Is it true that every time an animal goes extinct it messes up the food chain?

Just wondering

Answer #1

Depends on the animal. If its an animal that lots of animals eat then it may change the food chain. If its an animal that eats lots of a certain animal than the certain animal will over populate which may mean that that species would fight over the food and a lot of them would die trying to eat or that may mean that the animal will. Have so many of its kind it will start pestering the world. It’s all true. Nice question! 😃

Answer #2

Definitely. When ANY species goes extinct, whether it be an animal or a plant or whatever, the entire ecosystem is affected. Every single organism has a role that it plays and every single organism has a purpose. It could be that it is a food source for one species, or it could be a predator that keeps other populations under control. People need to realize that every species is important and we gotta stop killing them off…. :/

Answer #3

btw, it doesn’t depend on the animal, EVERY animal has a purpose.

Answer #4

The vast majority of species that ever existed have become extinct. When an species is in decline the food-chain changes and finds a new balance. Some animals are more important than others for our well-being. The most troubling thing now is the decline in bees. Many species of wild bees have become extinct and commercial beekeepers are seeing far more of their hives fail than they used to. Some farmers literally need to have bees trucked in to pollinate their crops.. Albert Einstein said that if bees come extinct mankind will follow in 4 years. Imagine the disruption if all the flowering plants were not pollination by bees. This would be the biggest disruption to the food chain in human history. All I have to say is that I hope you like corn. Corn is wind pollinated so it is one of the crops that do not rely on bees.

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