspiel''' is worth hearing (Mon, Wed: 17:30-18:00; Fri: 11:30-12:00).''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus]

SEE   —  +49 561 37189 —  Karlsplatz


''The Lutherkirche was built from 1894 to 1897. Damaged in the Second World War, only the spire was preserved. It is with a height of 76 metres the highest building of Kassel.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3035 Lutherplatz] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/007.pdf 7])

SEE   —  +49 561 709730 —  Lutherplatz 9


''The Christuskirche was built between 1902 and 1903. A peculiarity of the church is the Kaiserloge, built for Kaiser Wilhelm II. and his wife Auguste Viktoria. Only Auguste Viktoria used the Kaiserloge and visited the services.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2764 Christuskirche]

Hotel Albatros

A classic German experience with full restaurant/bar on the main level and 15 rooms on the upper two floors. All rooms with WC and shower and TV. 2008 rate was EU46 single, EU 68 double which includes a large breakfast buffet. The restaurant has daily specials, and serves reasonably priced, true German cuisine.

SLEEP   —  Oberste Gasse 11

7.000 Eichen

''documenta 7 / documenta 8''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16]) and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3054 Friedrichsplatz]

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''The Martinskirche was built from 1364 to 1462. The church was damaged in World War II, too, and rebuilded partly diverse. Both spires are very distinctive points in the city of Kassel.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3052 Am Stern]


''The Friedenskirche was built between 1905 and 1908, the architect Johannes Roth built also the Christuskirche. The little Apostelkapelle belongs to the Friedenskirche too.''<br/> 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=96835 Friedenskirche]

Vertikaler Erdkilometer

''documenta 6''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16]) and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3054 Friedrichsplatz]

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Straßenbahnmuseum Kassel

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3039 KVG-Betriebshof] (Lines [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/030.pdf 30] and [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/032.pdf 32])


''documenta 13''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]

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''documenta 7''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]

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15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]


15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3051 Rathaus] and [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2817 Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße]

DO   —  +49 561 701711 —  Karlsplatz 8


''documenta 9''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2958 Staatstheater] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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Idee di Pietra

''documenta 13''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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''documenta 7''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2959 Orangerie] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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''documenta 6''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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''documenta 6''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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Klanginstallation „Three to one“

''documenta 9''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2798 Steinweg] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

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Kurhessen Therme

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2760 Kurhessen-Therme] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/001.pdf 1])

Klinikum Kassel

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2725 Klinikum Kassel] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/007.pdf 7])

Staatstheater Kassel

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2958 Staatstheater] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

Kletterwald Kassel

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=96844 Hohes Gras] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/022.pdf 22])

DO   —  +49 5251 8719471 —  Hohes Gras

Museumsverein Fuldaschifffahrt

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=96636 Hafen] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/010.pdf 10])

SEE   —  +49 561 9707466 —  Am Hafen 15

Auebad Kassel

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2961 Auebad] (Line [http://www.nvv.de/fileadmin/nvv/download/fahrplaene/016.pdf 16])

DO   —  +49 561 7820 —  Am Auedamm 21

Traumschiff Tante Olga

''documenta 6''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2882 Bundessozialgericht]

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Die Fremden

''documenta 9''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3054 Friedrichsplatz]

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Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

''documenta 13''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3049 Hauptbahnhof]

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Das über Pflanzen / ist eins mit ihnen

''documenta 10''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3049 Hauptbahnhof]

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Himmelsstürmer (Man walking to the sky)

''documenta 9''; 15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=3049 Hauptbahnhof]

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City Bowling

15px [https://hms-nvv.etc-consult.de/nvv_hms/hstdatenblatt?id_hstteil=2742 Auestadion]

DO   —  +49 561 21077 —  Bosestraße 1

Tourist Information Wilhelmshöhe

at the train station Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

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