Debar is a small city in the very western part of Western Macedonia right on the border with Albania. Debar is a small city with about 10,000 people.

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Hotel Banjisht

Banjishte Hotel and Spa is the perfect place for accommodation in Debar. It is located 880 m above the see level. If you adore the nature and the clean mountain air, you've got to visit this hotel.

SLEEP   —  +389 46 831 092 —  Selo banjishte

Hotel Kosovrast

Hotel Kosovrasti is located on the cost of Debar's Lake. A perfect place to stay and also get a medical treatment using thermo-mineral waters.

Restaurant Uraniku

Located right on the center of the town, Hotel and Restaurant Uraniku serve the best Albanian specialities.

EAT   —  +389 46 831 401 ext 108 —  Map


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