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Building a profitable business doesn’t require one be as smart as a rocket scientist. Ultimately, it comes down to your ability to efficiently get things done.

Now sure - you are going to need to track every move that you make to build your business. You need data and something to measure. Sure, you need a little bit of intelligence, not as much as you think.

But the beauty of all this is…

Soon as you find something that you like doing and that you can generate revenue from…

You’ve won the battle!

The next step is to understand the power of scaling.

After a long period of focusing on determining how to generate revenue that ultimately leads to profit, then you just need to scale things up.

This is where the real money flows in.

Your first sale will be small but it’s the only one you need to make.

This sale is so damn satisfying. Then when you make your 10th, 100th, 1,000th…it gets better and better.

This point is a perfect point to share a story…

At one point this week, I was speaking with someone that asked me for advice. This person (whom shall remain anonymous) is very financially successful.

I’m not talking about a little money, I’m talking “screw youmoney. You know, the type of money that can buy a private plane, a winter vacation home in Vail, Colorado AND a summer villa in Europe.

The person asked me for some advice on something. He has an Internet business (a few actually). He knows that I am knowledgeable when it comes to certain things.

So, this guy asked me a few questions. Guess what I did? I gave him a crazy thorough “knock your socks off” answer that was above and beyond is request. Yes, completely free too.

This guy prints money and makes more in a year then I have my entire life. He works in the same industry and he asked me for help.

He’s not a genius. He’s not a rocket scientist. Shocker? I think not.

However, when it comes to execution, this guy doesn’t mess around.

Pardon my language but he gets shit done. That is the main reason he’s got so much self-made money flowing in from various streams.

Execution is the name of the game and that’s why I’ve spent my entire Saturday sitting in front of my computer (aside from going out to lunch and working out). If you want to win, you need to execute. Party tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. But today….it’s time to execute!

Go do something productive before the day is over. You are smart enough to get it done (whether you think so or not). You have a few hours left!

Have a productive day!