Do you guys believe in global warming ?

Answer #1

Most definitely.

Answer #2

Fact is ,it is warming…is it warming unuasualy fast compared to previous melts and freezes ect? and has man influenced it?…is more the questions i think need asking.

Answer #3

the question isn’t we beleive it , it’s happening and there is scientific proofe and it makes alot to sence , it’s happening all around us and it’s appart of life

Answer #4

Yes, with everything being said and asked I still believe it’s happening.

Answer #5


Answer #6

I believe that it’s gonna get us nowhere

Answer #7

yes, of course, signs are every where. Last year in Canada, we didn’t get snow until half way through January, and it didn’t last long!

Answer #8

I believe the average global temperature is rising, but don’t know if I’m sold on the idea that is man made.

Answer #9

I believe in the average temperature of the earth fluctuating but no I do not believe in global warming.

Answer #10

I believe in the average temperature of the earth fluctuating but no I do not believe in global warming.

Answer #11

I believe now is no different from historic climate cycles…..I believe created so some can push certain agends for THEIR profit….

Answer #12

A large majority of climate scientists believe that the release of greenhouse gasses since the industrial revolution is causing climate change. The people denying climate change are people who have a philosophical problem with it or who are associated with industries that would be adversely affected by carbon regulation. Those who look at the data with an open mind almost universally agree. Of course this isn’t simple science; the models they use to predict our effect on the environment are insanely complex and at best are only an approximation of how our planet works. It wouldn’t surprise me if 50 years from now we discover that climate change isn’t as big a problem as we predict now but it also wouldn’t surprise me if we learn that the effects are worse than we ever imagined. In general the same things we need to do to reduce our carbon footprint would also lessen our reliance on imported fossil fuels, improve our national security, and put Americans to work. The things we would do ignoring the threat of climate change will just cause more of the problems we have been dealing with for decades. The downside of ignoring climate change is far worse than the downside of overreacting to it.

Answer #13

Yes, but I don’t think it’s going to affect anyone in this life time.

Answer #14

Top answer….i love it :)

Answer #15

NOPE! It’s all BS!

Answer #16

NO! the earth goes in cycles. Cold to hot to cold. Think about it like this. How did the ice age end? it got HOTTER!! it has nothing to do with us as humans. In the 1970s they said global cooling was happening. Look at pictures on google images of it! it was all over time magazine and it was for the same reason global warming was happening. The government says all that stuff just to mess with us. They lie to us all the time.

Answer #17

just wait 50 years from now they will say that global cooling is happening

Answer #18

i believe.The global is warmer than before.

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