Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam (Haven of Peace in Arabic) was founded in 1862 by Sultan Seyyid Majid of Zanzibar on the site of the village of Mzizima. Mzizima's history dates back to the time when the Barawa people started to settle and cultivate the area around Mbwa Maji, Magogoni, Mjimwema, Gezaulole, and Kibonde Maji Mbagara.

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Ubungo Terminal

Dar es Salaam's central bus station. Most buses leave from here. A taxi ride from/to the city center will set you back about Tsh 20,000, but it's often possible to take a ''daladala'' from/to '''Posta''' for Tsh 400 per person. The stand is just outside the bus stop on ''Morogoro Road'' and people are typically happy to point them out to you if you ask. Although there are many touts outside of Ubungo's ticket area, they are mostly harmless. If you are put off by them, ask the taxi to take you inside the station for a small extra fee. The ticket offices are located just outside the station, though you can buy the tickets from the bus if you have entered already. This might be a better idea regardless, as you cannot tell the state of the bus from outside, nor how full the bus is (buses will only leave when completely full).

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South Beach Resort

The South Beach Resort is situated in Kigamboni along the South Coast of Dar es Salaam, 8 km from the East Ferry Terminal. Amenities include a/c, a private balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean (every room), satellite tv, and in-room safes. Also swimming pool, 22 seater jacuzzi, pool tables, sheesha, sports and beach bars. Weekends offer great music and great atmosphere. Water Sports such as jet skiing and beach sports such as volleyball are also available. Weekdays & Offdays as low as $65. Double bed & breakfast is $100. SBR also offers camping facilities for $10/night and cabana rentals for $30 per couple per night.

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Harbour View Suites

Harbour View Suites on Samora Avenue occupies the top floors of a modern office building. Rooms are large and very comfortable and have a fully fitted kitchen. Excellent breakfast for US$7,50. On the ground floor a well stocked supermarket, an Italian pizza and coffee house for take-outs and a subway sandwich shop. Internet access in all rooms and in the business centre. It has a fitness center, and a fine dining restaurant with a bar that is the only jazz club in the city.

SLEEP   —  +255 22 2124040 —  Jm Mall Centre

Mwenge Bus station

Here you can find buses/''daladalas'' heading along the coastroad towards Bagamoyo (1.5-2h, Tsh 2,200). Taxi fares to the city center are essentially the same as for ''Ubungo''. A taxi to ''Ubungo'' costs Tsh 10,000, to the airport Tsh 30,000, but there’s also frequent ''daladalas''. Note that the route to the airport will likely take you across both the ''Ubungo'' and the ''Buguruni'' crossing, both of which are notorious traffic jam areas and will delay your trip.

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Triniti is a home away from home located in the Peninsula. Only a few minutes from downtown, you feel a total different vibe. Mostly because of their magnificent omnipresent garden. Next to the Uganda Embassy. They have 12 unique rooms which vary from 75000TSH (single), 90000TSH (double) or 105000TSH (En Suite). All rooms include A/C, large and comfy bed, mosquito net, fridge, tv, free internet Wi-Fi all around the site and freshly renovated bathrooms.

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runs a much nicer though not much more on-time train to the south, which goes through part of the Selous Game Reserve, through Mbeya, and down to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia (about 2 to 3 hours from Lusaka). Tazara has a large train station just out on the edge of town. Visas for Zambia are available on the train. This is a nice but slow way to travel, as it takes about 2 days.

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Q Bar and Guest House

Haille Selassie Road, Oysterbay area. A little further out of town in the Oysterbay area. Q Bar and Guest House has very clean rooms starting at USD $15, for a backpacker room. Downstairs a large bar and restaurant which can get crowded and noisy when major football games are shown on giant screens or on Friday night when there is live music.

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Q Bar

Haille Selassie Road, Oysterbay area. A large bar and restaurant which can get crowded and noisy when major football games are shown on giant screens or on Friday night when there is live music. Daily drink specials. Notorious as a prostitute hangout in the evenings. Large crowd of locals and foreigners (usually men).

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Passionist Fathers House

Is in Mikocheni B near the CEFA hostel, [+255 22] 27 80 144, 35.000 TSH for a single, 50.000 TSH for a double inclusive breakfast. Rooms have mosquito nets, showers, air conditioning, wireless internet connection and very friendly staff. They also have a safe car park. Mikocheni B is to the north of Dar es Salaam.

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Southern Sun

Part of the Tsogo Sun hotel chain. Botanical gardens located on site. En-suite rooms that are large and have mini-bars, safes, coffee makers, and free wifi. There are also two restaurants onsite. A bit far from city centre but still fine to walk during the day.

SLEEP   —  +255 22 213 7575 —  Garden Ave


Simple and clean hostel style hotel that is in a very noisy neighbourhood. YWCA offers single rooms with fans and shared bathrooms. All bookings get free breakfast, but the it's not that tasty! A good place for backpackers to stay in the city center.

SLEEP   —  +255 713-622797 —  Maktaba St.

National Museum

The national museum mainly shows photos and exhibitions on the development of human nature. A must go to see the skull of the Nutcracker Man (1.75 million years old) and the cast of the even older (3.6 million years) laetoli footprints.

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Durban Hotel

two streets past Royal Chef on the right. Excellent selection of Tanzanian, Chinese, and Indian dishes at reasonable prices. Excellent fish fresh daily. At night, however, single men may expect to be approached by prostitutes.

