Ferizaj is a town in Kosovo, just west of the main highway linking the national capital, Pristina, with the Macedonian border.

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About Ferizaj

Ferizaj was no more than a small collection of shacks and houses until the Thessaloniki–Belgrade railway was laid during the Ottoman era, in 1873. A local landowner, Firuz Agha, whose name was evolved to Feriz in local languages, started to run a hotel then, giving the town its name ("Feriz's").

The Serbian name of the town, Uroševac (Урошевац), was coined in honour of a medieval ruler of Serbia, Stefan Uroš, after the town was annexed by Serbia in 1913 despite heavy Albanian resistance. However, with the population being overwhelmingly Albanian, this name does not see any practical use nowadays (one particular exception being the Slavic-run websites, such as that of Skopje's bus station, which lists the town with its Serbian name and turns no results for Ferizaj), and indeed, the locals may likely be offended by its use given the historical enmity between these two nations.


Source: wikivoyage