Answer #1

When driving, be more cautious, keep distances. Otherwise, I go indoors, and avoid it.

Answer #2

I go outside. I love the cold weather. I like to stick out my hands and watch as they melt on my palm. Just a habit of mine. Although I do generally get sick after that from staying out in the cold.

Answer #3

wat if the hail is reallly big?

Answer #4

I sit by my window and watch it. Or if I can be bothered I stick my hands out the window

Answer #5

When there is small hail, the same as in rain. Go inside and wait till it’s over.

If the hail is really large, I go inside, wait till it’s over, and then go check whether any roof tiles car windows or other belongings are broken.

Answer #6

When driving, I pretend I’m flying in a spaceship and the hail is lazers being fired at my spacecraft from enemy aliens. Otherwise, I go outdoors and try to catch it.

Answer #7

I was walking once on my way to schooland the biggest hail happened like the blocks of ice were bigger than my fist no lie. Thank God someone took me inside their car but when Im at home i ussually just stare out the window it looks awesome

Answer #8

We had base ball sized hail here in 1994, I wasn’t alive then but I’ve seen photos and my dad has told me stories, and it dented cars broke all th windows and really hurt some trees. Oh and my mom said it smashed all her flowers. Lol

Answer #9

It hailed just this morning but it was very little.

Answer #10

If it’s large hail stones, take cover. Heck, even if it’s small hail stones, take cover - those sting when they hit you.

Answer #11

nothing much you can do really, just let it bhail..

Answer #12

My 6-year-old neighbor he put a bucket outside when it was hailing. When people went over his house later that day, he tried to sell the ice cubes and charged one dollar for every cube.

Answer #13

lol thats so funny! Thanks 4 d reply

Answer #14

thanks 4 your reply!

Answer #15

I usually stay at home at watch it hail, or read a book :P. I love the sound of hail…. as odd as it may sound :P.

Answer #16

Ok thanks 4 ur reply! :D

Answer #17

no problem :P haha so what do u do?? XD

Answer #18

Dunk 4 cover!!!!! D:))) :D

Answer #19

I would not go out, but if I am out, I would certainly take cover.

Answer #20

go indoors or be an idiot and go out and run around with ur friends and get hit with the hail

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