Coburg is a city in Upper Franconia a region in Bavaria, Germany. Coburg has been the household name for some royal dynasties in Europe, UK, Belgium, Portugal and Bulgaria are the most important.

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Ehrenburg Palace

Mixture of styles. In the inner courtyard you can see the baroque additions, and when you go further the castle will show you its neo-gothic exterior on the Schloßplatz. Please by a ticket for a guided tour. There are very interesting rooms, like the 'hall of giants', the ducal living rooms and others. And a lot of stories about the princesses and princes from Coburg to hear.

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Gymnasium Casimirianum

a beautiful building from 1605. Till today it is used as a school of higher education. Look at the statue at the corner of the building. It is Duke Johann Casimir who founded this school. He had the ambition to make a university out of it. Till today in July the students of this school assemble around this statue and decorate it with laurels.

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Veste Coburg

from which you can see an amazing view of the city and surrounding hillside. Housed within there is a '''[ Veste Coburg Art Collections Museum]'''. It is also the location where Martin Luther stayed while being declared an outlaw by the Holy Roman Empire.

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Schloss Rosenau

the birthplace of Price Albert, Royal Consort to Queen Victoria and home to '''[ European Museum of Modern Glass]''' is just a couple of miles North East of town.

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Theatre of Coburg

If you are here during season don't miss to attend san opera or a musical there. The interior of the theatre gives you an glimpse in the past of entertainment of the ducal society during the 19th century.


You will see remnants of Gothic paintings and in front a very large epitaph, which was donated by Duke Casimir of Saxe-Coburg to his parents.

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the building and the use as a pharmacy dates back to the 15th century.

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Prince Albert Memorial

Prince Albert (husband to Queen Victoria) was a prince of Saxe-Coburg.

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Dating from 1350 one of the oldest timber framed buildings in Germany.

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Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

Hotel Stadt Coburg

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Schloss Hohenstein

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Goldene Traube

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