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Transit Motel Ukonga

Located close to the Dar Es Salaam International Airport. Handy for guests with early departure flights. Small but clean houses with private showers, split ACs in each room. Rate from US$30.0 per room per night, B&B.

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Transit Motel Airport

Also located close to the Dar Es Salaam International Airport. Handy for guests with early departure flights. Clean houses with private showers, split ACs in each room. Rate from US$30.0 per room per night, B&B.

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Makumbusho Village Museum

All of the houses within the village were constructed in accordance with the types of houses built by various ethnic groups throughout Tanzania. Ngoma dance shows are held from 2-6PM on certain days.

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Heritage Motel

Located in Bridge street, just off Samora Avenue and near the Zanzibar ferry station. New hotel with very clean rooms starting from US$66. Includes breakfast at the Lebanese restaurant downstairs.

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Swiss Garden Hotel

Small hotel in quiet neighborhood. Rooms are very clean, and have air conditioning, free internet, mosquito screens, safes, and refrigerators. Children cost an additional $15.

SLEEP   —  +255 22 215 32 19 —  Hanna Nassif

Safari Inn

Around Libya Street, has singles with private bathroom from USD 20000Tsh per night with simple breakfast. The hotel has an Internet café, and there are restaurants nearby.

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Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro

On the harbour, located conveniently in city centre, this luxury hotel offers rooms for USD$225 and up. Great breakfast buffet, and a world class spa with Thai masseuses.

SLEEP   —  +255 764 701 234 —  24,Kivukoni Rd

A Novel Idea

A local chain that sells a wide selection of imported English language books: novels, childrens' books, reference, non-fiction. A pleasant place to spend a few hours.

Mwenge Hotel

A no-name hotel, with simple but clean rooms in a good condition with A/C. Located near the Mwenge bus stop, this is convenient if you plan to continue to Bagamoyo.

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Hong Kong Tai Yong Sun Restaurant

Serves delicious and authentic Cantonese Chinese dishes. Experts of fresh seafood dishes in town, nice comfortable settings with fast and friendly service.

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Mikadi Beach Lodge is 1 km from the Kigamboni Ferry and an excellent place to stay or enjoy the beach. Entrance is TSH3000 but an overnight is recommended

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Zanzibar ferry

Here the ferries to and from Zanzibar leave and arrive. Beware of scams when buying ferry tickets. See Zanzibar: Get in by boat for details.

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City Garden

Fine outdoor ambiance, extensive menu, affordable prices, fast service, free bread, real butter, coconut sauces, death by chocolate.

Afro Fashion

T shirts, Batiks, Khanga, Masai Material,Kikoy, Tye & Dye Clothings,Arts & Crafts, Masai Beads, and other popular souvenirs.


Single and double simple rooms. Rooms are cheaper if you are a resident of Tanzania, with a passport stamp to prove it.

SLEEP   —  +255 22-213 5457 —  Kivukoni

Auric Air

Flies to many places in Tanzania, including the major places Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Mwanza, Pemba and Zanzibar.

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Econo Lodge

Close to the Safari Inn, has very simple but clean single rooms with private bathroom for 20,000TSH per night.

SLEEP   —  +255 22-211 6948 —  Libya Street

Sammy'S Good Food

Serves Indian food, Chinese, pizzas, burgers and a lot more. So eat, relax and have fun on the way to airport.

Julius Nyerere International Airport - (IATA:DAR)

(formerly known as Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere International Airport and Dar es Salaam International Airport)

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Nakumatt have two stores in Dar es Salaam. Nakumatt is the biggest supermarket group in East Africa.

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in case of emergencies from Tanzania: 0786-971692, from Germany: +255 786-971692


On the peninsula. Rooms for $90. In a small complex of shops and restaurants.

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Chef's Pride

A very popular local eatery with Tanzanian food, plus pizza and Indian.

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Royal Chef

Run by the same people as Chef's Pride but with a Zanzibar ambiance.

Fast Jet

the 1st low cost airline in Tanzania. Mwanza. Mbeya. Arusha.

Karimjee Hall

Former parliamentary building. Still in use for seminars.

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Air Tanzania

Also fly internationally to '''Johannesburg''' daily.

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Mozambique Airlines – Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique

3 flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

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Grilled marinated chicken, mishkaki, Indian food.

The Blues Bar & Restaurant

International cuisine and variety of cocktails

air viva

Flights to Arusha, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro,

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O'Willies Irish Whiskey Tavern

At the Peninsula Hotel, now closed.

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Game Hypermarket

Game is owned by Wallmart usa.

Fairasa Inn

double room with own bathroom

New Topland Hotel

double room with own bathroom

Nicos Lodge

double room with bathroom

Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort

Eclipse Group of Hotels.

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Fridays closed at 12PM.

Moshi Hotel

room with own bathroom

Alexander's hotel

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Zoological Gardens

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Askari Monument

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About Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is certainly not at the top of the list of places to see for most visitors to Tanzania. It's often a necessary stop on their way to Zanzibar, the northern safari circuit or home. That being said, Dar has its charm. Walks around the city centre are a great way to get a feel for the culture and Kariakoo market can be an interesting place for the more adventurous. It can also be a good base for visiting some of the nearby sites such as Bagamoyo, Bongoyo and Mbudja Islands, as well as learn to scuba dive or go deep sea fishing. For those looking for something more humanitarian, most international organizations are based in Dar and may be a good starting point if you wish to volunteer.

Source: wikivoyage