Anamur is a city (population: about 60,000) in the very south of Turkey, only a few kilometres away from Turkey’s southernmost point (that is where ancient city of Anemurium is located), near 36° N. Anamur is also the central point of the entire length of Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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Mesut'un Yeri Pansiyon

Close to the beach, this family-run guesthouse has beautiful views of the castle. Rooms are clean and come with air-con and TV. It's very easy to hitchhike along the highway in front of the guesthouse.

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Eser Pansiyon

Rooms with en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioner.

About Anamur

The city consists of two parts: The older town centre leaning against the mountain ranges and newer coastal neighbourhood with concrete blocks mainly used by families as summer houses and about two and a half kilometres separating each other.

This is one of Turkey’s two banana-producing (in a commercial scale) regions, the other being Alanya. This fact is also apparent in that Anamur is usually a synonym for domestically-produced banana in Turkey.

The Pentadactylos/Beşparmak mountain range of Cyprus, 40 miles off-shore, is visible from Anamur on clear days.


Source: wikivoyage