Ari (also Alif, Alifu) is an atoll in the Maldives. It is divided into two parts, North Ari (Alif Alif) and South Ari (Alif Dhaal).

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Vakarufalhi Island Resort

Tiny circular island with 50 beach-facing, fairly basic bungalows. Most people come here for the diving, provided by ProDivers.

SLEEP   —  +960-6680004 —  South

The Island Pavilion Hotel & Spa

6-room hotel on the beach front of the island, enclose with green vegetation.

SLEEP   —  +960 7558084 —  Hangnaameedhoo


Resort with great diving even on the house reef.

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Conrad Maldives

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About Ari

Ari is the original Dhivehi name of the atoll, while Alif Alif and Alif Dhaal are administrative codenames for the northern and southern parts of it.

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