How do you think the world will end?

Do you believe in the 12/21/2012 hype? Do we have another 5 million years before the sun burns out? Will global warming cause the polar caps to melt and drown the Earth?

What do you think?

Answer #1

. (a) No; . (b) No - it will burn out in about 5 BILLION years - and that will be the end of “… the world …”, at least in the sense of “… planet Earth …”; . (c) i) yes it probably will - but not in our life-times; ….ii) no it probably won’t - there is not enough water trapped in them. . I think humans … ( or at least the beings that we evolve into by a combination of natural selection and deliberate genetic engineering ) … will exist on the Earth for several more million years, I believe that some of them will also, by that time have “emigrated” to other habitable regions of our solar system, as well as planetary systems in orbit around other stars. . I expect that the Earth will have suffered a number of significant catastrophies during that time, including large meteor and asteroid collisions, severe cosmic ray bombardment due to supernovae in our immediate proximity (i.e. within our galaxy), serious pandemics, famines, and wars that will decimate the humanoid population several times before our eventual extinction on Earth. . However, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that life of some form will continue on Earth long after all our humanoid descendents have perished. Examples would probably include such things as cockroach type insects, and deep ocean worms that inhabit “hot-vent” regions. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

I think that if global warming doesn’t destroy the Earth first, then the Sun will when it dies. 2012 is a load of rubbish in my opinion, just like every other “end of the world” prediction has been

Answer #3

I assume you mean the world as we know it. The world will be here for a long time but we might not. I read conflicting accounts about if the earth will be swallowed by the Sun when it becomes a red dwarf billions of years from now. The sun will expand beyond Earth’s present orbit but since it will throw off so much mater in the process the Earth’s orbit should grow enough to clear it. As I see it mankind’s long term survival depends on colonizing other planets and eventually other star systems. The trick is for us to do that before making the Earth too toxic for our survival.

Answer #4

nuclear weapons like they say in the bible men will destroy the earth

Answer #5

If I knew that, I would be far too busy to be here on FA. I’d be signing autographs, holding speaking egagements for all my followers, and doing my life biography book and movie deals. But I can tell you that I do believe I will come to an end on this planet…before the planet does.

I do believe the world “as we know it” will end. But realistically if you look at it….we’ve been changing the world as we know it all along. However, when mother nature starts to make changes …everything can be impacted to that change.

Possible .

I think the biggest thing to fear is man himself and rulers emmersed in power, money, and control.

Answer #6

god will come back and take all the good people off so they wont suffer…..and then people begin to burn and drown

Answer #7

meteor shower

Answer #8

the universe(heavens) will be consumed by a tremendous explosion maybe nuclear or astroid. The elements that make up the universe will be melted, consumed and obliterated in fervant heat. Im not sure when Jesus will come or how and when he will rapture all the believers but the end will be after that. as i said above. Mu beliefs :)

Answer #9

When the sun dies it will create a black hole that will eventually suck in all of the planets including earth. :(

Answer #10

I believe that nothing will happen. Is just like the Y2K thing. Came and went. But eventually we will die from something like a giant asteroid or nuclear holocaust.

Answer #11

Zombies!! Not really

Ahem, anyways I think sometime in the future there will be genetic experiment and a virus will kill us. Nope I don’t believe in 2012 and maybe the sun will expand or we will just drop dead

Answer #12

When global warming causes the polar ice caps to melt and drown the coastal cities and island nations, creating an unprecedented massive global refugee crisis, will the wealthy countries welcome and care for the victims of our profligate denial, or will the streets run with blood?

“I’ve seen the future, brother; it is murder.”

Answer #13

The sun will expand in the next million years or so and consume the earth. Yay for science. But if i have to pick one, id say that there’d be an ice age ( kinda goes with polar ice caps). I have a theory that the earth goes through a cycle of freezing over, getting real hot, then freezing over again.

Answer #14

Sort of… that way:

Answer #15

the world wont end until the sun explodes in a few trillion years the idea that we are hurting this planet is absurd it’s been around to long and had far worse things go on than a species causing pollution. humans might make it uninhabitable for ourselves but the planet will remain. and new life forms will retake control. as it has for millions and millions of years

Answer #16

by fire

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