Falmouth (Jamaica)

Falmouth is a town in Jamaica.

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Retreat Guesthouse Luxury Suites

Located on a breathtaking hillside of Coral Spring overlooking Falmouth harbor. This is a quiet place to reflect and recover. The breezes and sunshine are reviving.

Royal Reef Hotel

Boutique hotel on the border of St James and Trelawny, boasts of a rich history and majestic location, surrounded by three of Jamaica's stately Great Houses.

About Falmouth (Jamaica)

Falmouth, Jamaica is Royal Caribbean International's newest cruise port, being the first ever thematic cruise port destination. Falmouth is located in between two popular tourist destinations in Jamaica, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Falmouth was founded in 1769 and its waterfront district is a National Heritage Site that contains many Georgian-era buildings dating from the 1760s to 1840. In the 1800s Falmouth was known as "the wealthiest New World Port south of Charleston". It was known for its wharf, sugar, rum and coffee. They used the port to export many goods and to bring in African slaves and other fine goods to serve the colonial life of the 18th century. Falmouth was one of Jamaica's original ports and 200 years ago was one of the busiest trading ports in the Caribbean. Falmouth is located in the Trelawney Parish which was the most important region of Jamaica for the sugar and rum trade at the time. The town has a rich heritage with many historic buildings and churches.

Jamaica and Royal Caribbean have been working together in revitalizing and transforming the town of Falmouth to be the first ever historic destination. Due to hundreds of years of tropical heat and humidity, hurricanes, and neglect the town of Falmouth has seen this region of Jamaica suffer. Royal Caribbean and other agencies are working to restore Falmouth and the historical buildings to become historical attractions. It is also being transformed into a host city for the growing cruise industry. This port will accommodate many Royal Caribbean cruise ships along with the Oasis of the Seas, which is one of the world’s newest and largest cruise ships. Falmouth is the gateway to all of the best tour experiences on the north coast of Jamaica.


Source: wikivoyage