Irbid is a city in northern Jordan, some 88 km north of the capital Amman.

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Lukmeh Haniyyeh

Lukmeh Haniyyeh (Delicious Bite) serves up Jordanian classics ranging from a set menu of starters and mua’janat (appetizer pastries) and halouiat (sweets) to a rotating menu of daily specials such as maftool and maqlooba. Even better, it serves a good cause. The kitchen was started by Microfund for Women in partnership with USAID. MFW took under-served women that previously made food products out of their homes, provided them with relevant trainings, and then gave them a kitchen. The food is available to carry out, order by phone or eat in, and all proceeds support the financial empowerment of local women.

About Irbid

The main industrial and administrative centre in the north of the kingdom, Irbid is home to the Yarmouk University, the Jordan University of Science and Technology and a good range of services, making it a staging point for exploration further afield to Gadara (Umm Qais), Pella and other nearby sites within the region.

Archaeological evidence reveals that Irbid has been settled since the Bronze Age. During the Roman period, Irbid was known as Arabella. The city's ancient past now lies hidden beneath modern roads and buildings.


Source: wikivoyage